Resonance – The Basic Principle in Yoga

”Resonance” comes from the Latin word “resonare” – to resound, to repeat a sound; in other words, a vibration.

In Physics, resonance is defined as the process by which a transfer of energy takes place between two vibrating systems. These two systems (the source system and the resonating system) oscillate at close vibrational frequencies and have the effect of increasing the vibration amplitude of the resonationg system. If the resonating system has the vibration frequency exactly equal to that of the source system, this vibration amplitude increases greatly to a maximum characteristic value.  Further, if the phenomena of inertia did not exist, it would tend to increase to infinity.

However resonance is a not a  phenomenon that exists only in Physics. Ultimately, everything that exists in the Universe vibrates with a certain specific frequency (or with several frequencies, in the cases of complex systems auch as  humans). Therefore everything interacts to a smaller or a larger degree, depending on whether there are larger or smaller frequencies.

By modifying the vibration frequency of the resonating system (in this case, man) one can connect to different source systems. The resonance phenomenon represents a very accurate and efficient means of perception.  This law of resonance is a secret key, as noted by some esoterics. On this basis one can explain how two things or phenomena that are seemingly independent in the Universe can be related, or can selectively interact, and so are embraced or integrated in the great “whole”.

An ancient illustration of this resonance principle is encountered in the esoteric work ”The Emerald Table”: “Everything that is below is as everything that is above, and everything that is above is as everything that is below to complete the miracle of the whole”. Hermes Trismegistos thus reveals to us this fundamental secret of the Universe. This makes it possible that  a piece is reflected in the whole and the whole in the piece.

A recent theory states  the same thing. The ”holistic” theory defines the Universe as a huge hologram. The hologram has this feature, where even the smallest  piece of a whole contains the same information as the whole. (see in the  ”Parapsychology” Section – ”Prin holografie supranaturalul pătrunde în ştiinţă”)

Consequently, the link that binds all objects, phenomena, beings, and mental processes (in other words everything that exists in manifestation)  is based on the resonance principle.

Referring back to Physics, the frequency spectrum of the Universe is divided as follows:

  • between 0,00001 Hz and 20 Hz are waves specific to Earth;
  • between 20 Hz and 20.000 Hz are sound waves (audible by humans);
  • between 20.000 Hz and 300 Ghz  are radio waves;
  • over 300 Ghz are the infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X and Gamma rays.

In the opinion of  French researcher, Dr. Arnaud, all vibration frequencies in the physical world are between close to zero and 1022 Hz !!! (meaning 10 billions of Terahertz !!! – something almost impossible to imagine by the limited human mind). Further, this huge frequency represents only the lowest octave of the Universe. According to this scientist, the frequencies of the astral and mental levels are between 12*1032 Hz and 96*1039 Hz !!! Superior levels (the Causal) are characterized by even greater frequencies!

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