8. The ten things to be persevered in

1. Novices should persevere in listening to, and meditating upon, religious teachings.

2. Having had spiritual experience, persevere in meditation and mental concentration.

3. Persevere in solitude until the mind hath been yogically disciplined.

4. Should thought- processes be difficult to control, persevere in thine efforts to dominate them.

5. Should there be great drowsiness, persevere in thine efforts to invigorate the intellect [or to control the mind].

6. Persevere in meditation until thou attainest the imperturbable mental tranquility of Samadhi.

7. Having attained this state of Samadhi, persevere in prolonging its duration and in causing its recurrence at will.

8. Should various misfortunes assail thee, persevere in patience of body, speech, and mind.

9. Should there be great attachement, hankering, or mental weakness, persevere in an effort to eradicate it soon as it manifesteth itself.

10. Should benevolence and pity be weak within thee, persevere in directing the mind towards Perfection.

These are The Ten Things To Be Persevered In.


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