The Sheep Syndrome

People are unhappy. Yes, but not enough to stop this tyranny! – “Well, I better behave otherwise I’m going to be punished.” – FEAR! – Fear leads to the Sheep Syndrome – that deep-deep social disease which besets us today. They keep to the narrative – “MUST” wear a mask – “MUST” keep the safe 2-meter distance – police enforced.

Today and during the last new “measures” – restrictions of freedom imposed by governments for reasons of “public health security”, i.e. preventing the spread of covid infections – have been tightened throughout Europe. Literally, these treacherous governments say, “we have to tighten the screws”. Seriously?

World Trade Forum – who do they think they are? Servants of the people who elected them and who pay them. This is high treason. But people take it without asking too many questions, some complaints but not strong enough… we are living in the midst of the Sheep Syndrome.

They – these supposedly people friendly governments – call them “measures”, a euphemism for lockdown – sounds better in the ears of a public tired of continuous and more and more repressions. This second, in some countries even third lockdown, includes further business closing, more sever control on home-office work, police-enhanced social distancing, mask wearing, no indoor group activities, only 5 people may meet in an apartment… and, and, and.

For example, there are about 75 studies – give or take a couple – about the uselessness and even dangers of mask wearing. They address especially the danger for children and young adults… i.e. students, but nobody, nobody in the bought-compromised and coerced, bribed – western governments pays any attention to them, nor does, of course, the presstitute mainstream media.

They also impose home office, knowing well that any serious psychologist and sociologist tells you how devastating this is for the individual – loneliness, lack of physical contact, encounter and interaction with colleagues – as well as for society as a whole. Without physical contact it breaks apart. This is of course all wanton – thus, all restaurant closings, all events where people gather and interchange, is forbidden.

People are unhappy. Yes, but not enough to stop this tyranny! – “Well, I better behave otherwise I’m going to be punished.” – FEAR! – Fear leads to the Sheep Syndrome – that deep-deep social disease which besets us today – and has done so for a while. It does a lot of harm not only to you, but also to the societal cohesion. People, we got to get out of it.

But, it seems, people are not yet tired enough to stand up in unison, screaming “enough is enough, we do not continue this government tyranny, we stop obeying”. And yes, to give the covered-tyranny more weight, more credibility, it has been formed a so-called Task Force (TF), a group of coopted “scientists”, especially established by the Powers that Be, to inform them what to do. It is an old method of a decision-making duality, when governments “have to”, or want to, take decisions that are not popular, they ask a specially designated “Task Force” for advice. However, the TF has been told and knows exactly what they have to “advise”. That’s a premeditated lie, for the best manipulation of public opinion.

In the UK and France new lockdown measures were imposed already for days, Austria and Switzerland announced them a couple of days ago – the EU as an entity – says nothing, does not coordinate, does not want to see that these lockdowns are not only destroying the individual nations’ economy, but they bring the entire EU to economic suicide. The EU is hamstrung by Washington and by NATO.

The new lockdowns – and possibly more are planned as more waves of covid are in the making – until everybody is vaxxed – and has his/her electromagnetic gel injected in their bodies with a DNA-altering substance. So now, they are totally controllable over time. And the time horizon set for total digitization of everything is 2030. AI and robot control of humans – making them into transhumans, that’s the goal for the UN Agenda 21-30. And the instrument to achieve it is the Bill Gates created Agenda ID2020.

Traditional and very effective medication against corona – proven for over 60 years for other infections and which were used successfully in China to beat the outbreak, and in Argentina, Bolivia, southern Peru – and elsewhere in the world, are now forbidden under fines for medical doctors who prescribe them and treat their patients with these medicines. Can you imagine!

So, no healing, only when you are vaxxed. There are clearly not only billions of dollars of profits for the pharmas behind this stint, this constantly propagated, to the point of being forced upon the people, vaccines, especially the western brands that are untested but are scientifically known to interfere with the human DNA.

More lockdowns are killing more small businesses, shops, and restaurants. Creating more hardship of small business owner, more bankruptcies, more misery for the people and their families, losing their jobs. Just imagine – home-teaching, a family of 4, both parents work, the kids have to have each one a reasonably powerful computer/laptop to be able to connect to the school teacher – the kids is necessary to have reasonable computer skills to manage home-learning, and the parents, even if they have time, do they all have the reasonable computer skills to help their kids? Does every family in the already much covid-hardship affected society have the resources to spare the money for buying the needed electronic gear for the kids?

It is a disaster. Again, a wanton disaster. Because it will result in less or non-educated children in the west – non-educated kids will become easier manipulable adults – well, they are expected to fall – in lockstep – into their parents Sheep Syndrome. – Or will they? – That’s where dynamics may not meet linear elite thinking and expectations.

Now, this is happening in the Global North. Imagine how it is in the Global South, where increasing poverty, misery and famine is ravaging entire societies. Often times, more than two thirds of a country’s population is poor and many of them at or below the poverty line. How will these kids be distance-taught? – They simply won’t.

So, we have a situation where the Global South produces uneducated kids, because they simply don’t go to school. Most of them will remain poor, they will be the perfect laborers for the elite – or cannon fooder for the wars the rich nations have to (or want to) fight to satisfy their greed. Never forget, wars are profitable. But foremost because of the Globalists sociopathic thirst for more and more power and money.

Listening and talking to people in the street and to small business owners – they are all upset, and many of them say they may not survive, may never reopen, despite the subsidy they receive form governments. In Switzerland, the head of “Gastronomie Suisse” said with another lockdown, up to 50% of restaurants may not survive. Similar figures have been mentioned in Germany, Austria and France – and surely the situation is likewise devastating elsewhere too.

We are talking predominantly for the west. The situation in the East, Russia and China and their allies in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is different, in as much as they have a much more people-friendly approach to covid-eradication.

In the west, in some cases, people’s entire lifesaving, their life achievements, their family businesses, are killed for the sake of a useless and purely oppressive rule. The purpose of this rule is not to stamp out a disease, but covid is a means to instill fear and make people compliant, for worse times to come. Because whatever anyone may think that in the summer of 2021, or next year, 2022, societies will get back to normal – they will not. Never. If people let them do what they are doing now.

This small Globalist Cabal, via its ultra-rich handlers – billionaires with two and three digits, from the Silicon Valley – does not only have the power to censoring whoever is against the Matrix, but they were all censuring in unison the President of the United States. What does that say about a country, or about a society we live in, a society that calls itself “democratic”?

No matter how much people liked or disliked Trump, doesn’t it occur to think that this was the embodiment of freedom of speech that was / is taken away from them? – But again, people do nothing. Just watch and complain, but do nothing. People let it happen.

Wouldn’t this be a golden opportunity to block and boycott all social media platforms? Period. – Just to live without them. Some 20, 30 years ago people didn’t even know that they existed, and even less so to what extent they will be hooked on them.

As long as people can still think independently, it’s the time to cut themselves loose from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what all their names are – never use them anymore. People should get back to regular human-to-human communications, dialogues, meeting each other, calling on the phone, landline if possible. Yes, it’s serious.

Think about the consequences of following this trend of no free speech, but a steady increase in AI-ization by algorithms that are precisely using the data every human being gives them on the social platform to further enslave him; by ever more robotization and digitization – to the point when people don’t even realize that their brains have been wired and “hacked” by DARPA-developed super-computers.

People will believe and follow orders they are directly implanted by such super-computers, managed, guess by whom – by the Globalist Cabal – at which point people have irreversibly become the personification of the Sheep Syndrome. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is an advanced research and technology branch of the Pentagon. Does anyone want that? We doubt it.

People have to find a way to act now. There is no solution right now. But maybe collectively connecting with each other spiritually, perhaps meditation – it can be found a solution, or make a solution emerge.

That would be the noble way – transforming an utterly abusive environment with the power of conscientiousness and of spiritual thinking; emitting high-vibrating energies that influence our collective destiny. But is necessary to believe in it and in ourselves as a solid and solidary collectivity.

If people fail as humans to claim back their human and civil rights and preserve them, eventually Mother Earth will clean herself. She will clean out the inhuman swamp. Maybe it needs one or two huge and lasting cataclysms; a massive earthquake with a disastrous tsunami, a gigantic eruption of one or several volcanos, darkening the sky for weeks, or a monster hurricane or ice storm that destroys and paralyzes parts of civilization, or a huge solar explosion, knocking out the world’s electric and electronic grid – ending digitization of everything on the spot. All this might be much worse than what covid, or its inventors, ever did.

After such a cataclysm, much of humanity will start by necessity from scratch – from near-to-zero, and certainly without digitization – but with the no lost freedom, to start afresh and develop freely and sovereignly according to their needs.

For decades the Global Cabal has showered people with self-aggrandizing lies, with promises of comfort, of well-being, but with the notion that competition rather than cooperation will be the salvation. These well-thought-out lies led to a society of egocentric psychopaths – not only, but enough to influence the trend of society, of our dystopian lives.

People have gradually acquiesced in LOCKSTEP to a move of societal, even civilizational destruction, from where there is no return.

Let’s work ourselves out of the Sheep Syndrome – NOW.

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