Keshe Public Teaching Series – Understanding Plasma Science

The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute introduces a new 12 part public teaching series. Everyone from around the world may access this information freely.

This series of workshops covers the wide span of the Keshe Foundation knowledge, grouped in six main topics:
– Plasma Science;
– Nano Technology;
– Health;
– Nature;
– Soul.

This course teaches the basics of the new Plasma Science in an easy manner for all to understand; therefore at the end of the 12 part series, you should have a very broad understanding of the Plasma Science and how it relates to all aspects of our lives. Thus, this series will help you to then further your studies into the New Science.

The weekly course was live on Mondays, from September 25, 2017 to December 11, 2017.
We invite you to view the twelve parts of this series. The presentations will be translated into various languages.












Recordings of these courses will be available on the following Keshe Foundation internet pages:


November 14, 2017

Also available in: Română

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