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Learn how to spiritually live life at maximum !

The course is highly practical and the YOGA techniques are simple and at hand to everyone. It addresses to both beginner and advanced learners, as it contains much  more practical traditional elements, then available in any YOGA writings in the West. If for any reasons you cannot attend the hall classes, or you missed filling the forms  for the 1st yoga year in your town, then the course by mail is the best option for you!


YOGA can secure for you:

-perfect health,

-natural removal of stress and fatigue,

-dynamism and effectiveness in action,

-consonant attitude toward family and society,

-deep self-knowledge, multilevel accomplishment of the being,

-arising the potential paranormal abilities.


Our YOGA course by mail is a synthesis of different yoga forms:

-Hatha Yoga: aims to utmost control of the body and vital energies;

-Raja Yoga: the fusion of the cosmic mental, aiming to mind power increasment;

-Karma Yoga: the Yoga of communion with God Father, by means of any action;

-Bhakti Yoga: the  Yoga of universal love and devotion to God;

-Laya Yoga: the Yoga of perfect communion with different force spheres of the Universe;

-Mantra Yoga: the Yoga of resonnance to different subtle energies of the Universe;

-Kundalini Yoga: the Yoga aiming to awake the huge energy lying at the root of the spine;

Yantra Yoga: the Yoga of thelepathic communion to particular energies of the Universe.

(All forms of yoga are not absolutely connected to any religion and do not offend any religion at all).

Our course can provide:

• hatha-Yoga techniques (asanas and pranayama),

• Yoga techniques to activate mental focus, creative imagination and meditation;

• hygiene and food regulation;

• 100% naturale treatments to cure different diseases;

• different methods of regeneration and relaxation both physical and psychic of the body.

People who follow our YOGA COURSE BY MAIL will be given four courses every month. Every printed course contains four pages; the eight pages courses are double scored.

• No previous experience required, as the printed courses will provide explanations for the practical ways, the beneficial effects and cautions for every specific technique. Once you get the courses you may start practicing!

• The course is structured on years of study. Every year will have 48 lessons (courses). After these 48 courses you will pass to the next level, and again you will be given 48 printed courses for the second year and so on. You may be transfered at wish to attend the YOGA course of that year.

• The lessons are simple, interesting and widely documented, sampled with pictures and real practical cases.

• Whenever you may ask it, authorised YOGA instructors can offer you FOR FREE all the information you need for better understanding, or for specific individual  practice, according to different effects you may be looking for. You will be given such information from persons that have previously experienced by direct practice everything you are now being introduced to, helping you thereby go further on a safe area.

• The  120 RON  tax per month, which is the course value, plus the minimum mail fee will be paid when you get the parcel.

In case you are not fully satisfied with the 4 first courses you get, no matter the reason, send them back within 30 days and you will be paid back the money (excepting the mail fee).

We can help you improve your life, but it’s up to YOU to TAKE THE FIRST STEP.

Send us your choice now at our address:

O.P. 60, C.P. 36, sector 3, Bucureşti.

Or by email:

Do it now!

Also available in: Română Français

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