5. The significance of the contemporary discoveries of physics in the light of spirituality

an article by Gregorian Bivolaru

Some people say that “ADVAITA VEDANTA and the BUDDHISM are some illusionist metaphysics”. In this respect we can say the way they invite us simplistically “realize the world unreality”, the way most of the people express themselves about, they are totally illusionist. Have we realized so far the meaning of these words “Realizing the world unreality means to make the unreal real”?

To support this here we quote Tantratattva: “the matter is not to state or deny that this or that is unreal or not, but to know what is the real power we are endowed with to turn into unreal even a blade”. And we there are so many of us who don’t have this real power which would be the sole proof of the blade unreality!

As long as we continue remaining only at the words level it is very important to well understand the words significance and the way we use them: illusion, appearance, phantasm, unreality, dream, etc.  If we give the term “illusion” (coming from illudere – to play with) the meaning of unreality, in its usual meaning, we limit the existence at its transcendent aspect and hide the phenomenon world assimilating it to a sort of collective hallucination.

The confusion then appears because we make all these words synonyms of the unreality. If we would but keep the true meaning of the term “illusion” we would be much closer to truth, because indeed there is about a play (which Hindus are calling LILA), which takes place in an deceptive manner, because it is usually tackled with by means of the reason and senses, which are confined in themselves. It is not also the case to fall in the opposite excess, sustaining the duality for good and all, because this is the opaque point of view, proper to ignorance, which allots the whole power to the reason, efficient instrument but which cannot adapt itself to those domains which are not convenient.    

The tantrics often insist that energy is in fact not localize, this is it has no location, no residence (ANIKA), “because it is aware that it contains”, hidden or self-implied, infinite updating possibilities that “unfold” and “wrap up”, combining sometimes in the same unfold, in a dependence report which is ineffable and continuous, with a conscience without cause that it cannot be separated from at all. SHIVA and SHAKTHI represent but aspects, unfolded or wrapped up, of their Totality. The manifestations, the worlds (including ours) are but some unfolded “appearances”, formal, ordered, but evolving, complicating themselves according to entropy, finally and above all, paradoxically perfect every moment they are noticed or observed. These manifestations don’t possess more unreality than material interdependence. The reality in the domain of “appearances” is a perpetual metamorphosis. And the appearance is “that what appears”: it can have the consistency of a rock or can be as evanescent as a phantasm, or it can be more or less unreal or can evolve toward certain material destiny, when its constitutive energy condensates itself into a mass (which we name MATTER). Then, dissolving in opposite direction, it always keeps in some plans a certain part of indeterminism, an undefined KARMA of its global order. But this never is decisively  important.   

Thus in the vision of the TANTRA system duality and non-duality are in fact two half truths, they are just ways of expressing, whether convenient or not. The truth consists of discovering what they have in common. And the reality is always located in the common point of all contradictory statements. But reason doesn’t ever allow the access to this truth.  We do not personally, effectively share this reality. And everything that promised us we can attain it, culture, philosophy, science, spirituality are doing nothing but taking us away of it.

Tantric philosophers considers our history can very well exist only for other people who didn’t reach the illumination if, of course this is amusing them and helps them adjust to the general evolution… Those who have really attained the highest spiritual illumination have this detachment because history does not at all interest them.

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