11. The ten resemblances wherein one may err

1. Desire may be mistaken for faith.

2. Attachment may be mistaken for benevolence and compassion.

3. Cessasion of thought- processes may be mistaken for the quiescence of infinite mind, which is the true goal.

4. Sense perceptions [or phenomena] may be mistaken for revelations [or glimpses] of Reality.

5. A mere glimpse of Reality may be mistaken for complete realization.

6. Those who outwardly profess, but do not practise, religion may be mistaken for true devotees.

7. Slaves of passions may be mistaken for masters of yoga who have liberated themselves from all conventional laws.

8. Actions performed in the interest of self may be mistakenly regarded as being altruistic.

9.Deceptive methods may be mistakenly regarded as being prudent.

10. Charlatans may be mistaken for Sages.

These are The Ten resemblances Wheren One May Err.


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