4. The ten things to be avoided

1. Avoid a guru whose heart is set on acquiring wordly fame and possessions.

2. Avoid friends and followers who are detrimental to thy peace of mind and spiritual growth.

3. Avoid hermitages and places of abode where there happen to be many persons who annoy and distract thee.

4. Avoid gaining thy livelihood by means of deceit and theft.

5. Avoid such actions as harm thy mind and impede thy spiritual development.

6. Avoid such actions of levity and thoughtlessness as lower thee in another’s esteem.

7. Avoid useless conduct and actions.

8. Avoid concealing thine own faults and speaking lodly of those of others.

9. Avoid such food and habits as disagree with thy health.

10. Avoid such attachments as are inspired by avarice.

These are The Ten Things To Be Avoided.


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