The way to have a good day: the warm water cure with lemon and honey

by Crenguța Roșu

Sages say that the secret for a successful day is the morning. The first things that you do at dawn, after waking up, will give you the required energy or the good start for that day.

A simple and very effective method for having a successful day is to drink every morning, on an empty stomach, an energizing mixture of warm water with lemon and honey. This simple drink will give you the energy that you need to begin your activity, without forcing the organism to jump back into its daytime rhythm which has been slowed down during sleep. You will immediately feel energized, reinvigorated, filled with liveliness and freshness. In addition, this mixture has many therapeutic effects.

Preparing this simple, but surprisingly efficient drink will only take you a couple of minutes: you mix up 200 ml of warm spring water with the juice of half a lemon and a tea spoon of natural honey. After drinking it, you have to refrain from drinking or eating anything for an hour, in order to benefit from all its therapeutic virtues.

A few good advice:

• It is important that the temperature of the body is close to the temperature of your body. While cold water can be a shock for the organism, hot water will destroy the beneficial enzymes of the lemon.

• You should use a fresh lemon that you crush right then and there. Use the pulp as well.

Here are the effects that you can fully benefit from while on this cure:

1. You will become more cheerful and energetic

The three components of the mixture are working in synergy, determining the occurrence of a state of invigoration and freshness. Natural honey acts as an immediate energetic. The water will help you invigorate your mind and thoughts and increase the blood flow to your brain. And the relaxing and clearing qualities of the lemon’s scent will help you improve your overall state of wellness.

2. Greatly improving digestion

This trio will almost instantaneously balance your digestion.
Even though we might be inclined to believe otherwise, lemon decreases the acid from your stomach, contributing to the improvement of the digestion process.In addition, there are a few components from the lemon which are stimulating the liver’s bile production, and the citric acid stimulates the digestive system and contributes to the disposal of toxins.

Thanks to its anti-bacteria properties, honey stops the proliferation of microbes in the digestive tract and fights off the potential infections that might occur in the organism. It also stimulates the production of intestinal mucus, also favoring the discharge of toxins from the body.

3. Cleaning the stomach, and improving the functioning of the colon

Due to unhealthy and unbalanced foods, there are many toxins that are usually accumulating at the level of the digestive tract.
Many times, the stomach and intestines are coated with a layer of undigested food residues, dead cells and bacteria, and this can be the cause for many illnesses. Through the use of lemon and honey with warm water, the walls of the intestines – especially from the colon – are stimulated to eliminate toxins. This cleaning up will lead to a better absorption of nutrients and an optimal level of hydrating the body.

4. Fighting off constipation

This mixture of water, lemon and honey, is a very effective remedy against constipation.

While stimulating the intestinal peristalsis, it facilitates the movement of food residues  resulted from the digestion process; it intensifies the production of intestinal mucus; it hydrates the colon and moistens the residues that are present here and haven’t been eliminated yet. All these aspects are leading to a natural bowel movement.

5. Cleaning and hydrating the lymphatic system

Dehydration causes a cumbersome circulation of the lymph, exposing the organism to illness.
The lack of fluids in the lymphatic system might make you feel tired, with no efficiency, it causes constipation, uncomfortable and irregular sleep, hypertension and hypo-tension, stress, and a malicious functioning of the brain. If you will start to drink a glass of warm water with lemon and honey every morning, you will ensure that the entire lymphatic system is properly hydrated, and you will be able to eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms we mentioned earlier.
In addition, this mixture also stimulates the improvement of the immune system.

6. Having a diuretic effect and cleaning the urinary tract

Honey is a powerful anti-bacteria agent, which has the ability of fighting off many types of infections and lemons and water have a diuretic effect. Combining these three ingredients has a notable purifying effect and it also cleans the urinary tract. This is an excellent remedy against urinary infections. Particularly, women will obtain results in preventing recurring infections.

7. Excellent oral health

The citric acid in the lemon combined with the natural properties of the honey and water help get rid of the unpleasant breath.

Lemon can clean up the oral cavity, activate the saliva glands and annihilate the harmful bacteria. Mixed with water and honey, it can effectively get rid of bacteria and potential small degraded food parts that can still remain in the mouth since the night before, even after brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth.

8. Balancing body weight

Next to the digestive tract cleaning and digestion improving effects, which are contributing to the balancing of the body weight, lemon contains a substance called pectin which confers the feeling of satiety and keeps cravings under control. Warm water, lemon and honey will create and alkaline environment in your stomach, helping you lose weight quicker but healthier, at the same time.

9. A fresh complexion

Water and honey have unique restoring and anti-bacteria skin protection properties.

In addition, they can catalyze the production of collagen. On the other hand, lemon cleans and purifies blood, giving you a fresh and bright complexion.

10. A cure for cough, bronchitis, asthma

The mixture of honey and lemon acts as an expectorant, helping eliminate excess mucus and purulent secretions at the level of the breathing tract. It is extremely efficient in calming down coughs, fighting off nasal and pulmonary congestion. Honey can soothe a sore throat and inhibit the proliferation of bacteria.

11. Lesions and bug bytes can be treated effectively

If you have some lesions or infections on your skin, it will be really helpful for you to drink warm water with lemon and honey regularly. Both honey and lemon are natural antiseptics that can treat minor injuries, prevent infections and can increase the efficiency of anti-bacteria treatments. Through its increased content of higher sugars, honey can annihilate micro-organisms, while lemon can stop the cultivation of bacteria.

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