6. The ten things one must know

1. One must know that all visible phenomena, being illusory, are unreal.

2. One must know that the mind, being without independent existence [apart from the One Mind], is impermanent.

3. One must know that ideas arise from a concatenation of causes.

4. One must know that the body and speech, being compounded of the four elements, are transitory.

5. One must know that the effects of past actions, whence cometh all sorrow, are inevitable.

6. One must know that sorrow, being the means of convincing one of the need of the religious life, is a guru.

7. One must know that attachment to wordly things maketh material prosperity inimical to spiritual progress.

8. One must know that misfortune, being the means of leading one to the Doctrine, is also a guru.

9. One must know that no existing thing has an independent existence.

10. One must know that all things are interdependent.

These are The Ten Things One Must Know.


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