Virusomania and covidophobia

Imagine the world in 2050: the average age of the inhabitants of the earth is 30 to 35 years, the life expectancy is 50 to 55 years. No excesses, peace and grace. Every average inhabitant conscientiously performs the work entrusted to him and strives to go home quickly, where he, dissociating himself from everything around him, lives in a special world created by his delirium and hallucinations into the world of phantasmagoria.

If on the street you meet a 30 or 40-year-old man riding on a stick, then you should know that he saves the world. And this is not surprising, there is no one with anyone, and there is no need to share an impression with someone, to talk, each of the inhabitants of the remaining billion has his own world, where the fulfillment of their wildest desires, the implementation of the most incredible salvation is played out in front of them.

The world of autism, slowly turning, by the age of 40, into Alzheimer’s disease. An ideal society, there are no old and elderly residents who could convey the life experience or age-old aspirations of Homo sapiens. One undemanding youth, eagles, boy scouts, from which you can mold the “lords of the world.” For whom any form of government would be ideal.

We are realists and while we enjoy intellectual activity, we can trace how the world will be reborn. At this moment we are experiencing a turning point in the history of civilization. As Said Qureshi, Ph.D., put it: “The disastrous social and economic consequences of the response of the health authorities to the fight against the pandemic and the predicted mortality are now well known. The dissemination and campaigns to fuel fear in the community have been intense and continuous, all in the name of public health and safety.

The authorities continue their draconian measures, listening to the advice of medical specialists and experts, covered with slogans of adherence to scientific principles and practice. It seems that the current media efforts to find the source of the virus are not about public health policies or benefits, but to distract attention from the fake story of the virus. News or debates about the origin of the virus indirectly support the belief that the virus exists. However, science does not provide evidence for the existence or presence of the virus.”

The stakeholder already offers us tens of thousands of alleged new strains “discovered” around the world since last winter. In fact, the GISAID virus databank currently lists over 452,000 different genetic sequences that claim to be a variant of SARS-Cov2. So, to say that “new strains” suddenly appeared is nonsense, even from an orthodox point of view, because from that point of view, viruses constantly mutate.

And the propaganda that new strains have been found only heightens fear in society. Russian-French biologist I.I. Mechnikov, who worked at the Koch Institute, formulated a rule: “For the initiation of an epidemic, a microbe and an environment where it multiplies are necessary.” If we have two constants: an epidemic and an environment – a human organism, where it can reproduce, which we do not observe, then a virus (microbe) has no biological properties, a pathogen is of artificial origin.

Here we come to the solution to our puzzle, which is hidden in a series of hoaxes. Although the pathogens that cause this disease “covid-19” surround you, we are surrounded by them – this is the product of our civilization. While these medical events are certainly among the many pieces, the largest piece of the puzzle is still completely hidden and unrecognized, a common event for most of the scientific community.

The US military, in the process of developing and testing climate weapons technologies like HAARP, SBX radar, NEXRAD and others, sprayed several million tons of highly toxic nanoparticles into the upper atmosphere, including, but not limited to, aluminum oxide, barium and strontium. Thousands of scientists do NOT notice that 20 million tons of toxic aluminum oxides, barium nitrate, strontium and other toxic halides were added to the atmosphere by the military every year.

In an apparent attempt to hide this unfolding reality from the public for as long as possible, a federal “silence order” was imposed on all National Meteorological Services staff. These airborne sprays of toxic heavy metals and chemical elements (associated with climate engineering programs) were carried out by the governments without the knowledge or consent of its population.

In accordance with the law of universal gravity, such toxic and hazardous dispersions descend along with precipitation and wind currents, polluting our air, soil and water. As a result of climatic influences, toxic substances are widely spread over all populated areas, over the entire surface of the soil, from where they get not only into the respiratory system, but also into food, being present, more precisely accompanying every movement of a person, every gesture.

Most of this airborne particulate matter is composed of aluminum and barium, which creates incendiary dust that covers foliage and structures (which also contributes to the ferocity of firestorms, especially foliage, as evidenced by American firefighters in California). The project, called SCoPEx, is funded by private investors, including Bill Gates, writes the Giantfreakinrobot portal. He, according to the plan of the UN, is intended to create an umbrella to reflect the sun’s rays in the fight against global warming.

This is for the gullible reader. The first main target is the main component of climate weapons. By heating with radio radiation using HAARP or NEXRAD, metal nanoparticles that rush up in the cold layers of the atmosphere, creating a cyclone, a low pressure zone, or at another temperature, the nanoparticles cause air to expand, and thus they can create a high pressure zone that they use to control winds and even reactive streams. In this way, they can trigger a cyclone or hurricane, control these storm fronts and send them to the site for whatever purposes they are currently planning.

The main purpose of climate weapons is to control agricultural activities of various countries, regulate crops, causing drought or floods. In pursuit of the goal of controlling agricultural products, it also caused the largest negative effect, namely, the spread of toxic metal nanoparticles in the air near the Earth. Aware of the side effect of test results, climate weapons, the technocrats decided to use the disaster to further profit by injecting vaccines, further treating newly discovered diseases, and increasing pharmaceutical sales. The anatomical structure of the respiratory system is designed so that inhaled solid particles over 10 microns are retained on the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, from where it is then removed by mucus.

According to Lehman, from 10 to 70% of all inhaled dust or small particles is retained on the nasal mucosa. According to Drinker, only 30%. But the greatest danger is posed by dust grains with a diameter of 1 – 2 microns – it is these fractions that are worst removed by the cleansing mucociliary system of the respiratory system. In this case, we have toxic metals from 10 to 40 nanometers, which is a thousand times less than a micron, from which no gauze bandage will save.

Forcing to wear a bandage betrays that they (technocrats) knew where the infection was coming from and decided to play it safe. The toxicity of aluminum has been confirmed in numerous studies, most of them linking the emergence of autism with vaccinations. According to Japanese doctors until 2000, autism in Japan and South. Korea had isolated cases, which cannot be said about modern statistics. It is interesting to note that in the United States, where residents are less obsessed with vaccinations than in Japan and Korea, this is due to national characteristics, just as Central Asians are susceptible to alcohol. But the statistics flatten the chart when you consider that seven out of ten people in the United States are not eligible for conscription.

Aluminum was discovered a little more than 150 years ago, but the 20th century brought aluminum as a “winged metal” to the leaders in production and the first studies on the harm were noted in encyclopedias: “The introduction of aluminum into the blood or under the skin has a paralyzing effect on the central nervous system and heart … Under the influence of Aluminum, the root system of plants is deformed and ceases to develop, phosphate nutrition is disturbed, and photosynthesis decreases.”

At the end of the 20th century, the background of aluminum in the air was 7 micrograms per cubic meter of air. At a concentration of 7 grams per cubic meter, it is an explosive mixture. Where is the latest data? Who is doing? And the spraying of toxic aluminum continues, without your opinion and consent, and can reach a critical threshold when … an explosion will shake the earth and instantly burn up all the oxygen.

All about the toxicity and dangers of aluminum to humans can be found in the book by Professor Christopher Exley “Aluminum and Medicine”. Recently, Arjun Valia, on the collectiveevolution website, announced that the University of Keele (Exley’s employer) had terminated the practice and further research of Christopher Exley, the world’s leading expert on aluminum toxicology. Hundreds of scientists expressed their outrage, got together and recently wrote a letter of support.

It is pertinent to recall here: “It is necessary to ask the question why in the occipital lobe of the brain of a 15-year-old boy suffering from autism, aluminum is contained in such a concentration, which is at least 10 times higher than conventionally acceptable for a mature adult?” Says Christopher Exley, Ph.D., professor of bioorganic chemistry and author of this study. Another groundbreaking study by Exley and his collaborators, published earlier this year, found an equally high concentration of aluminum in the brains of people who died of hereditary Alzheimer’s.

The superstitious and, ironically, unfounded belief in the infallibility of vaccines speaks volumes to the irresponsibility of healthcare. The “Scientific Center for the Expertise of Medicinal Products” of the Ministry of Health of Russia in its “General characteristics of adjuvants and their mechanism of action” reports: “The most common adjuvants are aluminum compounds, which have been used in vaccines for over 90 years and are included in 146 registered vaccines against many infections around the world. Aluminum compounds, depending on the type (aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, aluminum-potassium alum), are characterized by different physicochemical properties, which play an important role in their immunomodulatory action …

… The most commonly used adjuvant chemical is aluminum hydroxide. However, in spite of its wide distribution and numerous studies on the study of the mechanisms of its adjuvant action, this issue has not been fully studied”!

Not studied! But we apply! The famous Albert Einstein left a wonderful phrase: “We cannot solve our problems at the same level of thinking that created them.” If he had thought at the level of a 15th century inquisitor, he would not have approached his “theory of relativity.

So it turns out in US – 90 years ago aluminum compounds began to be used, this is the time when the “theory of the microbe” prevailed in medicine, this is the time when pharmaceuticals were headed by millionaires led by John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, who killed natural medicine and created Great pharmaceutical empire of drugs today!

The pandemic was used to replace our inalienable human rights with a compulsory obligation to obey public health orders. Public health has become a whip in the hands of the administration for the useless vaccination. Initially deceiving the public that the “emergency measures” would be temporary, then further behavior change was used to force people to abide by an expanding list of totalitarian rules.

The aim was to induce people to passively accept the dictatorship of the state renamed the “new norm.” So far, most people have been scared enough to humbly accept their enslavement. What is occurring is not even considered insanity. This is a worldwide diabolical act of epic proportions, which has never occurred in recent history.

The critical question is this: Did any government really serve the people during the pandemic, or have them turned into repressive forces that demonstrates the existing inequality of power between ordinary people, corporate states and billionaires and oligarchs who claim to rule in the public interest?

It is a portal, a gateway between one world and another.


November 30, 2021


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