by Gregorian Bivolaru

This article was conceived by YOGA teacher Gregorian Bivolaru as a present for all the affectionate, intelligent, sensual and refined women who aspire to awaken the state of SHAKTI within them. This gift of knowledge of the Mysteries of the Eternal Feminine is offered to them with love and admiration on the occasion of the 8th of March.


1. The women in which the state of SHAKTI has awakened are nothing but shadows of the GREAT MOTHER (MAHA-SHAKTI), and the Great Mother (MAHA-SHAKTI) is eternally the mysterious shadow of GOD THE FATHER (BRAHMAN).” – YONI TANTRA
2. “For fear of not losing you, I almost always keep you present and embraced in my heart. What fascinating magic has given to me this mirific treasure of the world that you are for me, to my frail arms?” – RABINDRANATH TAGORE
3. “The women in which the state of SHAKTI awakens more and more will be and will remain the women of the future.” – GREGORIAN BIVOLARU
4. “If the Great Mother (MAHA-SHAKTI) had not eternally existed together with the Heavenly Father (GOD), being ceaselessly – intimately and fully – amorously united with His absolute Essence (PARAMATMAN) and with his OMNIPOTENT WILL, remaining in an endless state of divine orgasm of the ceaseless creation (ANANDA) then nothing and no one would have previously existed, in eternity. If it were that way, nothing and no one would have thereafter existed in eternity. At the same time, we must realize that, if it were that way, then neither the entire universe (the MACROCOSM) would have existed and nor us, humans, would have existed. In such a situation, which we can imagine and suppose by REDUCTION TO ABSURD, we should at the same time be absolutely sure that nothing and no one would continue to exist in the future and nothing would continue to exist in eternity. If absolutely no one (including us humans) had existed and were endowed with the consciousness of self-existence (that allows one to realize: “I THINK THEREFORE I AM”), then it would have been impossible for one to know that GOD exists.” – GREGORIAN BIVOLARU

In the tradition of the oriental wisdom, the SUPREME ABSOLUTE (BRAHMAN or GOD THE FATHER) has His mysterious FEMININE HALF that is also considered as being His feminine manifesting Nature, which is known in the Orient by the name of MAHA SHAKTI. As one also knows in the Christian tradition, GOD the FATHER manifests Himself and creates everything by means of his mysterious feminine power, which is the HOLY GHOST.

The fact that both in the oriental millenary tradition and in the Western Christian millenary tradition one notices the presence of a mysterious feminine manifesting Nature by means of which God creates the entire MACROCOSM is not at all an accident. In the oriental tradition, MAHA SHAKTI or the Eternal Feminine Nature actually represents GOD’S FEMININE MANIFESTING POWER, by means of which the entire Creation (the entire MACROCOSM or, in other words, the MYSTERIOUS WHOLE), which is made of the three universes (The Physical, the Astral and the Causal Universe) is born and maintained.

GOD THE FATHER ceaselessly manifests His almightiness and manifests All and everything there is only by means of MAHA SHAKTI. MAHA SHAKTI is always the one in and by whom the OMNIPOTENT WILL OF GOD THE FATHER (BRAHMAN) manifests Itself. It is not at all by accident that in the oriental tradition all the gods, without exception, such as BRAHMA, VISHNU or SHIVA each have one or more feminine manifesting natures, which are also their lovers. Each of these lovers that they worship also represents for each of them HIS FEMININE MANIFESTING NATURE. However, by looking beyond the appearances, one can say that these lovers of the gods are in fact their SHAKTI-s, by means of whom they manifest their omnipotent divine will. The SHAKTI-s of the gods represent the FEMININE POWERS OF THEIR ENIGMATIC NATURES that make a perfect mysterious unity together with them. In absence of these feminine manifesting natures (SHAKTI-s) or, in other words, in absence of these FEMININE MANIFESTING POWERS OF THEIR DIVINE NATURES (that is characteristic in the case of each god), they would not be supernaturally endowed and would not be able to manifest any absolutely extraordinary divine power, also being incapable of exerting any miraculous, beneficial, occult power.

In light of these revelations, we can realize that the enigmatic and almighty will of these gods can efficiently manifest itself only by means of their feminine manifesting forces that are intimately united with them (in all their spheres of existence and manifestation that characterize them). Besides, this perfect union is often depicted in the oriental tradition by means of the divine amorous couple that is represented as being united in an uninterrupted amorous communion in the classical tantric posture YAB-YUM.

In absence of one or more SHAKTI-s by means of which the gods ceaselessly manifest their will, their mysterious spiritual influences and their divine occult power, any one of these gods would be – analogically speaking – just like a stiff, inert and powerless corpse. In absence of the presence of SHAKTI, who allows him to plenarily manifest, by means of his feminine manifesting nature, the god would be, analogically speaking, just like a paralyzed body. This ancient secret oriental teaching was known by the great initiates and it is expressed by a classical dictum in a certain ancient tantric treatise: “SHIVA without SHAKTI is SHAVA (a stiff and powerless corpse). SHAKTI without SHIVA is KALILA (meaningless existence, confusion, chaos), KACHAKULAM (larval-ness, refuse, upheaval of values) and MAYA (illusion, disorder, entropy).”

Especially in the Orient, the huge importance of the FEMININE MANIFESTING POWER (SHAKTI), by means of which the entire creation appears and is maintained and in the absence of which NOTHING CAN BE MANIFESTED, is known for thousands of years by the great sages. As we have previously mentioned, in the Christian tradition GOD the FATHER is also permanently assisted, in the process of creating and manifesting ALL and EVERYTHING that has been, which is or will be, by the MYSTERIOUS FEMININE MANIFESTING POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST (which, as we have previously mentioned, is known in the oriental tradition by the name of MAHA SHAKTI or THE GREAT MOTHER THAT-GIVES-BIRTH-TO-EVERYTHING), in and by means of which everything, without exception, appears in the Creation of GOD THE FATHER.

In the millenary tradition of the Orient one often mentions that the entire MACROCOSM in which the three universes simultaneously exist (the Physical-material Universe, the Astral Universe and the Causal Universe) is manifested entirely by means of MAHA SHAKTI. The entire MACROCOSM, without exception was “born” and is ceaselessly maintained by means of MAHA SHAKTI. The great initiates know that the MACROCOSM in its wholeness actually represents the work of MAHA SHAKTI. The MACROCOSM was manifested as an expression of the ALMIGHTY WILL of God the Father (BRAHMAN). The great initiates of the TANTRA YOGA millenary system specified in certain secret treatises that in fact the entire MACROCOSM is the “FRUIT” or, in other words, “THE MAGICAL CHILD” that was born from the MAHA YONI (the gigantic birth-giving matrix) of the GREAT MOTHER (MAHA SHAKTI), which originally manifested the entire creation. In light of this revelation, we can understand why the advanced tantric adepts worship the YONI of the beloved woman and look upon it in a transfiguring manner as being the correspondence in the woman’s body of MAHA SHAKTI’S MAHA YONI.


The deeply transfiguring and full of adoration vision of the body and being of the beloved woman allows the advanced adepts of the TANTRA system to thus enter into a mysterious state of communion with MAHA SHAKTI, who eternally exists, being intimately united with the Almighty, enigmatic spirit. By means of MAHA SHAKTI, the omnipotent will of GOD THE FATHER manifests itself. The intuition of these fundamental spiritual mysteries also allows us to understand the millenary and deeply transfiguring vision of the LINGAM as being the expression of SHIVA’s perfectly erect phallus that is and remains in this way due to the fact that SHIVA is perfectly continent. In turn, the cult of the YONI (the woman’s matrix) actually represents the transfiguring vision of MAHA SHAKTI’S MAHA YONI from which the entire MACROCOSM was born. Such a mysterious, deeply transfiguring, sublimely spiritual vision of the beloved woman’s body allows the tantric to gradually discover (by means of this vision) a mysterious unity between the beloved being’s MICROCOSM, in which the body is an important component part of it, and the MACROCOSM in which the physical Universe is an important part of it.

However, it is obvious that only the human beings who have a high spiritual realization are capable of intuiting the mysterious, grandiose reality that exists beyond these symbolical representations that contain a multitude of significances. The initiated tantrics state that the woman’s body presents an extraordinary complexity and when it is regarded from a certain viewpoint it reveals itself as being much more complex. Among others, the woman’s body proves to be superior to the man’s body due to the fact that the woman’s body has certain distinct characteristics that are unique compared to the man’s body. For example, the woman’s body contains, not at all by accident, 12 distinct openings (among these distinct openings that are extra in the case of the woman’s body we mention the cervix, the urethra and the orifices of the nipples that are constantly active in the woman. By means of the nipples, certain mysterious feminine fluids are manifested in and through the woman’s body). Compared to the woman’s body, the man’s body contains only nine distinct openings (in the man’s case, the orifices of the nipples are not open and active at all). There are still other differences that only the woman’s body has, which we will not mention here. In the case of the woman’s body, all these differences point out her superiority, which only the women who manage to fully awaken the state of SHAKTI become aware of and appreciate at its just value.
 Among others differences that the tantrics know, we also mention the one that the woman is capable of experiencing over 20 distinct forms of orgasm, while the man is not capable of experiencing such a range of orgasms precisely due to the fact that his body does not have the same complexity as the woman’s body.


Another utterly extraordinary capacity that is innate and that the woman has and can manifest at any time is the possibility of immediately practicing amorous continence, with a great ease, without requiring a previous training, as it is required for the man.

Another quite extraordinary capacity that the woman spontaneously manifests is entering and maintaining for very long periods of time in various states of orgasm that can be extended for hours in a row, uninterruptedly. When one practices amorous continence extraordinarily well, the woman can easily attain states of cosmic orgasm (such states are ecstatic states of overwhelming, profound and very intense orgasm, even if this concept in itself generates the despise of the cretins who mock that which they were never actually capable of experiencing). Another extraordinary capacity is also that the body of the woman who is erotically awakened and becomes aware of certain mysterious energies that are manifested in his body (by triggering certain processes of occult resonance with the endless spheres of power from the MACROCOSM) make the respective woman easily manifest various alchemical processes that are triggered inside her YONI. A fascinating and mysterious process of this kind is the appearance and materialization of the so-called KALAS inside her YONI, when the woman experiences intense and overwhelming states of orgasm without discharge.

Another mysterious process is the integral transmutation into energy of the specific sexual secretions that, when they are not transmuted into energy and sublimed, they trigger menstruation. By means of such an achievement (the suspending of the menstruation due to the transmutation of her sexual potential into energy), the woman will have at her disposal a huge inner energy that she can direct and focus to the various floors of her inner universe by means of a harmonious sublimation. We hope that by means of these revelations, the intelligent and intuitive women who will read these lines will manage to realize that the privilege of being a woman is neither an exclusivity nor a seduction argument, but among others this implies one to become aware of its advantages as being a stringent necessity. This discovery is achieved in a gradual manner, as the woman more and more awakens and activates this fabulous potential that is revealed to her when she becomes fully aware of her state of SHAKTI.


Here is how these fundamental occult aspects are described in a famous secret tantric treaty: “THE ENDLESS FEMININE MANIFESTING POWER (MAHA SHAKTI) is actually the mysterious force that manifests and supports the entire universe. She (MAHA SHAKTI) is the one who gave birth, from her gigantic MAHA YONI and brought to light the great WHOLE of the UNIVERSE (MACROCOSM). The Great WHOLE of the Universe (MACROCOSM) is in fact the NECESSARY FORM that She (MAHA SHAKTI) has offered to it in its origin. MAHA SHAKTI is ceaselessly the fundament and the manifesting energy of both the three worlds as well as of all the parallel worlds that exist in the ASTRAL UNIVERSE. MAHA SHAKTI is the one who created and manifested the TEN COSMIC POWERS (DASHA MAHA VIDYA) who by her means (of MAHA SHAKTI) thus became an expression of the ALMIGHTY WILL of BRAHMAN (GOD the FATHER); the Great Woman (MAHA SHAKTI) is and remains the unsuspected force that manifests and supports the entire Universe (MACROCOSM).

“The entire Universe (MACROCOSM) is His form (MAHA SHAKTI’S). The Great Woman (MAHA SHAKTI) is the mysterious fundament of this world and of all the worlds. No world and no universe exist in absence of her support. In the physical world, the form of the woman’s body is a perfect form. Any form that MAHA SHAKTI assumes, either masculine (VIRILE) or feminine is actually her supreme mysterious form. In the universe of each woman’s being, there exists – either in an activated (awakened) or latent state – everything that is inspirited, both in this world and in the other mysterious worlds that exist beyond it.
For the one who worships her and is capable of discovering her in her entire splendor – except the Immortal Supreme Self (ATMAN) – there is no jewelry superior to the woman. For the one who is capable of discovering her beyond the appearances, as well as for the woman who realizes these fabulous endowments through Self-knowledge, there is not, there was not and there never will be a destiny equal to that of the woman.
There is no kingdom, there is no asceticism that might be compared to everything that can be offered by the fully awakened mirific universe of the woman, when she is properly worshiped and transfigured. Except the Immortal Supreme Self (ATMAN) there is not, there was not and there never will be a holy place that might be comparable to the universe of the woman’s being. No matter how hard we looked, we cannot discover a prayer that is similar to the perfectly natural, ecstatic prayer that the woman spontaneously manifests when she attains the perfect state of orgasm (it is unanimously known by the initiated men that when women attain ample and deep states of orgasm without discharge they spontaneously have the tendency of firmly focusing their eyesight towards the top of the head area, at the level of the essential center of force SAHASRARA, which as we know allows the human being’s reconnection to GOD the FATHER (our note)).

There is not, there was not and there never will be a modality or another spiritual exercise that is similar to what the woman’s perfectly activated body and the woman’s fully activated universe can offer. There is no MANTRA, there is no TAPAS that can equal the multitude of treasures that can be revealed by the mysterious universe of the woman’s being. There is no richness, no matter how big it were, that might be compared to the universe of the woman’s being. There is not, there was not, and there never will be a greater pleasure, a more overwhelming joy than the one that we can discover in and through the body and the universe of the woman’s being. He who avidly worships her easily discovers, eventually, with the woman’s help, the mysterious existence of BRAHMAN (GOD the FATHER) with whom the woman is ceaselessly and mysteriously united, even when she does not suspect this. Without the help of the manifesting power (SHAKTI) even the gods have no force and in her absence (SHAKTI’s) they cannot act.”

In light of the fundamental revelations that are offered to us by means of the above quote, we can easily realize that the two polarly opposite, complementary aspects, respectively the masculine and the feminine, the YANG (+) and the YIN (-) aspects are actually the two principles that are manifested by the Eternal Feminine (MAHA SHAKTI). About GOD THE FATHER who manifests everything by means His Almighty Will only with the help of the Eternal Feminine (MAHA SHAKTI), one can say that He is actually neutral and transcendent. In the frame of the universe (the MACROCOSM) that is manifested by the GREAT MOTHER (MAHA SHAKTI), the masculine and the feminine, the YANG and the YIN are the polarly opposite principles that govern the Universe, also assuring its coherence and unity. In the frame of this universe (MACROCOSM) that was originally manifested by the GREAT MOTHER (MAHA SHAKTI), the YANG and the YIN, the masculine and the feminine are not two states that oppose and make war with each other, but are actually two phases (one is positive and the other one is negative) of the alternance of the same movement.

Under certain conditions that are known by the initiates, the masculine is the expression of a progressive transformation of the feminine or, in other words, of the transformation of YIN into YANG, and the feminine is the expression of the progressive transformation of the masculine or, in other words, the expression of the transformation of YANG into YIN. In this way, one can say that the two polarly opposite energies complete each other and form a perfect Unity. The masculine and the feminine, the YANG and the YIN, are an antithetic and at the same time perfectly united couple that exists in one of the most complete communions. The YANG, masculine aspect represents action, exteriorization, expansion, the north, fire, the plenitude of life, the sharp musical notes, the sun, the day, the summer, dynamism, the warm aspect. The YIN, feminine represents interiorization, intuition, passivity, receptivity, the south, water, low-pitched notes in music, the moon, the night, humidity, winter, repose, cold.

The famous classical representation of the masculine and the feminine, the YANG and the YIN is based on a circle (that symbolizes the Primordial Unique) that is divided into two component aspects. This symbolical representation contains a white part (man, +, YANG) and a black part (woman, -, YIN) in order to express the state of mutual dependency of the two halves; we discover a small black circle (the kernel of the feminine) that exists in the white part (the man) and a small white circle (the kernel of the feminine) that exists in the black part (woman). In the frame of each pole one positions the focus point of the opposite force that represents the mysterious germ of transformation. At the same time, this allows us to understand the mystery of the glorious androgynous state that each being is called to attain, even if for now he does not realize this unconscious aspiration.

Among others, this symbolism reminds us that in the entire manifestation nothing is ever completely feminine or completely masculine and that the feminine (YIN) and masculine (YANG) forces cannot actually exist without one another. The glorious androgynous state allows the human being who attains it by means of certain fundamental inner transformations, to access a clearly superior psychomental and spiritual state of autonomy. In the frame of this state (the glorious androgynous state) in which he simultaneously exists in a constant state of balance in which the feminine (YIN) and masculine (YANG) aspects are equally captured in his inner universe, there no longer exists a masculine preponderance or a feminine preponderance, which is characteristic in the case of ordinary human beings (that for now have not attained this clearly superior state that is known by the name of the glorious androgynous state).

The separation of the masculine principle from the feminine principle does not generate the disappearance of the mysterious logic that requires them to be complementary. If we attentively and lucidly analyze them, we discover that a feminine part and a masculine part exist and vibrate in each of us, even when we do not suspect this. The aspect that predominates thus determines the general polarity of our being and makes us be a man or a woman. In reality, there is no sort of antagonism between the two poles, but only an interpenetration, a reciprocity, a mixture, a deep-most fusion. All these generate within us desires, passions, aspirations and determine us to act in order to awaken and realize this in our inner universe.

The masculine (YANG) aspect and the feminine (YIN) aspect are distinct, precise vibrating tonalities that are also in full symbiosis. Both the masculine and the feminine permanently feed each other, stringently need each other. Both the force in the case of the feminine nature, as well as the force in the case of the masculine nature appears by the assimilation of the opposite, complementary polarity. Man stringently needs the feminine energy in order to become polarized and to thus become a triumphing force. In turn, the woman needs the complementary masculine energy in order to thus also become a triumphing force. Under certain conditions, which are known by the initiates, it is possible to much more quickly awaken the glorious androgynous state both in the woman and in the man. Then, the woman also has the inner man awakened within her, and the man has the inner woman awakened within him. This state also generates the gradual appearance and activation of certain paranormal powers (SIDDHI-s).


 Both the feminine and the masculine symbolize the aspect of a single and the same reality, which is the mysterious reality of MAHA SHAKTI. The masculine and the feminine, the YANG and the YIN are each a factor of multiplication and even of apparent divergence. At the same time, they are each a factor of fusion, reintegration, power, happiness, pleasure, health, love, full unity. The state of balance in which they are always comes from the harmony and the frenzy of their interaction and it is in close connection with the duration of this interaction, which thus offers to the other person the accumulation of the mysterious energy that each of the two need.

In the case of the amorous games that are based on perfect continence, transfiguration and love, this interaction between the two lovers can be fully satisfying, plenarily harmonious and this attracts with itself extraordinary states of happiness and even allows the attainment of extraordinary states of beatitude.  In the case of human beings who do not perform amorous games with continence, transfiguration and love, the energetic exchanges with the other and the interaction between the two lovers are superficial, with a short duration, un-satisfying, incomplete, and for this reason they give birth to frustrations, tensions, discontents and even a deaf fight. The initiates know that the conjugated action of the two complementary mysterious forces, namely the masculine (YANG) force and the feminine (YIN) force, supports and regulates the life of people and the echoes of this interaction exist and are mirrored in the animal and vegetal kingdom. This polar game is present in the entire Universe and exists everywhere there is life. From the union of the two polar complementary energies, there appears force, happiness, pleasure, balance and the supreme harmony.

About the various mysterious exchanges and relationships that exist between the masculine (YANG, +) and the feminine aspect (YIN, -)

1. The apparent opposition

In the entire nature, almost every phenomenon presents two distinct aspects. These aspects are characteristic both regarding the movement of the stars, like for instance the Sun and the Moon as well as regarding the cyclic manifestation of seasons, of day and night, of waxing and waning. The state of unity appears or, in other words, is created by means of the apparent opposition of these two polarly opposite and complementary aspects that are contradictory at first sight.

2. The interdependence

Paradoxically, these two polarly opposite forces (the masculine, YANG – the feminine, YIN) are interdependent. They absolutely require the presence of one or the other of the two complementary polarities in order to individually exist.

3. Waxing and waning

The masculine (YANG, +) and the feminine (YIN, -) wax and wan alternatively. This mysterious movement maintains a balance that is relatively favorable for the two energies (that are the masculine and the feminine energies, respectively). This ceaseless coming-and-going is at the origin of life and of each state of dynamic balance.

4 Mutual transformation

In certain conditions that are known by the initiates, such as for instance the frantic, sublimely passionate amorous fusions, which are performed with continence (thus triggering the biological transmutation of the sexual physical potential into energy and the sublimation of the resulting energy at various superior levels of the being) the masculine (YANG, +, solar) and the feminine (YIN, -, lunar) can integrally transform into one another. In this way, one can say that the masculine becomes feminine, and the feminine becomes masculine, the YIN becomes YANG, the YANG becomes YIN, the plus becomes minus, the minus becomes plus, the solar becomes lunar, the lunar becomes solar. In this way, a deep, quick transformation appears, a revival occurs and surprising overturns of certain situations can occur. In this way, amazing mutations and unexpected qualitative leaps may appear.

What is happening nowadays

For more than 5000 years, the so-called predominant “divine” vision on this planet is totally a vision of an attitude that is full of superiority of men towards women. Either they consider GOD THE FATHER as being an infinite spiritual reality, or they consider Him as a “SUPREME INTELLIGENCE”, or they consider Him an ALMIGHTY WILL, or they consider Him as being the Supreme Absolute, nowadays both men and women make all these rhyme in the masculine gender and in this way both men and women thus commit a fundamental error.

The great sages of this planet have known and even nowadays know that GOD THE FATHER is not masculine, but neutral. In the mysterious process of the manifestation of everything that exists, GOD THE FATHER the neutral, un-manifested and transcendent has created and manifested all that exists, all that has a form with the help and by means of the Feminine Eternal. This Eternal Feminine is MAHA SHAKTI or the Great Mother in the Orient.  In the Christian tradition, the Great Mother is the HOLLY GHOST. Just for very well understanding this fundamental mystery, the advanced practitioners of the millenary system TANTRA YOGA have looked upon the woman with wisdom and have long discovered that she is the perfect expression of MAHA SHAKTI, by whose frantic worship one can thus easily discover GOD the FATHER that is intimately united in eternity with the Manifesting Feminine Aspect (the Eternal Feminine) by means of whom His Omnipotent Will makes everything appear in the entire creation (with the help of the Eternal Feminine).

The woman’s microcosm is in a mysterious communion and connection with the Eternal Feminine MAHASHAKTI. More than that, a whole range of scientific discoveries have nowadays already pointed out that actually it is not the woman who resulted from a “rib” of the man, but in fact the process was exactly the opposite. In fact, it was man who resulted from a sui generis partial adaptation that was achieved starting from the woman’s much more complex body. In other words, the woman did not result from the man, but it is man who resulted from the woman. The advanced practitioners of the TANTRA system have discovered this important mystery thousands of years ago. For this reason, they have objectively appreciated the woman at her just value and worshiped her on the basis of a deep knowledge of this mysterious reality.


The millenary SHAKTA system is a living proof of this discovery of the superiority of her body and microcosm. Besides, the knowledge of this fundamental truth was something common and natural several thousands of years ago. This explains why the feminine element was often and fully deified in all the cultures that are nowadays pejoratively considered as being “PAGAN”. In immemorial times, the woman was given the importance that she deserved (IN THE HYPOSTASIS OF INITIATING WOMAN) for the very reason of this fundamental revelation.

The cult of the Great Mother (MAHASHAKTI) or of the Great Mother Goddess that is in close connection with life, agriculture, fecundity, abundance of crops, with the mysteries of lovemaking with continence, with the extraordinary potentialities that the woman has (including that of practicing amorous continence with a surprising ease) persisted for a very long time, but at a certain point the WOMAN started to be little by little dethroned by the so-called IDEAL MASCULINE archetype that was and is in close connection with virility, with conquests, with courage and with force.

The death of the cultures in which one properly worshiped the “GREAT MOTHER OF THE WORLD” (which in reality is MAHA SHAKTI) gave birth to a patriarchal social order, in which men have subjected the woman to their despotic authority. For this reason, little by little the statute of the woman deteriorated. The ancient temples that were consecrated to the Mother Goddess were destroyed and in their place one built others that were consecrated to a masculine deity. In this way, the gigantic Eve (MAHA SHAKTI) who gave birth to humanity changed her statute and thus Eve was unanimously considered to have become the stupid and insubordinate woman, the evil temptress.

The peak of this downfall of the woman’s condition was reached when one got to affirm that in fact women do not have a soul and are not human. Nowadays, we know that Paul the apostle pleaded with vivid vehemence for the complete subordination of women to men. In the 6th century, theologians have gotten to wonder whether women had a soul or not. During the Middle Ages, women were often considered in a false and aberrant way as being disgusting creatures that had relationships with the devil. The inquisition indulged in an unprecedented witch-hunt. All these aspects are all the more bizarre if we consider that in the Genesis one mentions that the human being, in other words both woman and man, was created by GOD THE FATHER as an adrogyne, or in other words both man and woman at the same time.
In the millenary TANTRA YOGA system, through the gradual awakening and activation of the state of SHAKTI, the woman thus becomes aware of a series of extraordinary potentialities, which most often lie asleep within her, being unsuspected. It is true that the treatment to which the woman was subjected for thousands of years after the end of the matriarchal period, made her regress very much. For thousands of years the woman was repeatedly told that she is “stupid”, “incapable”, “inferior”, “powerless”, etc. Given the fact that any lie that is ceaselessly repeated eventually ends by becoming a so-called “truth”, the woman little by little got to be convinced and believe all the evils that she was almost ceaselessly repeatedly told by the ignorant, despotic, egotistic, insensitive, avid for power, dominating and possessive men that moreover falsely had the impression that they are clearly superior to her. In this way, the regress occurred, by the assimilation by the woman of this false, unshakable beliefs. This state of fact makes that nowadays the women’s subconscious be most often clogged by aberrantly false convictions, such as: “the woman is inferior”, the woman can never succeed what the man can”, “the woman has only flaws and no qualities”, “the woman has no sort of extraordinary endowments compared to those of the man”.


In light of these revelations, it is obvious that the discovery of lovemaking with continence by a very large number of women will contribute to the appearance of a genuine revolution concerning the awakening and activation of the fabulous potentialities that exist in the microcosm of every woman who aspires to awaken the state of SHAKTI within her. For this, the initiated women (WHO SHOULD BECOME INITIATING WOMEN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE) should become aware that mostly they are the ones who can teach lovemaking with continence to men.
The clear superiority of the woman concerning the achievement of amorous fusions with continence is an essential trump in the process of awakening the fabulous potentialities that are asleep in every woman who aspires to awaken the state of SHAKTI within her.

Aphorisms and cogitations

1. Any ordinary man who loves a single woman, most often actually loves two women, without realizing. One of them is the respective woman that really exists, and the other is a creation of his imagination.

2. The woman is not whole. The woman in which the state of SHAKTI awakens more and more begins to be whole.

3. The man who never forgives the small flaws of the woman that he loves will never properly rejoice in her great qualities.

4. When GOD THE FATHER wants to do something extraordinarily important, He hides this for the eyes of men. The initiates already know that when GOD wants to do something extraordinarily important, He resorts to the help of a woman who is already prepared to manifest that which He wants to do.

5. When a woman fully awakens the state of SHAKTI (feminine power of nature), she shortly thereafter becomes a SUI GENERIS bridge between two universes, the Physical Universe and the Astral Universe.

6. In each extraordinary woman there are thousands of charming facets, which are awakened and begin to manifest in turn, thus making the MYSTERY OF THE ETERNAL FEMININE sprout in the world, in its entire splendor.

7. In the Book of Revelation, there is a prophetic quote that can be interpreted in the meaning that in the near future the woman will start to become aware at a planetary level of her latent fabulous potentialities. Thus, in this way, she will get to gradually awaken the state of COSMIC WOMAN, which implies the equal awakening in her own inner universe of all the twelve zodiacal constellations. This awakening can be easily achieved by means of the amorous games with continence, transfiguration and consecration. We offer you this significant quote from the Book of Revelation: “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven: a Woman! She was clothed with the sun, and the moon was under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars (o.n. this is a significant allusion to the 12 zodiacal constellations)” – Revelation (XII.1).

“Announce to everyone the new laws of GOD!
What before was impossible – now is possible.
What before was without value – now falls and becomes powder.
What before was essential – now is obscure.
What before was – now disappears into nothingness.
But the virgin, pure, spotless matter, the ETERNAL FEMININE, remains.
On her head lies the mysterious crown of stars,
Under her feet lies the Moon.
On her dress lie the Sun’s rays.
By means of the ETERNAL FEMININE, the smile of CREATION unsuspectingly manifests itself.
She is the miracle that glides over the waters.
The virginity of the ever renewed candor and purity is present in the Matter and in the Light of the Matter.
She is the MATTER-LIGHT that shines just like a blinding Sun,
She now lives in each of you.
The seventh Son of Light,
Was born from HER (the Great Mother),
He, whose Name is Thirst,
He, whose Name is eternal Love.
The new Name of the ETERNAL FEMININE is Co-birth.
She is the Tree that always gives fruit up there and down here.
She is the Tree that bears in it
The Apple of Light instead of the
poisoned apple.
Herald to everyone: “Liberation is close!”

8. If man and woman were not polarly opposite and complimentary, undoubtedly that it would have been a great standstill if they were identical. In order for energy to appear and amplify in each of them, that is why for that reason they were conceived as polarly opposite and complimentary. If woman and man were not how they are and they were identical, then a great standstill would have appeared on the Earth. When the earth is flat, the water does not flow but stagnates. If the water did not flow, the earth would have been sterile.


9. For a woman who has discovered how wonderful and fulfilling is to give as much love as possible, it is not difficult to give love. For such a woman it is difficult not to give love without measure, each time.

10. It is not at all difficult to allow yourself be awakened and overwhelmed by sublime states and aspirations when you love frantically, and the stars pour their mysterious energies into your open being.

11. The woman who more and more awakens the state of SHAKTI also makes important steps for thus becoming a complete being.

12. Every woman lives and focuses her sensuality in tight connection with her temper.

13. As the woman begins to more and more amply and deeply awaken the state of SHAKTI, she also thusly discovers that she has a spiritual origin that she did not even suspect before.

14. The arrow gets far and reaches its target if the bow is strong. The clouds move fast, when the wind blows constantly and powerfully. In the same way, the success of the man is directly proportional with the occult energy of his worshipped woman and with all the qualities of his lover.

15. The woman who has awakened the state of SHAKTI thus becomes aware that in and through her being one manifests that supreme and burning feminine force that makes the sparks of life gush out in ceaseless showers. She often feels that she is that indescribable divine substance that gushes out in mirific showers of colors when she admires the beauty of nature. She intuitively feels that she is in an indescribable way the charming glitter of water. She ineffably feels that she exists in the subtle breath of everything that lives. She feels that she breathes in unison with the grass, with the flowers and with the trees. When she admires the waters that flow just like living beings, she simultaneously feels that she flows in unison with them. When the colossal and beneficial feminine force of the GREAT MOTHER (MAHA SHAKTI) fully manifests itself through her, she feels that she is among the FUNDAMENTAL COLUMNS that support the entire Earth… She feels that all these mirific phenomena that surround her live in unison with her, because she is in them and they are in her. Often, when she is in nature, she feels that she is one with the secret spring of their life. She feels that she is the wisdom of GOD. When the explosion of thunder that belongs to the creative verb of all things manifests itself, she intuits that that creative sound is herself. Sometimes, she feels that she exists dilated in immensity in all beings, supporting them in order for them not to die. When she frantically makes love, she feels that she is the mysterious life that exists in all and everything.

16. A bridge is that which allows us to pass from one shore to another. When the bridge crumbles, the shores exist, yet there is no more communication and no more passage. This occurs when the woman is unaware of her purpose in this world.


She is the feminine force of the tensed bow
That is in the process of launching the arrow.
She is the unsuspected bridge,
She is the movement of the KUNDALINI energy
That ascends
She is the apparent stillness of
GOD’s creation.
She is the sign and the symbol
Who speaks only to those capable of understanding her.
She is the mother, the sister, the lover and the mistress.
She is all that is present in the manifestation.
She knows all paths,
Even those that lead to the subterranean worlds.
She leads us to the center
On the secret pathways of the labyrinths.
She knows the mysterious Name
That opens the gate of knowledge.
She helps us uplift ourselves
From the depths of the tenebrous
And catapults us into the divine light.
The great majority of men
Have not yet discovered
Her mirific heavenly splendor.
When she makes her
Unsuspected power
Appear in its entire splendor
Men run terrified
Of this essential
Feminine effulgence.
I am always the same
That I have always been
In the beginnings
When the world was stumbling.
I patiently wait
To be rediscovered.
When the reign of the
Warrior men, incapable of discovering me
Will come to an end.

18. The state of force of a SHAKTI

In the Tarot, Blade no. 11, which evokes the Force, symbolizes the colossal power of femininity. For a SHAKTI, this power becomes capable of taming and dominating animality. The mysterious force of the fascinating woman who has fully awakened the state of SHAKTI is unlimited because in this way she connects herself to an endless sphere of force that exists in the MACROCOSM. The lion that has strong paws is right near her. The strong and powerful mouth of the lion is now opened with the help of the gentle hands of the woman who has awakened the state of SHAKTI. The lion has strong fangs, but it will yet be unable to bite the woman who has awakened the state of SHAKTI, because she maintains its mouth open and the lion cannot resist her. The woman who has awakened the state of SHAKTI manages to do this without effort. Her mysterious force that she manifests is of such a nature for the woman who has awakened the state of SHAKTI that it is a game to subjugate the mighty lion and to ceaselessly keep it under her irresistible influence. What is the nature of this mysterious force, superior even to the strongest of the animals, the lion? This force, which defeats everything and to which nothing resists is the mysterious force of SHAKTI that is undoubtedly the strongest force in the world. In the mysterious force of a SHAKTI, love is also present. Love is the endless mysterious energy that comes from GOD and leads us towards Unity. When the force of measureless love manifests itself in the human, he gets to love the entire universe. For this reason, the woman in whom the state of SHAKTI awakens feels one with everything that exists and has a new life. In the being of a woman who has awakened the state of SHAKTI, love is the strongest force in the world. For a SHAKTI, love is life, love is the food of her being. For a woman who has awakened the state of SHAKTI, love is GOD the eternal.

19. By loving without measure the beings of opposite sex who deserve our love, transfiguring them, involving in amorous games with continence, it is very good to go to the end on the spiritual path on which all our sublime aspirations are fulfilled. Especially then, the woman becomes capable of materializing by means of her manifesting nature the divine aspirations of the man. In turn, the man resorts to the help of the woman’s colossal creative power and, in this way, he is catapulted into the divine light. When in the end they attain the glorious androgynous state, they go together and have equal forces. In an opposite case, if the woman does not ascend, then she destroys the man. In turn, if the man does not fully awaken within him the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father, then he loses her.

20. The plenary awakening of the SHAKTI state by a very large number of women will thus generate the appearance of the superior woman of the future on this planet.

21. In order to awaken the state of SHAKTI, the woman should be, amongst others, thirsty for freedom; she should courageously explore her mysteries and, being very attentive at what she discovers, she should not disperse herself.



An ancient folkloric proverb says: “Behind every famous man there always exists a great and strong woman”. In the case of the divine, heroic and perfectly continent men, like SHIVA or KRISHNA, it is well known that behind them there were a lot of extraordinary women, such as PARVATI or RADHA, who have completely awakened the state of SHAKTI with the help of their formidable masculine, virile power (VIRYA), which as one knows is one of the six legendary attributes of ISHVARA. For example, it is nowadays well known that one of the legendary achievements of the god KRISHNA was when he simultaneously made love with continence and transfiguration with the 10000 shepherd women among whom was RADHA (who subsequently became his famous lover). Concerning SHIVA, one also knows that he also had many lovers in whom he awakened the state of SHAKTI following the frantic amorous games that were always performed with continence and transfiguration.

The LINGAM that is worshipped in INDIA as a legendary symbol of SHIVA actually illustrates in a very clear and eloquent manner SHIVA’S STATE OF PERFECT CONTINENCE. The PERFECT AMOROUS CONTINENCE allows the one who attains it to amorously unite with his lover endlessly, without ejaculating. In this way, the man is endowed with an utterly extraordinary vitality, being able to make love with his worshipped woman for no matter how long, amorously satisfying her in a plenary and profound manner. All women are perfectly endowed in a native manner from God in order to practice amorous games with continence. Women can easily attain overwhelming states of ORGASM without DISCHARGE in which they can remain for hours in a row. When they have a LARGE EROTIC ENERGY and they frantically amorously fuse with a man who is perfectly continent, they can even attain EXTRAORDINARY STATES OF COSMIC ORGASM and even have the possibility of experiencing certain forms of DIVINE ECSTASY (SAMADHI). In this YOGA school, there are many exceptionally endowed women who have often attained such extraordinary amorous states that are in tight connection with what one calls SACRED MYSTICAL EROTICISM in the frame of the TANTRA system.

The path of the sacred eroticism allows the two lovers who make love only with continence, transfiguration and consecration to thus discover GOD. This is something natural and possible if we consider, before all, that GOD IS LOVE, AND WHERE THERE IS LOVE GOD IS ALSO PRESENT.


march 2008


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