Top 7 lies about health and safety over 200 million Americans believe today

As an American, no matter how smart you are, you’ve been brainwashed since you were a child to believe that the human immune system is very frail, from birth to death, and that you need at least 75 vaccines just to stay alive. As an American, you have been brainwashed to believe that any ailment, sickness, disorder or disease you may suffer from can only be treated (but never healed) by chemical medicine created in a laboratory and prescribed by someone who went to medical school for eight years to learn how to write down your “specialized” order.

You are also brainwashed to believe that you need to consume meat, milk and bread every day in order to fulfill “recommended daily allowances” for your body to function. These are the basis of the biggest lies perpetuated in a country where investors invest in your severe lack of knowledge about food, medicine and vaccines.

Nearly every grocery store and supermarket is chock full of contaminated, processed, chemical-laden, pathogen-plighted “food stuff” that’s made cheap and made to make you sick, slowly over time. Natural health advocates know this, but the rest of the population of consumers, about 200 million people or more, have no clue. Plus, American regulatory agencies, including the EPA, FDA and CDC, are “all in” on the bad health “Ponzi” scheme, and they invest in your demise also, should you be so naïve and uninformed.

How many of these top 7 lies about health and safety do your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers believe?

LIE #1: The FDA and CDC try to keep Americans from dying from food and diseases.

LIE #2: You need vaccines to have any chance of surviving the measles, the yearly flu, plus Covid-19 and its variants.

LIE #3: There’s nothing wrong with conventional food, as long as you don’t eat too much of it.

LIE #4: Prescription medications help you heal from sicknesses and body ailments, prolonging life.

LIE #5: When you “get old” you lose your memory, your body breaks down, and you need lots of medications and operations just to stay alive and function.

LIE #6: All germs and bacteria are bad and we must protect ourselves all day by using masks, antibacterial products, bleach and chemical disinfectants constantly to stay healthy.

LIE # 7: Google, Alexa and Wikipedia are good ways to look up health topics because they have fact checkers.

Most medical doctors make their fortune by telling you that all of your health problems are “genetic” and “inherited from your parents and grandparents,” that way you will accept all forms of medicine they recommend and prescribe, including toxic chemotherapy and dangerous diagnostic testing.

The worst and most dangerous “treatments” offered are vaccines, because they are injections of toxins and genetic manipulators that bypass all the normal filters your body has, including your skin, your digestive system and your respiratory tract.

Now, technology mixed with insidious inoculations has produced humans who can be controlled by pharma. How, you ask? Watch this video below and you can begin to understand what’s really going on with vaccines right now, in America.

Are you part of the “internet of everything?”

Did you get an mRNA jab from Moderna or Pfizer? Your body may now be communicating with everything from cell phones to computers to police stations with data about your vital signs, emotions and whether or not you are lying about something. You may already, thanks to nanotechnology in those vaccines, be plugged into the “internet of everything.”

Will you be arrested for “thought crimes” that came into your head but that you never committed? Watch this informative video where a doctor from Georgia is blowing the whistle, and she is very informed about vaccine “technology.”

The Danger of Vaccine…


January 17, 2022


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