Will 5G Be The Straw That Breaks Your Back? Health Woes from 1G-4G Exposure Aren’t Only About Cancer


Research has determined that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation – 1G through 4G – are biologically and environmentally harmful. Of course, everyone tolerates exposure differently. The same is true for other toxins. This has never been untrue. So of course eliminating all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation is what is best for the health of humans, animals, and nature. But that’s not really possible. Besides – having a cell phone to turn on and use only in emergencies is not such a horrible thing.

The best we can all do is reduce our use and exposure to wireless technology. Unfortunately, the “Race for 5G” promotes and forces hundreds of thousands if not millions of radiation-emitting small cells to be installed anyway and satellites being sent into space to blast 5G at us from there.

The first 5G moratorium request from doctors and scientists was issued in 2017. In 2018 5G technology was installed in some New York neighborhoods anyway and residents and their pets immediately started experiencing symptoms from exposure. This was reported on social media by Dr. Naomi Wolf. More health issues have been reported since then in additional locations where 5G has been turned on.

Of course – this isn’t surprising. In February 2019 even the telecom industry admitted they have NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe. Regardless, misinformation about 5G being harmless has been reported by many publications including the New York Times who “coincidentally” partnered with Verizon for a 5G Journalism Lab in 2019. Because of reporting misinformation, one NYT reporter is now being accused of violating a truth and accuracy code by the Press Council of Ireland.

In December 2019, another 5G moratorium request was submitted to President Trump. Regardless, the American “Race for 5G” continues because of many elected officials and government employees. American and worldwide opposition continues to increase though. Some cities and countries have also banned it.



April 26, 2020


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