What do Ethiopia, Ukraine and Marxism have in common?

In mid-February, the World Health Organisation (WHO) convened an emergency meeting, just a day after Equatorial Guinea, in West Africa, confirmed its first-ever outbreak of the Marburg virus disease. The emergency meeting was to discuss whether to test one of several Marburg vaccines and treatments in development during this outbreak.

Journalist John Ward explained how the recent outbreak of Marburg, the US Department of Defence contractor Metabiota, the falsified 2009 swine flu pandemic, UK’s infamous modeller Neil Ferguson and WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus all fit into the global plan.

The SARS-Cov-2 bio-weaponised war was a draw. But Biden, Pentagon biotech and WHO are coming back for more,” he wrote.

The following are edited excerpts from an article “Ethiopian political genocide, Ukrainian Biolabs & a trail all the way back to Marxists at the core of Covid-19” written by John Ward and published on 20 February 2023.

If ever you needed evidence that Joe Biden is being worked from behind because of the emptiness in his head, as of 18 February you have everything you need to bring an Impeachment on the grounds of incapacity combined with criminal corruption.

What Sleepy Joe has done is, effectively, sign up to the World Health Organisation’s power-play demand for global power to dictate health policy and overrule every nation State on the planet.

The week of 13-19 February as a whole was a disastrous one for liberty.

In Guinea, there was an outbreak of Marburg virus, and so the World Health Organisation (WHO) of course piled in with “deadly virus, 88% death rate horror,” adding to the drama of a small outbreak in Ghana. The Marburg infection has a kill rate of 100%: that’s because one (1) person contracted it and died.

Truth is, Marburg is pretty deadly, but it’s very hard to contract.

Whether the oddities at Metabiota will get involved or not is as yet unclear, but the last time something like this happened a few years ago, the company – which partners with a reluctant WHO – did take a lead role and didn’t entirely cover themselves in glory. Opinions differ as to whether their previous intervention was malign or just simple incompetence.

Metabiota is partly funded and run by the Pentagon. American files on the outfit reveal a rather clumsy attempt to hide this reality:

It’s just Nathan Wolfe and five fuzzy folks. Allegedly. Or maybe it isn’t. This is the officially listed contract that Metabiota has with the military. It began in 2014 with a $5m budget, and continues today at more than $35m:

Now you might think that this is all a tad tenuous until the word “Ukraine” starts popping up all over the place. On 7 July last year, the Russian Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops commander Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov accused the US of using Metabiota “for non-transparent missions” against troops in Ukraine.

Nathan Wolfe (Metabiota), on the hunt for new viruses

This is a direct contradiction of the US Department of Defence (DoD) contract, which tells us Metabiota provides varietal services except forbiotechnology, which is nonsense. It’s a classic case of “protection” being used as a non-military phrase to disguise its real purpose: to develop weapons. The clincher, as so often, is the name Hunter Biden, son of the transtech POTUS.

“……. in Ukraine. The Pentagon’s key contractor was Metabiota, which received money from an investment fund, owned by US President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Obtained materials prove that his company is only a cover for tasks, questionable from the standpoint of international law, being used by US political elites for non-transparent financial operations in various parts of the world,” Kirillov said during a briefing on the papers regarding US military biological operations in Ukraine.

As to the lack of glory associated with Metabiota’s African capers, we should be very scared indeed when even WHO thinks the Pentagon/Biden connection is dodgy:

Allegedly, Metabiota employees violated manipulation procedures during the treatment of patients and covered up facts of the involvement of the Pentagon employees, who used this company as cover. WHO Ebola coordinator Philippe Barboza confided to staff that the Metabiota goal was to extract highly virulent strains from patients and the deceased, and to export these strains to the US. Barboza recommended to recall the company’s staff, officially noting that he was “extremely concerned over potential risks of such cooperation for WHO’s reputation.”

Or put another way, the military guys as usual were sloppy, gung-ho and arrogant. And the last aspect WHO’s ethereal CEO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wants is for lots of people waking up to his organisation’s murky aims.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

First elected to the post in 2017, in May 2022 Ghebreyesus was re-elected to serve a second five-year term. Ethiopian by birth, he is something of a controversial figure, but the more generally corrupt nature of the World Health Organisation goes back much further. In 2010, the medical site All About asserted that the H1N1 outbreak is “one of the largest medical scandals of this century. The so-called pandemic is a setup of a few giant drug companies and the World Health Organisation.” This was based on a view expressed by German epidemiologist and head of health at WHO Wolfgang Wodarg, who alleged that WHO “has softened the definition of a pandemic because scientists asked for it and that giant drug companies were able to cash in on sealed contracts for vaccines. As a result, millions of Euros have been wasted on vaccination campaigns and in agriculture, thousands of animals found positive with the H1N1 virus were destroyed.”

And so, the pendulum in the pit of iniquity finally swings full circle to flush out our old friend Neil Ferguson, the man who produced the report that cost UK agriculture £25 billion, and yet somehow this was seen as the perfect qualification for him to produce alarmist stories about Sars2 Cov19 and bring the UK close to bankruptcy via lockdown – a measure later revealed to have absolutely no track record whatsoever as an effective viral containment mechanism.

Neil Ferguson

Ferguson’s politics are hard-left. He has close links to both Vietnam and Beijing. Yet we still don’t know which Sir Humphrey in Whitehall approved his appointment. Isn’t it about time we did?

As for the WHO Head Honcho himself, this is what he said about the covid delta variant in autumn 2020:

The delta variant is ripping around the world at a scorching pace – present in over 100 countries – and driving a new spike in #covid19 cases & death. We are experiencing a worsening public health emergency that further threatens lives, livelihoods and global economic recovery.”

Purporting to be a serious update from a very senior public health official, this ludicrously alarmist statement was an outrageous disgrace. It looks and sounds like exactly what it was – an attempt to pump more fear into the lagging fortunes of the pandemic that never was. By the following spring, the variant had burnt itself out and been replaced by yet another “mutation” omicron which also rose without trace.

It was actually this statement that finally convinced me just over two years ago that the aim here was to sell pharmaceutical products, not cure sick people. I’ve seen nothing since then to change my opinion, but a ton of proof to support my continuing observation that all the behaviours of the main players support my suspicions.

The Party WHO’s boss openly supports is the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a Communist ethnic nationalist paramilitary group designated as a terrorist organisation by the Ethiopian government, with a foul history of atrocities against females including pregnant women and young girls, to rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, sexual mutilation, and other forms of sexual torture.

So then, covid believers and bioweapon deniers, would you trust Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to cure your daughter, and do you think he is a sound and proper person to head the WHO? Do you?

He’s been a TPLF member since 2001. In 2020, the Observer Research Foundation had this to say about Tedros:

Ghebreyesus personifies the erosion in impartiality and rectitude expected from such a storied body. The TPLF represents only 6% constituent of the population of Ethiopia, but hold much political power. Public alarms went off in 2017 when Tedros, soon after he was appointed the WHO chief, appointed Robert Mugabe, the much-maligned former Zimbabwean president, as a goodwill ambassador to the WHO.

Earlier, strong allegations emerged of the TPLF engaging in ‘systematic discrimination and human rights abuses’ by refusing emergency healthcare to the Amhara ethnic group because of their affiliation with the opposition party. In 2010, Human Rights Watch wrote a report on how aid in the form of food and fertiliser was withheld from local Amhara villagers. These allegations started gaining credence further as birth rates were recorded to be significantly lower in the Amhara region compared to other regions and two million Amhara people disappeared from the subsequent population census.”

Hmm. Still trust him to jab your kids?

It was never going to be easy to unravel the bizarre mélange of motives behind the deranged spectrum of political, extreme quasi-Green, neo-Nazi, Biden family and military goforits involved in what we can now regard as an undeclared war on humanity by the NWO fanatics. Suffice to say that, many of us have been churning out reams of data for nearly three years, and it tends to bounce off the force fields built into the wiring of the lalalalalalalalalalaaah brigade.

But the closer we get to telling accountability and proof of unspeakable lies, the more intelligent people will have to face the answers to, for example, these questions:

  • Why the Marxism?
  • Why the fear?
  • Why the encouragement of fearmongers?
  • Why the military lies?
  • Why the steady ascent of extremists?
  • Why the easy collaboration of legislators?
  • Why the constant drive towards techno-surveillance?

Those last two queries I still suspect could be the low-hanging fruit we need, because first of all, Boris (Johnson, former UK prime-minister) is an early player whose amoral acceptance of spondoolicks is close to being autonomic – his greed is matched only by Hunter Biden; and second, the bank-connected Military Intelligence power freak Sir Mark Sedwill has been pulling the marionette security strings from Day 1. He is in the same order of fanatical EU-NATO nutjob as Gates so obviously is when it comes to depopulation.

Bottom line: Boris, Bidens, national security and EU-NATO. Follow the moneyed depravity.

Author: John Ward


April 9, 2023


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