A happy perspective on a certain victory


Motto: “Where there is good will is a good way.”

First of all, I want to emphasize that in light of the recent events that we all know, we have seen and can see more and more clearly that we are helped by GOD.  Knowing this, we can rise with anticipation that until the end we will win through the power of wisdom, love, kindness and humility against all that oppresses us, against all who persecute us, against all who would harm us.  If we use all that we know so well theoretically, VICTORY will appear, even more than now, and it will come much faster.  Everyone must remember that “to know and to not act is a supreme cowardice.” Wise sages say that beneficial efficient action leading to victory is far superior to inaction.

The most trying period with the most spiritual tests has been downcast.  Through the will of GOD, this yoga school has already passed the summit successfully.  From this confrontation with malevolent  forces, MISA has come out much more mature and now, on the occult level of the planet, it is ten times more powerful than it was before.  Those of you who can perceive this probably intuited this occult phenomenon; also I tell you now that soon I will send a very important message inspired by GOD and titled “A Message of Good News.”

Victory is already here in the fight with the malevolent forces, it already was, even if not everyone succeeded to rise to this occasion.  In fact, an old saying of wisdom states that “whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.  This is exactly what has happened on the occult level of the planet, for this VICTORY is essential.  This spiritual school has already reached a sure state of invulnerability.  Moreover, there will come profound beneficial effects from this victory reaching the climax that it merits.  In a close correlation with the prophecies of Sundar Singh, this spiritual school will be the most important school on this planet, and with the direct guidance of GOD and the direct guidance of the angels will prepare a new, fast, easy and efficient path to discover GOD and to become one with Him, each of us will no longer need any intermediary.  In light of the subtle manifestations that have appeared on this planet since this mysterious victory, this spiritual school will become the highest and most powerful divine flame on this planet.  And in light of the revelations of Jesus and in light of the renowned prophecies of Sundar Singh, it is as evident as can be that at this time, from the occult point of view, this people and the territory of this country (that was not accidentally called the GARDEN OF THE MOTHER OF GOD) will be and will remain from now on a people truly beloved by GOD and truly a sacred land where with the help of GOD wonders and miracles will be possible like never before.  All these affirmations that I am making are based on mysterious realizations of a subtle nature (which will soon be accessible to you and to others).  All this is absolutely certain and beyond any doubt.  This yoga school will be and will remain for a quite some time, the nucleus of a fundamental spiritual transformation, which will manifest with the immense and mysterious help of GOD first in this country, and then it will be able through the extraordinary and irresistible power of example to start a true spiritual revolution which will take place on the planetary level.

Therefore, we can say that if all these great trials have not destroyed us, they have made us much more powerful and have matured us very much.

This long period of spiritual tests and trials which came upon us from outside has had its climax and afterwards the climax has been passed, and now there are more and more signs that we have triumphed.  It is also evident that the period behind us during which I was confronted with many serious tests from outside, has now begun a new period that will be much easier than the last (if we are sufficiently LUCID and ATTENTIVE).  The implications of this new period are that now it will be necessary that we begin to confront the demons, defects and impurities that still exists within our beings (for some of us); demons which feed on our pride, arrogance, malevolence, egoism and pettiness, which is only possible in cases of subdued intelligence and lack of common sense.

Otherwise said, since the malevolent forces, cruel and cunning, have tried to destroy us from outside and failed, now the demons and the satanic forces will unleash evil influences on the weak and receptive in another form of battle.  Satan will modify his tactics with the single goal to crush us, divide us, set us against each other and empoison us from within.  All of this will exacerbate our pride, intolerance, false suspicion, useless fear, anxious desperation, hidden egoism which will show itself by insidiously destroying the state of UNITY and FRATERNITY.  It is more necessary than ever before to awaken and amplify this state, along with LOVE, COMMON SENSE, GOOD WILL, INTELLIGENCE and HUMILITY in each one of us, from the smallest to the greatest.

So you will realize for yourselves, and so will those from outside, that the mysterious force that comes from GOD to this spiritual school, to every one of us, and to all of us (perfect united in feeling and thought) is helping you to succeed in loving each other much more, creating in this way a profound feeling of fraternity, full of kindness, gentleness and common sense.  Knowing all of this, now like never before, we must aim to awaken in each of us, from the smallest to the greatest, a real and profound state of fraternity.  Knowing this, each of us must aspire to become and to remain from moment to moment a veritable model of fraternity, humility, love and kindness.  The key idea that we should all have in mind now is:
“WITH THE HELP OF GOD, FULL OF LOVE, HUMILITY AND GOOD WILL, WE SHALL ALL BE UNITED FOR ONE AND STILL WITH THE HELP OF GOD, FULL OF LOVE, HUMILITY AND GOOD WILL, ONE SHALL AVAIL FOR ALL” (I refer here especially to those who are in the yoga courses and those who are now integrated in the spiritual communities which are the ashrams of this yoga school).

So please, each one of you reflect with urgency on the importance of love to this spiritual school, humility, kindness, gentleness, to create as quickly as possible a state of true fraternity, which must unify us so as to be all for one and one for all.  Each of us must awaken a state of true unity and fraternity within ourselves, and this will lead to a great mysterious force that will let us annihilate almost without effort and with a great certitude any evil which sought or seeks our destruction.

Even that last program from TVR 1 (Reflector) is a significant sign that immediately in the moment when the wheel turns back and the sacrifices, persecutions and abuses start to become known there are, without a doubt, many people who react with a profound and accepting compassion and affinity for us.


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