10. The sexual continence

an article by Gregorian Bivolaru

The tantric theory by no accident mentions multiple “stops” during passionate love making with no final discharge (EJACULATION). Many people ask themselves how to do for all these become genuine spiritual projections and escape the identification process, rather infernal by its irresistible hypnotic power. For the tantric initiated THE TRANSFIGURED AND ENDLESS LOVE IS A BEATIFIC EXPANSION THE TWO LOVERS, WHO BECAME THEN ONE, EXPAND THEMSELVES FROM THE FINITE TOWARD THE INFINITE.

Tantric philosophy has always considered that appealing to an ascetic attitude never leads to  total unconditioning and it obstructs the appearance of real spontaneity.

Nevertheless, there is some effort previously required to transmute our sexual potential into energy and then it is absolutely necessary to purify and properly distribute the resulting energy to became able to attain liberation by means of it. To render it in some visionary manner we could say that in such ecstatic love making everything must happen by itself. At some extent these sublime processes of RESONANCE with the high spheres of love and divine harmony must somehow be unleashed, also with our help, in a united, transfigured and loving couple.

It is quite significant that in this respect tantric philosophers don’t speak of LOVE as a moral value, but only about the divine play of energies. Even during the passionate LOVE MAKING, always finalized in countless ecstatic orgasms, but which ends without discharge (EJACULATION), the redoubled attention exercise must be continued without interruption, without eagerness, and without any calculus, free but implacably. 

The maximum amplified attention, especially during the passionate love making which ends without discharge, will spontaneously extend as by itself when the plenary conscience will awake and impose in us. In doing so it will always enhance inside of us gradually. But to accelerate the apparition of this moment we mostly need this kind of attention, because it can be incredibly helpful.

A very easy method in this respect is to stop at times and focus during our fusions; the stops will be short in the beginning, 10-20 times, not more than 1-2 minutes each. There cannot exist during our love making any internal or external constraint so pressing for us not to afford these short moments when we pursue to be as much ATTENTIVE on us; we will long to remember of self. We will then offer us and our lover short moments of immobility and total attention when we become very much aware of our breath, which will became miraculously calm and rhythmic and we will then touch the background state of silence. These moments of SPONTANEOUS and FLASHING stops aim just like other things, to interrupt the normal flowing of time and they also remove the propensity to restlessness, and finally set in our being a state of void.

If we constantly practice these SPONTANEOUS and FLASHING stops of our activities, which will be particularly applied during love making, the best moments being those when both lovers are drawing close to orgasm, we will can thus avoid the discharge (EJACULATION) and at a certain moment we will get access to the un-expugnable citadel of the profound Supreme Self (ATMAN), the ultimate centre of wheel, the cyclone eye. This ineffable state of stability will then gradually become precise, until it will became constant and will install in our being an unshakeable equilibrium, able to hinder for ever any emotional drift. We will then easily learn through practice to employ all means that may help us as vehicles. If we apply this technique and improve our transmutation and sublimation process we will soon use for our spiritual awakening the very paroxysms that would otherwise swallow us. But now we will perfectly control them and thus we’ll “ride the tiger”.

After a few months only anyone will realize that the ample and intense moments of sexual pleasure, (NEVER FOLLOWED BY DISCHARGE (EJACULATION)) as well as those of pain, surprise, courage, danger, mystery, adventure, contain a formidable and ineffable power of propulsion, on condition that we know how to properly sublimate and conduct them at all levels of our being. To attain these we must first of all learn to swim in the storm. We’ll thus discover that the peaks of these paroxysms contain beatific voids which are also some mysterious passages toward the great opening of non-action.
Gradually, through these revelations we’ll realize that in this world where everything is driven by the law of discontinuity, the small interstitial spaces between the action sequences actually represent those fissures where we have to jump without fear in order to reach the transcendence. The eternal present is there.  As soon as we attain (by constantly enforcing these ideas) the first ecstatic states we’ll be amazed to realize that reaching the illumination doesn’t necessarily require to engage ourselves in huge and spectacular actions.

Committing ourselves full of enthusiasm on this path, we have to understand that the dangerous routine can be changed, only through lucid and detached observation, into a conscious habit; but this implies a radical inversion. Then, after we really accomplished these, we’ll continue to remain detached and will let thoughts flow on…

The specific tantric methods and techniques, not only the erotic ones, will fully help you (if firmly and correctly practiced) to realize that in this respect, A OUNCH OF PRACTICE IS WORTH TONES OF THEORY. As a final advice, it is very important to always keep in your sight that in TANTRA, THE MASTER WILL ONLY BE HE OR SHE THAT PUTS INTO PRACTICE).


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