The US Dairy and Eggs Supply May Soon be Widely Contaminated with mRNA Proteins From Biotech “Vaccines”

There’s soon going to be another reason to either choose vegan food options or get your dairy from local, trusted sources: mRNA vaccines are about to be heavily implemented across the dairy and eggs industry, with cattle, chickens, goats and sheep targeted for regular mRNA injections.

As we’ve seen with human beings, mRNA injections can:

  • Circulate throughout the entire body and end up in blood and organs.
  • Cause the body to produce toxic proteins which can cause toxic effects.
  • Clog arteries and end up killing or harming people from strokes or heart attacks.
  • Alter chromosomes and cause permanent genetic changes to the organism.

Hypodermic needles, it turns out, aren’t the only way these mRNA instructions can be introduced into the human body. They can also be swallowed, or they can enter through skin contact. Merely handling raw dairy or eggs contaminated with mRNA products is likely the equivalent to being exposed to “shedding” from vaccine recipients. And even though stomach acid likely destroys mRNA sequences, there is absorption that takes place in the mouth, under the tongue, which is why many medications and supplements — including CBD oils and zinc — are often best absorbed under the tongue rather than being swallowed.

Thus, merely introducing mRNA-vaccinated animal products into your mouth, if not fully cooked, may expose you to a kind of “food shedding” of mRNA products that can be absorbed into your blood and circulated throughout your body. This can include proteins which are alien to the human body.

Pfizer, Bayer and other pharma giants have already announced mRNA vaccines for meat animals

As Dr. Robert Malone revealed in a recent article, Big Pharma giants began announcing mRNA vaccines for animals as early as 2016. From his story:

It’s clear that the ranch animal industry is about to be overtaken by mRNA vaccines, which will likely kill a shocking number of ranch animals (and promote increasing infertility) as well as contaminate the dairy and eggs supply with mRNA artifacts such as spike proteins. Consider this a kind of “ranch animal depopulation” agenda to eliminate them and force people onto mealworms and crickets.

Soon, if you eat conventional animal products such as butter, yoghurt, milk, cheese, eggs, you will be eating the biotech production results of mRNA mass “vaccination”.

If you eat dairy and eggs, know where they come from

From here forward, should you choose to eat dairy products or eggs, know where they come from. If they come from factory animal operations, it’s almost certain to soon be contaminated with mRNA biotechnology.

Although still an assumption, it is possible that high heat cooking might destroy some delicate proteins generated by mRNA biotech. For this reason, make sure you avoid eating raw dairy products or eggs. However, it is not known yet for sure that cooking destroys spike proteins.

If you eat dairy and eggs, make an effort to find local providers who follow more holistic, natural practices such as avoiding mRNA injections for their herds and birds. Support local farming and you’ll have a supply line of cleaner food. Always choose products from animals raised with non-GMO, organic feed if possible.

Who could eat mealworms and “beetle burgers” to appease the globalists?

It seems obvious that globalists are trying to both contaminate the animal products supply and wipe it out over time, replacing in people’s diets dairy and eggs proteins with grubs, mealworms, crickets and black soldier fly larvae, among other creatures. Doesn’t this look like a delicious lunch? Soon, this is what the impoverished masses will be offered as a protein source:

Meanwhile, no doubt, globalists will enjoy eco eggs with premium cheese for breakfast on their private jets, while they nibble on non-GMO organic salads, because they know clean food promotes longevity.


February 4, 2023


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