Wi-Fi Is Killing Children (2)


There is NO OPTION on this. You must boycott ALL cellular and wireless technology, including on phones and laptops.

Wi-Fi Report – Humanity at the Brink

By Dr. Barrie Trower
(Aug. 24, 2013)

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The Very Sad Truth

I have been very honoured to address approximately 40 royals, governments, leaders of governments, leaders of peoples and government officials over the years.
My address (text) to one king concerning the numbers of ill children was placed on the internet.

I referenced over 200 cancer / leukaemia clusters in schools (up to the time of data collection) from low level microwave transmitters in schools. There were many different types of cancers, leukaemia, miscarriages and breast cancers of staff. These continue, mostly only recorded locally, to this day.

When this was discussed in the English Parliament (as one of the EU Countries involved), a Minister dismissed it and lied to the House of Commons. My request to prove this lie was denied.

Possibly, the most respected children’s charity in the world, UNICEF, joined forces with the world’s leading authority on the effects of harm from low-level microwave irradiation:

The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, in their research document Health Effect on Children and Teenagers found:
– 85% increase in central nervous system disorders;
– 36% increase in epilepsy;
– 11% increase in mental retardation;
– 82% increase in blood immune disorders and risk to foetus.

The reader may think that the cell phone irradiation is different from Wi-Fi, as it has more power. In fact Wi-Fi can be more harmful because of its lower power! Low power can enter the body even more easily and cause harm. All electromagnetic waves are accumulative. If they are below the body’s threshold to cause activation of the necessary proteins required to defend and repair tissues, the damage accumulates very slowly and is undetectable like a cancer. Think of sunbathing on a cloudy day, you can still burn your skin.

The Good Guys

I have a list of nine countries (some of whom I am working with) who are actively, either taking Wi-Fi out of schools or in the legal argument-stage of this process. I decline to publically name these countries as my actions may interfere with their legal negotiations.

The Parliamentary Assembly (Assemblee Parlimentaire) of the Council of Europe Document 12608, published on 6.5.2011 in section 8.3.2. states: “…ban all mobile phones, DECT phones or Wi-Fi or WLAN systems from classrooms and schools.”
For legal reasons this had to be changed to a “wired system is preferred”. However, the meaning is clear.

In a translated document, Professor Yuri Grigoriev of the Russian Committee for Non Ionizing Radiation Protection wrote on 19.6.2012: “recommend the use of wired networks and not networks using the wireless broadband access systems, including Wi-Fi, in schools and educational establishments.”

A document dated 25.3.2013 (updated from 19.3.2013) by the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Unified School District with the following recommendation: “do not add to the burden of public health by installing blanket wireless internet connections in Los Angeles Schools.”

Just prior to this in December 2012 the American Academy of Pediatrics (representing 60,000 Paediatricians) wrote to Congress requesting more protection from low-level microwave irradiation for children and pregnant women; with regard to Wi-Fi in schools, they write: “this is an unprecedented exposure with unknown outcome on the health and reproductive potential of a generation.”

In 2002, 36,000 physicians and scientists signed the Freiburg Appeal. Ten years hence, it has been re-launched. It specifically warns against the use of Wi-Fi and the irradiation of children, adolescents and pregnant women. Freiburg is an International Doctors’ Appeal.

The reader will appreciate that collectively there are approximately 100,000 of the world’s most knowledgeable professionals expostulating this same warning.

As an aside, should the reader be wondering why I have not mentioned school-boys and whether they can be affected in a similar way to girls: the answer is “yes”.

DNA sperm fragmentation from Wi-Fi levels of irradiation, have been published. It would require many more pages to comment upon this phenomenon and there is already a plethora of data both available and published.

Pulsing / Modulations

During the Cold War conflict, whilst I was collating effects from microwave pulses / modulations caused by brain entrainment, resonance (both cyclotronic and circadian), rectification (at boundaries within the body) generated by electrically induced phase transition; it came to my attention that a list needed to be published for all microwave communication systems.
In an Open Letter, I list 1 to 40 Hz (pulses / modulations per second) and their corresponding neurological / physiological response.

In his most explanatorily descriptive paper, Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy writes:
“For example, Grigoriev et. al. (2010) showed that 30 days exposure to unmodulated 2450 MHz microwave radiation triggered a small but significant increase in anti-brain antibodies in the blood of rats…. which could then result in an auto immune attack on the brain and / or nervous system. An example of an auto immune disease of the brain is Graves disease in which the pituitary gland (at the base of the brain) is affected.”
Please note that the 2450 MHz is the Wi-Fi frequency.

If you add the pulse / modulation frequency to the above; fatigue, depression, psychiatric problems (such as anger), loss of appetite and problems with movement can also be induced.

The Bad Guys

With gargantuan profits to be made, it is of no surprise that the English Parliamentary system choose to follow ICNIRP and their well established “active denial” policy.

I became familiar with our corruption when during the late 60s-70s I was commissioned to investigate (under a programme initiated by Sir William Melvin (1911)) corruption within the hierarchy of the London Metropolitan Police and the non-elected Members of the English Parliament. Should the reader be dismissive of such actions, I suggest looking at any of our Sunday newspapers over the past 45 years, including now.

When a Reverend lady wrote to a Minister, Nick Gibb MP, concerning Wi-Fi in schools, his standard reply (which I have seen many times) stated: “…advice given… by UK Health Protection Agency… ‘There is no consistent evidence of health effects from RF exposures below guideline levels and no reason why schools and others should not use Wi-Fi equipment.”

This letter is designed to deceive (and it is very successful). Look to the words “no consistent evidence”. Let me explain please.

If I were to carry out an experiment on every single person who went through the doors of your main airport on any busy day and told them that they must drink one pint of beer and smoke ten cigarettes a day forever; some would react immediately, especially children. Others would react over days, weeks, months and years (many years in some cases). Then there would be those who would thoroughly enjoy the experiment and probably never be ill. That does not mean that alcohol and cigarettes are safe. It shows that people are not homogenous (all alike / identical). In other words, the conclusion of my experiment would be that there is “no consistent evidence”.

Other Ministerial letters usually say: “most of our research” or “most of our scientists” – both of which are equally meaningless.
What they never say is: Wi-Fi is safe.

It will come as no surprise to the reader to learn that I have been refused permission to have a face-to-face meeting with my MP, Mr. Mel Stride. Hence my Member of Parliament has successfully brought the “shutters down” on any access I may have had to Government. This act by Mr. Stride became a “feature” in our West Country newspaper by leading journalist Paul James.
During my last attempt to contact my MP, his secretary Dominic just hung-up the telephone on me.

Years ago, when I started to advise caution on microwaving children / pregnant women the Academic Registrar of my own University (Exeter) forbade me from ever communicating with it, ever again. A similar message came from Dr. Jamie Harle of the Open University (Medical Physics), who said: “Your work is too political.”

Clearly in England, some universities and some parliamentary persons are more afraid of governmental reprisals than telling the truth. Regardless of the consequences…

Two Women’s Stories

…The real price of intentional ignorance and greed. Those consequences.

Ten telephone calls a day would not be unusual for me. I even receive calls on Christmas Day and Easter. Two calls which summarize those from women are illustrated below. Both are actual conversations.

“My daughter had just died. I am holding her hand. She has just had her 11th birthday and she was number 11 to die since the transmitter for Wi-Fi was put near her desk.”

“My child is one of several with cancer / birth genetic problems. These only started after the transmitter was turned on. My worries are two-fold and take every second of my life. Will my child ever marry or find a lover and be happy? What will happen when I die? I know I will die worrying. Regardless of who is to blame, it is me, the mother who carries guilt and responsibility.”

I Ask for Readers’ Help, Please

Imagine 57.7% of all of the schoolgirls with Wi-Fi in their classrooms: all day, all year, all through their school time, in every country using it, in the world!

In just two generations we could have more dead / sick infants than resulted from both World Wars. And, these are not my figures, they come from Government advisors / research.

Advanced requests for this paper have been received from royalty, governmental officers (outside of the UK) and people I will describe as “interesting”.

As shutters fall blocking every direction I try to turn, I ask: “Can the reader succeed in preventing this pandemic where I will fail?”

I have two requests:

If every reader sends just two copies of this paper to people who may be able to make a decision (preferably influential women); with mathematical progression – the original 100 advanced requests will soon land on a desk of somebody who can make a difference.

Also, would a royal or leading governmental official please ask the British Prime Minister, face to face, why he told my MP, Mr. Stride, that he is “too busy” to see me for just one hour to discuss this issue?

International Challenge

When I am invited to speak in countries, I invariably end up on the radio / TV news / documentary channels. Hence, I issue a challenge:

I ask for any scientist(s) from industry / government to “humiliate” me live on-air with their expert knowledge by answering one question: “What is the safe level of microwave irradiation for the ovarian follicles during the first 100 days development of the embryo?”

To date, not a single scientist will appear and face me.

I mention this because it is a question the reader can ask any decision maker, school Principal / Governor etc.

Should any person provide the answer, the next statement is: “Fine – we will send it to a leading scientific journal for independent peer review (along with your research)”.

The Solution

Education need not suffer if Wi-Fi is withdrawn world-wide. We have telephone lines and fibre-optic cable.

The argument against these options is the cost. Compared to the future medical costs (forgetting the human cost), phone / fibre-cable shows to be a very cheap option.

Thank you.

Dr. Barrie Trower
3 Flowers Meadow
Devon TQ12 6UP
United Kingdom

In UK – 01626 821014
World – 44 1626 821014


Please note that I have always worked free of charge and will represent any person in the world without cost.

Addendum – Recent Publications

Professors’ / Doctors’ Panagopoulos, Johnasson and Carlo describe in their (June 2013 published) paper how man-made electromagnetic waves (as used in the communications industry) can cause interference, hence induced oscillations, from these polarized waves. This in turn, can induce biological alterations and render the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) obsolete.

They write:

“Man-made electromagnetic waves… they are polarized… can produce interference effect… This induced oscillation will be most intense on the free particles which carry a net electric charge… A part of its energy… is transferred to the charged / polar molecules of the medium… within biological tissue there will be additional energy absorption by the water dipoles… proteins, lipids or nucleic acids, which will also be forced to oscillate by the applied field.

Man-made EMF’s can produce severe biological alterations such as DNA damage without heating the biological tissue… may lead to cancer, neurodegenerative deceases, reproductive declines or even heritable mutations… conductivity varies for different tissues and different field frequencies… The relative permittivity of an adult brain is calculated to be around 40 while the corresponding value for a young child’s brain is between 60 and 80 resulting in almost double the radiation absorption and SAR…
…SAR offers no information at all with respect to frequency, waveform or modulation…”

Dr. Dimitris Panagopoulos, Dep. of Biology, University of Athens also writes in his 2013 paper Electromagnetic Interaction Between Environmental Fields and Living Systems Determines Health and Well Being:

“Disturbances in the communication between individual body clocks can desynchronize the circadian system, which in turn may lead to unwellness, chronic fatigue, decreased performance, obesity, neuropsychiatric disorders, and the development of different diseases…

Endogenous electrical balance in living organisms cannot occur in the presence of unnatural – man-made – electromagnetic pollution… GSM mobile phone radiation is found to cause DNA damage on insect reproductive cells (gametes) and adversely affect reproduction for intensities down to 1 microwatt per centimetre squared after only a few minutes exposure.”


July 19, 2019


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