A necessary step in transforming your life – the belief system

The journey of transforming our lives include a necessary step that is our belief systems. This maze of identifying who we think we are and what we can accomplish is a complex set of thoughts actions and reactions that create the foundation of everything we experience in our lives.

How many times have you flirted with transformation only to have it slip through your fingers like oil?

How come we believe it’s almost impossible to transform how we think feel, and act on the deepest of levels?

Why is it, that the ideas we carry have become law?

What are these seemingly immovable objects that keep us stuck in old programmed repetitive cycles of pain?

Maybe we need to ask this question first?

Is now the time to search for clarity on how facts have become so solid that limit the expression of joy and fulfillment in our life?

Of course, it is!

Our belief systems are a collection of thoughts, feelings, and ideas with limiting possibilities that we made on ourselves and have become our copilots. These beliefs are the voices of doom we hear that determine what we think, feel, and how we react. They influence every fiber of our being.

Let’s look at these two words and their meanings together to get a clearer picture of how they interact with the choices we make.

The definition of ‘belief’ is:

(1) A thought or feeling that something exists or is true, without proof.
(2) A vague or specific idea on which some confidence is placed.
(3) A religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true.

The definition of ‘system’ is:

(1) A combination of interrelated interacting elements designed to work as a coherent unit.
(2) A group of interrelated elements comprising a unified whole.
(3) A complex method of rules governing behavior.

When we talk about “beliefs” we usually refer to the values we adopt consciously in our life, to our social, political, and religious ‘beliefs’ which determine how we behave.

However, here we talk about something of a wider perspective: about convictions that we have embraced and surrendered our power to that limit our expression of manifesting what is pleasing to us, and the lifestyle we would truly enjoy.

We have established thoughts and feelings about who we are, all kept intact by the ‘flowing constant energy’ called ‘belief’. This belief or a whole set of different beliefs constructed into a system dictate our deeds, our behaviors, and actions.

In other words, our beliefs are the invisible instigators of what and why we do what we do and what we have created in our life. These beliefs define how we feel about ourselves and our environment. They are the core beliefs that mold our reality.

Where does it all come from?

Belief systems are inherited through our genetics and taught directly or indirectly from childhood. In those precious times, we were taught what to believe and who and what we are supposed to be. We were drilled either by talks or by experiences that impressed on the youthful soul to think a certain way, to act a certain way. After a while, we began to accept this new reality as truth giving up our ability to think critically.

There is something called free will choice which in theory says, at any time someone choose to transform/change anything in his/her life he/she can. Yet daily we struggle to grow spiritually or to let go of old painful thoughts or to forgive past transgressions.

Interestingly enough many times we choose to transform and have a sincere desire to transform but end up in the same place, over and over again. Like a hamster on a wheel that exerts a lot of energy but goes nowhere.

What if who we have become is based on old information coming from our genetic markers, religious background, social status, and family tradition, that has nothing to do with who we are as a soul.

Could it be that your identity was built on a false foundation?

Have your beliefs locked you up in an energy jail? These energy jails act as force fields that surround the body, conscience, and spirit. Once in place, these force fields lock us into painful patterns not allowing us to create transformation. They are self-replicating programs with bottomless pits that are never satisfied no matter how much energy you feed them.

What beliefs have shaped and molded your life compromising who and what you are? Surrendering personal freedom and growth aiming to live up to expectations and patterns that others have placed on you?

Is now the time to search deeper? Of course, it is!

If you have a desire to transform something that has been guiding your life in a direction you choose not to go the following steps can be great tools to add to your toolbox.

Step 1: Stop being a victim.

Step 2. Take responsibility for everything you have created in your life (every thinking pattern, every pattern of interacting with yourself, every pattern of judging yourself etc.).

Step 3: Come to understand how your energy jail works? How you feed it? How you become a slave to it? When we create an energy jail, we often do it because we think it protects us from getting hurt again. These jails are programmed to make automatic choices for you to keep you from that perception of pain. Ironically the only fact these patterns of belief do is keep you attached to your old pain and trauma which is the opposite of what you want.

Pursue doing the following exercise:

For 7 days pay attention to your limiting beliefs. Watch, look, listen. Stay aware as your program aims to keep you in the old way of thinking and feeling. Become the observer. Keep a journal of what you experience and how that makes you feel. Write as much or as little as you want. What’s important here is to get the information of how these beliefs influence your life.

Then, for 7 more days:

Each time you feel, hear or see your program choose to not empower it. Stay with the feeling but don’t react as you always do. Counteract those feelings with a new choice. Feel what it would feel like if those problems/attitudes no longer affected your life. Intends this transformation. Focus your energy on what you want, not what the belief says you can or can not have.

Then 7 more days:

Do something different every day. Do something new. No need to be extreme, like swim with sharks or jump out of airplanes. But do something different, something pleasing, something you have wanted to do for a long time. Do this every day. You are not limited to one thing you can do whatever you like, but make sure you do something every day.

Then review your notes and see what you have learned and begin again, because transforming your life requires the forever choice.


June 26, 2022


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