Maha Vidya Bhuvaneswari Retreat

Brașov, Romania, 22-30 June 2013


About Maha Vidya Retreats

Initiated and directly sustained by our spiritual guide Grieg, the retreats for deepening the subtle communion with the Great Cosmic Powers have become an important landmark in the spiritual life of many Yoga and Tantra practitioners. They represent for us an extraordinary chance to approach directly, in unison, and under attentive guidance, the gigantic and often unsuspected sphere of force of these Sublime Realities of the manifestation of God the Father.
Enjoying the subtle support of the spiritual guide and the extraordinary power of the beneficial unison that is created by hundreds of practitioners following together the path of communion with the Great Cosmic Powers – Maha Vidya, this spiritual celebration transforms itself into a genuine initiating journey.

About 2013 Retreat

This year the retreat for deepening the subtle communion with Maha Vidya Bhuvaneshwari – the Great Cosmic Power of Absolute Space and Sublime Knowledge – will take place from Saturday 22nd June to Sunday 30th June 2013 in Brasov, Romania.
In a wonderful setting, bound by the mountains with their lofty peaks, in the famous Burzenland in the very heart of the Romanian space, we will deepen the tradition of Maha Vidya Bhuvaneshwari, the Mistress of the Spiritual Heart. This is a real initiating journey punctuated with presentations of the sacred oriental texts tailored for the western understanding, using meditations of communion with Her gigantic sphere of Force, as well as other direct methods of invoking the grace of the Glorious Mistress (Ishwari) of the whole manifestation and all the worlds (Bhuvana) that it contains.

About Maha Vidya Bhuvaneshwari
Famous for being the most beneficial and benevolent of all the Great Divine Cosmic Powers, Bhuvaneshwari, the mistress of the secret space of the Heart of each of us, is the Divine Mother of the Macrocosm, the force that specifically creates, impregnates, maintains and nourishes all worlds, and thus all levels of consciousness, from the seemingly inert ones – deep within the darkness of ignorance, to the finest – permanently bathed in the splendor of Uncreated Light of the Divine Absolute. She is also known as the Night of the Perfect Realization (Siddha-Ratri) – that refers to the paranormal powers that are awakened easily in the practitioner that follows the path of this Divine Mother.

Deepening the subtle communion through occult resonance with the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari, the devoted aspirant obtains, among other things, the following:
- The direct and unmediated experience of the Concept of Absolute and All-Encompassing space, in which all the parallel universes are hierarchized according to their level of vibration;
- Access to the Divine Knowledge through direct perception of the mysteries of the various parallel worlds;
- The awakening of the subtle perception of the hidden realities;
- The experience of the subtle energy of the ether, Akasha tattva
- The amplification of the capacity to expand the consciousness at will
- The power to penetrate beyond the universal illusion, Maya, and to achieve in a direct way the occult Truth of the universal principles;
- The acquiring of inner balance and inner peace;
- The gigantic happiness that results from the perception of the continuous embrace of the Divine Mother of Space who permanently sustains and nourishes us;
- The awakening of the soul and the revealing of the Self through the access to the secret space of the awakened Heart (Dahar akasha) that She offers;

The program of the nine days dedicated to the deepening of the communion with the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari, Brașov 2013, will include:
unique exemplifications with certain nuances of the energy of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari practiced in unison with our spiritual guide, Grieg;
- presentations of the tantric tradition of adoration of the Great Cosmic Powers and other tantric principles;
- the presentation of certain occult practical aspects of entering in a state of occult resonance with the gigantic sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari;
- modern interpretations and models of Her mysteries, in light of the modern frontier sciences;
- specific tantric exercises of transfiguration and meditation integrated in the gigantic sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari;
- Hatha Yoga practiced in unison and integrated in a tantric manner;
- sharing of the personal experiences of communion with the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari.

Exceptionally, as a wonderful gift offered in this camp, a special initiation integrated in the sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari will be given.

Participants must be in at least the 2nd year of the yoga or tantra courses.

For detailed information please call:  +40 744 310 210 or +40 762906909.
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Coordinators of the Maha Vidya Retreats
Mihai and Adina Stoian, Natha Yogacenter Denmark   Read also:
BHUVANESHWARI, the Great Cosmic Power of Space

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