The inevitable downfall of the popes and the decline of the Catholic Church, as some of the obvious signs of the «end times»

Is the Vatican pulling the strings of the world, from the shadows?

There are more and more human beings who live on planet Earth in these “end times” that have started to raise fundamental questions regarding their destiny and humanity’s destiny in general. Lately, there are more and more dark secrets being discovered, secrets that have been kept hidden for hundreds of years and atrocious conspiracies are being proven true, conspiracies that have been masterminded by the satanic clique of the so-called “Illuminati”, together with the people leading the world freemasonry, just as Jesus Christ prophesized: “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the rooftops. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10; 26-28)

There already exists a great deal of information – the internet is abundant in disclosures, but it is also filled with false disclosures on the plot of the so-called “Illuminati” for the subjugation of the entire mankind – and the libraries have more and more books regarding “conspiracies”, therefore, there is a great deal of intelligence and discernment needed in order to tell the truth from the lies. Some think the real headquarters of the so-called “Illuminati” is in London, in the banking area called “The City of London”, others believe that the world is run by the Bilderberg group, by the Club of Rome, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) or the Trilateral Commission, or that the headquarters of the world elite is in Vatican and actually, the power is in the hands of the Knights of Malta, the Rosicrucian Order or Russia, America, China or Israel. Some believe that the establishment of the future is capitalism, others think it is communism.

The truth resides somewhere in the middle and can be easily read with a bit of intelligence and intuition, starting from the already existing data, from the well known truths and facts. Anyone can realize that in a predominantly materialistic world, where the power money is often overriding the truth and mocking the dignity of the human being, it is pointless of talking about democracy, elections, parliaments and governments. Today, the strings are pulled by those with a lot of money, all over the world, in politics, economy, army, etc., and the cards are dealt by those who are incredibly rich, those who are the great international bankers, the great industrialists and owners of the multinational corporations.

Even since the sixteenth century, the money lenders started to form associations and founded today’s banks, and starting with the clan of the Rothschilds, the international banks were founded, which, making use of the satanic usury (which we now elegantly and deceivingly call “interest”), have gradually subjugated the whole world, along the many generations that have passed. The tools and means used by the so-called world elite to dominate mankind are structured in the form of a “pyramid of power” run by the families of the satanically inspired, so-called “Illuminati” (Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc.) – who have elaborated a plan and are currently watching over its fulfillment.
This plan includes, on all rankings, all sorts of occult groups such as the Bilderberg group, the world freemasonry and all its rites, fractions and branches (The Great Orient of France, the Scottish Rite, the Memphis-Misraim rite, etc.), the so-called “select” circles and the CFR type think-tanks, the Trilateral Commission, the Round Table, the Club of Rome, the Jesuit society, the international financial institutions such as the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the military organizations like NATO, the immense multi-national corporations, the great media agencies and even the governments of the great economic powers…
All these Masonic groups, financial, political and economical financial organisms, secret agencies, influence circles, administrative institutions, economical and political fronts, societies that are more or less religious but constituted and secretly controlled by the agents of the so-called “Illuminati” are only a few of the many arms of this globalist octopus

The power which is fueling all these has always been hidden, in the shadows, because its goals are dark and destructive. The truth is that the power which currently dominates the planet Earth resides neither in London, nor in the vaults of the British royal family, nor in the hands of the army, nor in the oval office at the White House, nor in the Kremlin, nor in Beijing. In this equation of power, America is simply an armed force and England is an instrument of financial pressure. In the same manner, in the current power play which is currently happening on a global scale, the Vatican is one of the terms of the equation, an important and worthy of consideration pole of power of the current geopolitical situation. The events in the last year have drawn the attention of the world on the Catholic Church and on the popes’ institution, who claim themselves to be the sole invincible representatives of God on Earth, as successors of Peter, the apostle.

Incredible, but unfortunately, real! Some of the magnates of the Catholic Church, the guardians of the sheep of believers, are actually a group of corrupt, treacherous human beings

Civilizations have been succeeding, one after another, for thousands of years on this planet. Each of them is born, goes through a time of bloom, followed by a time of decline and then, inevitably gives its place to the next. Each so-called World Order follows after the one preceding it, in a sort of space-time loop which allows certain gods to rule a certain while over mankind. The vestiges of each civilization represent the remnants of the links of this endless chain. Thus, we could go back in time to the continent of Mu and the Atlantis civilization. We could also go back to the Flood and the Tower of Babel, to Sumer, Egypt, Jerusalem or Ancient Greece. Currently, Rome and the Vatican are the headquarters of a religious power that entered a time of decay

If Jesus resisted the temptations of Satan, who offered him the world, well, things aren’t the same when it comes to those who followed Him, those who should have guarded His spiritual heritage. On the 11th of February, 2013, Pope Benedict XVI was declaring his “resignation” from the leading the Catholic Church… in a document written in Latin, a resignation which was to be enforced starting February, the 28th. It seems that this was not randomly chosen. The 28th of February is the last day of the antique roman year, before the establishment of the Julian calendar. From this perspective, the act is significant of an end of a cycle. The cycle ends as it had begun, in Latin. End of parenthesis.

The media said that this decision is dignified, modern, and extremely humble and the departure of Benedict XVI is a glorious gesture… Thus, popes have always considered themselves to be Jesus’ representatives on Earth. This is not a mission one can give up due to “medical reasons”. Significantly, pope John Paul the Second did not “quit”, even though he was ill with cancer, osteoporosis and Parkinson’s. Generally, one might expect such representatives of the Divinity to die of exhaustion, collapsing under the weight of their spiritual mission, as extraordinary human beings who follow the path of Jesus, who was even crucified. So, what is actually happening? Objectively speaking, by “quitting”, Benedict XVI had mangled the sacred image of Jesus in the world, thus making the entry into the so-called era of antichrist official. This renunciation, either voluntary or not, is an act of betrayal, which proportionally turns Benedict XVI into a new Judas the Iscariot.

All the clues lead us to the certitude that this departure was imposed to him. Strangely enough, on the 12th of February, the next day after the announcement was made, the banking terminals in the Vatican, who were isolated from the world banking network from the 1st of January, were re-enabled. Practically, the Vatican was subjected to a financial boycott, which lasted 39 days, and caused, according to some estimates, damage worth of 1.170.000 euro. This boycott was a strong signal that had not been missed by those who were competent enough. Then there was the case of the butler who stole tons of confidential documents. There are all kinds of disclosures going about on some sordid scandals in which there’s dirty money involved, pedophilia and homosexuality. Has the Catholic Church, the church that resisted the turmoil of the great history, entered the last stage of its decline?

A shocking disclosure: the former commander of the Swiss Guard confessed there is a hidden network of homosexuals in the Vatican

“I cannot deny the existence of a homosexual network in the Vatican! My experience confirms its existence”, said Elmar Mäder, the former commander of the Swiss Guard for the Swiss publication Scheiz am Sonntag.
The Swiss Guard, which is serving the popes since 1506, is under the mission of securing the safety of the pontiff – both inside and outside the Vatican’s territory – as well as the inhabitants of the citadel, its members being famous for their well-known blue, red and orange uniforms. Its recruits are hired on a two year contract and placed under the traditional military service. To be part of the Swiss Guard of the Vatican, the candidate has to be catholic, to be 1.74m tall and in complete physical capability. Currently, the smallest army of the world is consisting of 110 men.

In 1998, the Swiss Guard was shaken by a scandal that marked the Vatican. Its commander at that time, Alois, Esterman and his wife were murdered in their own apartment. The alleged criminal, Cedric Tornay, a young member of the Guard, committed suicide immediately after the crime. There were two hypotheses for explaining this gesture – a moment of madness after being refused a certain military distinction or an intimate relationship between the two men. The inquirers chose the first hypothesis.
In January of 2014, the same newspaper came up with an article on the declarations of another former member of the Guard, without giving any names, according to which he was the target of over 20 “sexual requests that had no ambiguity” from some clerics, during the time he served under the private security force of the Vatican. On his report about a dinner in a restaurant in Rome, the man stated that “after the spinach and the broil was served, the minister said to me: “you are the desert”. The former member of the Guard explained that the Palace of the Popes is a “hunting” ground for homosexual individuals that are part of the Catholic Church

When asked about these disclosures, Elmar Mäder stated that these type of stories “are obviously missing a factual basis”, but he also added that the facts are clear. “Such a work environment, where most of the people are single, is an attraction for gay men, who are consciously or unconsciously seeking to fulfill their strange desires.”
And the roman curia – the Vatican administration – is exactly such an environment. Mäder does not blame homosexuals and he stated he had no problem with them, but he thinks that such a network or secret society of homosexuals in the Vatican might raise some serious security problems. He stated that he was not in favor of hiring gay men in the Guard, “not because of their sexual orientation, but because of the increased risk caused by their lack of loyalty”.

From Mäder’s point of view, many homosexuals are inclined to be more loyal to each other than to other persons or institutions. And such a loyalty, one that can lead to constituting a network or a sort of a secret pact is not to be tolerated. The new Spanish cardinal of the Pope, Fernando Sebastian, who started his position at the Vatican in February of 2014, declared that “homosexuality is a serious psychic affection that can be cured”.

There are some terrible secrets in the Vatican, secrets which are carefully guarded. Still, the cause of the powerful homosexual cardinals’ lobby that are in high positions in the Vatican is difficult to surpass, and pope Francis himself acknowledged the difficulty of the reform of roman curia and talked about the existence of a “current of corruption”, and about the existence of a “gay lobby”.

Last year, shortly before the meeting of the Cardinal College, reunited in the Sixteen Chapel with the purpose of electing the new pope, the 266th, the Italian daily publication La Republica wrote about a “gay lobby” – a more or less united kabala of homosexuals – operating inside the Vatican.

According to the newspaper, the existence of this gay lobby was one of the many hidden truths which are described in a two volume, 300 page report, which was written by three retired cardinals, who were designated for the inquiry of the secret affair called Vatileaks. The report was presented to pope Benedict XVI. “This scandal, which raised new suspicions of endemic corruption at the core of the Curia, started in 2012, after Paolo Gabriele, the Pope’s butler, stole some private documents belonging to the pontiff and gave them to the press”, as stated in the article. The secret internal report Vatileaks revealed that some homosexual priests in the Vatican were blackmailed, while also disclosing some details referring to the meetings of the gay priests. The publication suggested that Benedict XVI’s interest in eradicating this gay lobby was one of the reasons he was forced to suddenly resign, and this is a first for the Vatican.

Under the pressure caused by the global public opinion, eventually pope Francis the First admitted that the catholic priests’ pedophilia is a plague of the Catholic Church, after a series of scandals of this sort were hidden for dozens of years
In an attempt to fix the rather damaged image of the Catholic Church, pope Francis made an unprecedented gesture, he recently asked, publicly and formally, forgiveness for the sufferings caused by pedophile priests and he stated that those who are guilty will be “harshly punished”, according to La Croix. The pope did not mention the manner in which this will be done, because the cases of catholic priests pedophilia in the entire world are notorious and they’ve never been punished, and these outrageous situations were hidden for decades.

In 2014, Francis the First publicly admitted that pedophilia is one of the plagues of the Catholic Church, especially in countries like the United States, Australia and Ireland, and he said they will do something about eradicating these activities which are a disgrace to Catholicism. After a long period of silence, on the 22nd of March, this year, finally, a commission was founded “for the protection of children”, which includes an older victim of the sexual abuse of the catholic priests, the irish Mary Collins. “The church is well aware of this evil. We do not want to back down in front of this problem and the sanctions which have to be enforced. I believe the sanctions must be very harsh! Children are not to be trifled with!”, said the Pontiff for the press. The pope has not yet announced any concrete measure to solve, in one way or another, the cases that had already occurred. It is no accident that the ONU Committee for Children’s Rights has criticized the Vatican for still covering the pedophile priests.

In 2010, the Norwegian Catholic Church came across other two possible cases of pedophilia committed by its priests, according to the bishop of Oslo, Berndt Eidsvig. The priest had already acknowledged four cases of sexual abuse on children done by members of the Church.

“There are two cases of which I wasn’t aware”, said the priest in an interview for a Norwegian tabloid. The worst is that these facts happened twenty years ago, and no one did anything about it until now.
Eidsvig said that the minister George Muller had sexually abused a child in the early 90s. Muller was one of the important figures of Norwegian Catholicism, bishop of Trondheim, the third largest city of Norway.

After the scandal, the Norwegian Catholic Church decided to open a telephone hotline to offer the believers the possibility to reveal such cases. Eidsvig announced that, next to the Muller case, the Norwegian Catholic Church is familiar of three such cases in which its priests have sexually abused children. Eventhough Eidsvig announced that the religious institution that he represents will cooperate with Norwegian justice, he also stated that he will not grant free access to the “confidential” files of the Church.

The German Catholic Church is also shaken by the occurrence of many such cases of sexual abuse. Thus, the pedophilia scandals involve some catholic priests in many countries, the most famous case is the one in Ireland.
The greatest scandal was triggered when an Irish government report revealed that, between 1975 and 2004, the Irish Catholic Church kept many acts of abuse done by priests hidden. There was an incredible number of acts of perversion in the report: 15.000 children went through such an inhuman treatment. British Catholics state that they are suspicious in only two of the cases

There are some recent scandals as well:

SUA – The Catholic Church paid 2 billion dollars, after hundreds of people in Boston were abused;
Mexico – The Vatican finished the searches conducted in the case of the founder of Christ’s Legionnaires, Marcial Maciel, accused of having a child and having molested several seminar members;
Brazil – A priest and two bishops were suspended from the Church after the priest was filmed having sex in the altar with a boy;

Great Britain – Several cases of sexual abuse committed by priests were revealed after 2000. The most famous case is that of Michael Hill, the pedophile priest who, despite being moved from one parish to another, he did not stop his acts of abuse on children;

Netherlands – Currently, there are 200 cases of abuse committed between 1950 and 1970;
Germany – There are 300 alleged investigations of abuses, committed in 18 of the 27 German dioceses (parishes). Among these, there was also one lead by Georg Ratzinger, the elder brother of the former pope Benedict XVI;

Austria – 16 people brought evidence to support 27 cases of abuse recorded throughout the history. After this scandal, the abbot of the monastery of Salzburg, one of the most important catholic centers of Austria, quit from his position due to an episode which happened 40 years ago and came up during the investigation.

Prophecies and divine signs are a warning of the decadence of the heads of the Catholic Church

It was often said that the progressive increasingly severe deviation of the Catholic Church is the result of a satanic infiltration. But, for more than a century, there were many signs which proved that this infiltration is real. A series of apparitions warned us about the corruption inside the Catholic Church. Thus, in 1846, the Virgin Mary appeared to the young shepherds Maximin and Melanie, in La Salette, France, giving them a warning message regarding the decadence of the heads of the Catholic Church and its believers

Here’s a few significant parts of this prophecy, which had already fulfilled:

„The priests, the servants of my Son, due to their miserable life, due to their misdemeanor and their lack of faith in conducting the holy service, due to their love of money, of earthly titles and physical pleasures, turned into living a life of filth. Yes, their evil deeds demand proper punishment, and the divine punishment hangs over their heads. Misery is upon those priests and those persons that have dedicated their lives to God, in the beginning, and through their paganism and their misdemeanor are crucifying my Son! The sins of those who have previously consecrated themselves to God are asking for punishment, and punishment is at their doorsteps, for there is no being left to beg for compassion and forgiveness for their people; there are no more generous souls, there is no one to offer to the Eternal his immaculate soul as a gift for his fellow men.
…Lucifer, together with a great numbers of demons, shall rise from hell: they will abolish faith, little by little, even in priests or monks, beings that have consecrated their lives to God. The demons will make them blind to such an extent that, without the divine grace, the devilish spirit of fallen angel shall penetrate their being; several religious currents will lose their faith entirely and will lead many souls into despair. Bad books will fill the Earth and the spirits of the nether will spread oblivion of all that it means to serve God. They will have a great impact over nature, there will even be some churches consecrated to these spirits. Some beings, even priests, will be lead from one place to another, by these evil spirits, losing their guidance from the divine spirit of the Gospel, which is the spirit of humbleness, of compassion and aching for the grace of God…

There will be all kind of different wonders everywhere, because the true faith has perished and because a false and deceiving light is overflowing onto the world. Misery is upon all the princes of the church who are not taking interest any anything but gathering material possessions and imposing their authority and mastering with vanity, The vicar of my Son will have a lot to suffer, because, for a while, the Church will be subjected to great persecutions; there will be a time of darkness, the Church will go through an atrocious crisis. The holy belief in God will be forgotten and each individual will want to lead himself and to be superior to his fellow human beings. Civil and church authority will be abolished, order and justice will be mocked; there will only be murder, hatred, jealousy, lying and conflict, without any patriotism or love for the family.

Civil governments will all have the same intentions, to abolish and destroy any religious principle, to make way to materialism, atheism, spiritism and vice. In the year 1865, the ugliness of oblivion will install itself in holy grounds. In monasteries, the flowers of the Church shall rot and the Demon will become king of souls. Those who are leading the monastic communities shall be warned to be wary of who they accommodate, because the Demon shall use his entire malefic ability to put people who have given themselves to sin in positions inside religious orders, for chaos and carnal attraction will be spread all across the Earth.
Rome shall lose its faith and shall become the home of the Antichrist. The demons of air together with the Antichrist will produce great wonders on earth and in the sky, and people will become more and more perverted. “

Coming back to our times, the press often wrote that the day the announcement regarding the resignation of Benedict XVI was made, a storm unleashed on Rome and lightning struck the cross on top of the Dome of Saint Peter’s, symbolically reminding us of Peter’s betrayal, which was done three times, before dawn. Many have thought of this extremely rare event as a manifestation of divine Will, thinking that the universal symbolism considers lightning to be the sign of divine power and the expression of God’s wrath, which manifests itself when lawlessness begins to dwell in men’s hearts.

The exact succession of popes is already known, for more than a thousand years, through the already known prophecy of Saint Malachia

After the announcement of this memorable “resignation”, the attention of many analysts was focused on the 111 verses prophecy that Saint Malachia (1094-1148) made regarding the succession of the popes.
The one hundredth and eleventh sentence is “De Gloria Olivae” (“The Glory of the Olive”) and is referring to Pope Benedict XVI. Here we find a reference to the association of the former pope with the Jewish people, whose symbol is the olive twig. According to the criteria of the Judaism, Joseph Ratzinger is Jewish, because his grandmother from his mother’s side, Elisabeth Tauber, was Jewish.

Then there is a paragraph announcing the prosecution of the Church under the reign of Peter the Roman and the destruction of Rome, followed by the Final Judgement: “In persecutione extrema sacrae romanae ecclesiae sedebit Petrus romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus; quibus transactis, civitas septi-collis diruetor; et judex tremendus judicabit populum suum.“ „During the final prosecution that the Holy Romano-Catholic Church will be subjected to, it will be conducted by Peter the Roman. He will guide the herd of believers into the midst of turmoil, that will fulminate with the destruction of the citadel of the seven hills (Rome), and then the fearsome Judge will judge his people.“

Is Peter, the Roman, the 112th pope of the Roman Catholic Church? Did Saint Malachia consider that after the 111th pope we can no longer talk about an authentic pope? Was there a revelation that occurred to the holy prophet that said that those following the 111th pontiff will have no real power, but they will be just a group of manipulated individuals, like a bunch of rag dolls?

On the 13th of March, 2013, a new pope was elected: Jorge Mario Bergoglio. His pope name is Francis, in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi that some analysts thought he was actually named Giovanni Di Pietro Bernardone. This made many people to speculate that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is in fact Peter the Roman… Either this correlation is well founded, either it’s not, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is twice “roman”. First, he is Italian by birth, so implicitly, he is “roman”. Second, for the first time in history, the pope is a Jesuit. The order of the Jesuits, founded 400 years ago, is an authentic state within a state which has the capital in … Rome. Thus, Bergoglio is for the second time, “roman”. Anyway, Francis the First is directly subordinated to the leader of Order of the Jesuits, who is in fact entitled, “the black pope”, and there are many analysts who believe it’s very likely for Francis the First to be a “puppet” of him.

But why was the elected pope a 76 year old man? Presumably, from John Paul the 2nd, the so-called “Illuminati” no longer want to have anything to do with a pope that will occupy the position for too long. Even the most faithful servants of the almighty plutocrats of the day can let themselves be conquered by the thirst of power and they can forget ”who is the real boss”.
We should also add that on the 28th of February, the day of the definitive departure of Benedict XVI and the last day of the roman calendar is also the day of saint Roman, just another significant coincidence which begs us to refer to the pope prophecy once more. Thus, this might be a new synchronicity, a sign that Peter the Roman is among us as we speak. The concentration of spectacular events, worthy of an apocalyptic film, that took place during February, 2013, is in a way revealing and draws our attention on the possibility of a hidden intervention from outside the Catholic Church. In fact, the godless group of people that silently draw the strings worldwide in politics, economy and religion give great importance to symbolism and specifically chosen moments for different actions, actions which most often serve as anchors into the reality and as tools for inducing certain malefic influences.

One of the savior solutions in this situation is to learn to live our faith in God and our religiousness without being stubborn, without fanaticism, but without letting ourselves be fooled, as well. It is obvious that in order to be happy in this world, we do not need dark secret societies and dirty plots hidden for centuries, but we do need communion with angels and with the Kingdom of Heaven, we need divine love to pour from our being onto our fellow human beings and we need benefic and divinely integrated good deeds, for our sake for humanity’s sake. No institution, no matter how well organized and how well anchored in some religious dogmas can replace our love for one another and our profound faith in God and no institution can substitute itself to God, and in no way and under no pretext, to the Divine Ultimate Truth.


September 2014

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