2005 Man of the Year

by Andrei Comanescu (AIM)

The AIM news column subscribers (i.e. the Active Information Media website) voted for the 2005 Man of the Year. There have been more than 20 nominalisations from different fields: general, social, political, scientific, etc. Here are few opinions to support the 2005 Man of the Year decided for:

„ A person the more controversial and arguable, the less known and understood”.
„For his tenacious struggle against the forces attempting to destroy Romania and whoever may be against them. As nothing embarrasses him and makes him give up”
„He was tenacious and he succeeded. He defeated the corrupted justice in Romania. He proved that will is power! If you don’t give in you win.”
„For the courage he evinced in fighting the world masonry”.
„He managed to push in the international stage the deficient Romanian justice, now that our acceding in the EU is at stake”.
“He managed to found a viable and united movement, which even after he went away proved they are no herd as the Romanian authorities and media would render them in a huge mass manipulation campaign”.
“For he is the only Romanian worldwide acknowledged since 1989”.

The 2005 Man of the Year is Gregorian Bivolaru

What the others could not do, he will d unmasking the miserable system. The Romanian justice has been shown a pointing finger by the Swedish justice through Gregorian Bivolaru’s extradition denial. In front of the High Court of Justice of Stockholm, the Swedish prosecutor surprisingly pleaded pro Bivolaru. The Swedish court was touched by the depositions stated by Madalina Dumitru and another yoga practitioner. The two witnesses, cross-examined, exposed the mistreatment they had been inflicted by the Romanian authorities.

The Swedish authorities stated that “an innocent person has been attempted incrimination and presented as an ordinary criminal, due to his beliefs, which flagrantly broke the basic rights of any human being”. These are the conclusions of an EU country, which cannot be disregarded by the Romanian authorities, just like the statements and protests of hundreds of Yoga funs.

Subsequently Monica Macovei, Romanian Minister of Justice requested “checking of the human rights and procedural guarantees in the Gregorian Bivolaru file”, as mentioned in the December 16, 2005 press release, issued by the Ministry of Justice PR Department. This may be the first step to unmask the countless illegalities and abuses against Gregorian Bivolaru, against MISA and thousands of MISA Yoga School followers.

Who’s Grieg?

Gregorian Bivolaru (alias Grieg) is a yoga teacher and founder of the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute. In November 2005, he had been chosen full rights member for life of the World Yoga Council, the highest board of the International Yoga Federation
He started his first yoga course in 1971. The Romanian Intelligence Services surveyed him due to his correspondence to the great religion historian, philosopher and writer, Mircea Eliade, a public enemy to the communist regime because of his interest in yoga and eastern spirituality.

He officially started to teach the first yoga course in 1978. At that time he used to collaborate to the Health Ministry and the Association of Psychosomatic Medicine in Bucharest.

Few years later, his activity grows ever more inconvenient and unwanted. Nicolae Ceausescu prohibited the yoga courses and all courses having eastern origins (the martial arts, the transcendental meditation, acupuncture, etc).

However Gregorian Bivolaru kept teaching yoga despite prohibition. Next years he had been surveyed, subject to searching, bugs have been installed, he was arrested and tortured just like some other close disciples he had. Bivolaru had been imprisoned for almost two years, guilty for teaching yoga. To protest this he ran away   in 1984 by specific paranormal means.

After December 1989, the yoga practice had been allowed again and Gregorian Bivolaru founded the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute. He was continuously subject to persecution during all this time, as confirmed by the Amnesty International and the APADOR-CH reports and by other organizations involved in human rights protection. The persecutions culminated on March 18, 2004 when almost 300 policemen and gendarmes together with prosecutors in charge forcefully burst into his house and in other 16 private locations belonging to some MISA members and followers and they confiscated the effects there. All the effects have never been returned, although there is no official accusation against the owners.

He currently is charged with eight crimes and the trial against him has been lingered for almost two years, because the prosecutor’s office did not bring revealing evidence, although the Romanian Intelligence Service SRI admitted they have been watching him for more than 10 years.

Given this, his close entourage, as well as the EU authorities such as: the Human Rights Board in the Finnish Parliament, the EU Parliament member or human rights protection organizations (Amnesty International, APADOR-CH) accuse the Romanian authorities of persecutions, human rights breaches and serious drawbacks in justice.

In March 2005, Gregorian Bivolaru submits political asylum in Sweden, claiming he cannot rely on the fairness in the Romanian justice. On April 4, 2005 the Swedish Police in Malmo arrested Gregorian Bivolaru at 1 pm during his second meeting at the Immigration Board (the former had occurred two weeks before). Soon after, the Romanian Ministry of Justice sets off the extradition procedure by means of the Interpol.

The extradition request that the Romanian authorities issued for Gregorian Bivolaru was rejected by the highest Swedish Court. On October 21st 2005, around 11 am, the final decision on the extradition denial was issued, the very next day after the MISA mentor had been released by the Swedish police.

The five judges’ board of the Supreme Court in Stockholm reached the verdict that Gregorian Bivolaru stands no chance for a fair trial in Romania. The 12 pages sentence of the Supreme Court is quite an indictment against the Romanian justice. The judges explained their decision by the conviction that the MISA spiritual leader shall be unjustly pursued and persecuted by the authorities in Romania due to his convictions. The Swedish court assessed that the accusations stated by the Romanian authorities against Gregorian Bivolaru have no real ground, but they have been forged in order to destroy the greatest yoga school in Europe.

Moreover, Elmar Brok chairman of the EU Parliament External Affairs Board has requested Lazar Comanescu (Romania’s Ambassador at the EU) to explain the European standards appliance within the Romanian justice system.

Gregorian Bivolaru had triggered a genuine “tsunami” in the filthy Romanian justice system, which is why he is worth our appreciation.
We have been allowed by the author complete reference to the article in the AIM website.  (<http://active.info.ms/?a=168>)


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