Slow Penetration

To obtain perfect sexual continence you must begin intercourse with a transfigurating vision of the erotic attraction between man and woman and maintain this transfiguration throughout lovemaking. Both lovers have to understand that sexual attraction has its roots in the primordial attraction between the masculine principle and the feminine one; these two principles govern entire creation. This is why lovemaking with sexual continence is a spiritual path. The lovers can immerse themselves in the primordial love that springs from the fusion between the masculine and feminine principle. Thus lovemaking with sexual continence is a way of rediscovering  UNION.

Practical advice:

Take sufficient time, be patient and loving. At the beginning you must learn to very slowly penetrate your lover and to be aware of the pleasure states that occur.

If you feel that excitation increases greatly, you have to slowly withdraw the penis so only 1-2 cm of it remains in your lover”s vagina. Stay motionless in this position. (If you feel that ejaculation is impending, quickly withdraw the penis).

Next, inspire deeply and hold your breath; then contract the pelvic muscles (the anal sphincter muscles and PC muscles).

Simultaneously focus your mind on the retention of sperm. Imagine it; imagine that an inner alchemic force transforms your sperm into energy. This will help you to avoid ejaculation.

Then focus your mind in order to sublimate the enormous energy that is contained in the sperm. Sublimate it in the psychic, mental and spiritual energies by letting the energy of love suffuse you.

After this short break, that can last 10-50 seconds or more depending on the need, you can gradually and cautiously resume the penetration movements. If you feel that excitation is still very intense, you can do this procedure many times.

This method will have greater efficacy if both you and your lover practice it simultaneously (even if one lover has not yet reached the pre-orgastic level).


  • At the beginning you must have great will-power and tenacity.

  • Also it is better to practice this technique before reaching the pre-orgastic state rather than after, when there is less possibility to successfully stop the ejaculation process.

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