A personal message from yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru


This message was sent through the post by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru from the detention place on the address of Shambala publishing house and it exposes the blackmail and threats to which he is subjected due to his insistence to promote the teachings of yoga and to hold conferences on spirituality, but also to make disclosures related to the so-called new world order and the satanic sect of Freemasonry which is acting in collusion with the so-called enlightened ones (Illuminati).

“Dear participants (to the Yoga Spiritual Holiday Camp Costinesti 2016 – e.n.)

We consider the time has come to break the silence and it is even necessary to communicate to you certain important truths that are based, each of them, only on facts which are easily verifiable, including on the grounds of existing official documents but also on certain conclusive evidence that we have. Let us therefore begin with the beginning. In February of 2016 we received a couple of certain unsigned letters on our address in SWEDEN, in which we were being urged, in an insolent speech, to decide the dissolution of MISA yoga school and also we were being promised that, if we would do that, the sum of 6,660,000 euros, which will be ours, will be sent to us through a messenger.

In the same letter we were being promised that, if we will then choose to stop any activity of promoting yoga teachings, and we will quit giving talks on spirituality, yoga and so on, and also on subjects that attack or criticize the freemasonry or the NEW WORLD ORDER, and then we will choose to retire completely from any activity of this sort, followed by agreeing to promote and praise the NEW WORLD ORDER through a series of 10 articles, we would also receive important amounts of money, some hundreds of thousands of euros which would be paid to us annually.

In the letters it was also specified that, unless we do what we are being urged to do, we will end up in jail, where we will remain for the rest of our days.

You need to know that we have kept all those letters that were written in English, including the envelopes in which the respective letters were sent from abroad (not from Sweden), and one can notice, regarding those envelopes, the postal stamps with the date they were sent, and also the stamps with the date they reached their destination (at our Swedish address). We need to mention that we have never followed those requests that we consider as being inadmissible, and we are firmly determined to never do this, even if we pay with our life for this. Our option in this respect is permanent and will never modify one bit.

On February 26, 2016, I was arrested in Paris in an old books fair and the news that was broadcast by the media that I was there to buy pornographic magazines is a perfidious lie, completely untrue. Besides, such magazines did not even exist in such a fair. This news that was insolently broadcasted in the media together with other lies is at the same time a clearly cretinous statement that might be believed especially by the stupid and the naive. After my arrest, the file of this case was handled in the first phase by judge Jean Bartholin who was, besides, around his retirement and of whom it was subsequently discovered that he was in the freemasonry.

The way in which this judge behaved proved to be dubious and bizarre, and eventually it came out that he sought, desperately – we might say – at least a single legal reason that might have allowed him to rule my extradition to ROMANIA. In spite of all the cunning efforts that he made, it was nevertheless impossible for him to find at least a single legal reason to eventually justify the decision of extradition – which is aberrant, we might say – that he then issued. Nevertheless, in an indirect fashion, he gave himself away because, ultimately, the evidence that he thought he would obtain did not appear but, on the contrary, his actions turned against himself and they even remained forever on file as a shameful blemish that will never be erasable.

In other words, judge Jean Bartholin did not succeed in a «perfect crime», as he planned, and the convincing evidence of his unjust decision, that was completely unsubstantiated, forever remained present in that file. The respective conclusive evidence is the answers that are obviously favourable to my release and to the observance of my status of refugee that were offered by the Swedish authorities to the five key questions that judge Jean Bartholin formulated personally and then transmitted to SWEDEN. Subsequently, he even unmasked himself because it was indirectly proven that he thought that at least one of these answers offered by the Swedish authorities would be unfavourable and will allow him to motivate on a legal, plausible basis the decision of my extradition to ROMANIA.

Judge Jean Bartholin therefore exposed himself, regarding his cunning intentions – that were violating the principle of neutrality – and that determined him to act in that arbitrary way (that violated the laws) by the fact that when he noticed that the answers offered by the Swedish authorities were totally favourable to my release and to the unabated observance of the refugees status, afterwards paradoxically he disregarded all the five answers that he received. In other words, afterwards, in a bizarre fashion, judge Jean Bartholin, behaved in an aberrant way just like the five favourable answers did not even exist.

By doing so, judge Jean Bartholin alone fell in his own perfidious trap which he set beforehand with the clear intention of finding, of having at least a single reason that might have allowed him to justify, with a certain ground, the decision of my extradition which he plotted cunningly from the very beginning. Acting as such, he exposed himself regarding his onerous intentions, because any person endowed with intelligence and common sense might have eventually asked him: «If you did send those five questions to the Swedish authorities, why did you not hold into account at all the answers that were given to you? What was the purpose of the five questions that were sent if you then completely ignored them? You completely ignored them precisely because they were obviously favourable to Gregorian Bivolaru, and the honest reference to them would have afterwards involved to release him and to respect, according to the laws that are in force, his refugee status?»

Of course, all these questions would have been bothersome, even upsetting for this judge because they would have put him in an embarrassing position and even more than this, they would have unmasked his wretchedness and the injustice that he committed. Anyhow, such questions and even others that are equally uncomfortable remain forever, and those who will ever analyze the strange history of this case at some point will not hesitate to ask themselves such questions then. All these will indirectly accuse the respective judge and will be capable of pointing out the unclean, dishonest, unjust way in which he acted in this case.

The mentioned facts forever gave judge Jean Bartholin away, because if we analyze them with great attention we discover that he changed this trial into a judicial farce which he plotted from the very beginning. That is why judge Jean Bartholin desperately sought the legal reasons to decide my extradition to ROMANIA, and thereafter, although he did not find them, he eventually chose to do something unjust and he nevertheless decided my extradition.

This is the real truth of this strange file that was eventually solved in an unjust and arbitrary fashion by a judge who, through his way of acting, eventually gave himself away, showing that he had certain unclean intentions. We hope that the facts that we have presented to you now are conclusive in order to make you understand the unjust way in which this case was eventually solved, at the backstage order of the freemasons who work together with the so-called illuminati.

Therefore, even if he did not find the reasons that he desperately sought from the very beginning, the respective judge, Mr. Jean Bartholin, eventually chose (in order to execute the order received from backstage, from the masonry) to give an arbitrary decision that will forever remain as an obvious and shameful blotch in this case file in which the FRENCH justice made a fool of itself because it flagrantly violated the rights, that have been long enshrined by the law, of a person who was already legally benefiting from the refugee status that SWEDEN has granted, a right that is enshrined through an international law. This clear injustice that was done to us was not and will never be accepted by the Swedish authorities.

In the second phase of this case, it has been lodged what in the FRENCH justice is called APPEAL IN CASSATION, and the French lawyers, who were shocked by the bizarre and arbitrary decision of judge John Bartholin, were convinced that the superior court will analyze this case in the spirit of justice and the laws that are in force, but eventually it was proven that the Superior Court of Cassation also ruled in a bizarre way in this file.

Eventually, the appeal in cassation was rejected and the bizarre and arbitrary decision of judge Jean Bartholin continued to remain valid because none of the well-grounded reasons that were invoked on this occasion has been taken into consideration. Nevertheless, also on that occasion, the obvious and convincing proof of a new and flagrant injustice forever remained in the file, and it attests, beyond appearances, that the judges also hasted, although it was not at all the case to do this. Anyone who is intelligent and has common sense can ask themselves the natural question: «Why did these judges behave in a hasty and also arbitrary fashion?» Such a question forever remains open.

Regarding the handling of this case at the Court of Cassation, among those who analyzed my case there was nevertheless an honest, correct person who suggested in the report that made regarding this file that the solution be requested and then to wait for it to be decided by the Court of Justice of the European Union from Luxembourg, which was competent in deciding in conformity with international laws regarding this situation. If it would have been admitted for the file to be sent to the international tribunal from Luxembourg so it would eventually decide, the chances for a ruling favourable to me would have been very big. Besides, such a just, natural solution was already suggested, requested by the lawyer who represented me in that superior court that was the Cassation Court from France.

Nevertheless, paradoxically, almost inadmissibly and aberrantly, the judges from the Court of Cassation eventually rejected my file with the dazzling motivation: «there is no time to send this file to the Court of Justice of the European Union from Luxembourg». The natural question that anyone may ask is: «Why wasn’t there the necessary time found in order to eventually give a just decision? Why were the judges hasty in this case, when in fact in a rigorous act of justice they don’t have the right to be hasty at all? Perhaps their strange haste actually hid something entirely different? If they had not been so hasty, perhaps the solution that they were forced to give based on the decision that came from the international tribunal from Luxembourg would have been entirely different, an – why not – favourable to my release?»

So, here’s a new flagrant injustice that I was subjected to in the Court of Cassation. However, its obvious proof forever remained in this case file in which it has been decided that an arbitrary solution remains valid and then it has been given the bizarre pretext that there is no more time to justly solve this case, as it was justly and normally to be solved on the grounds of a competent decision of an international tribunal that was, besides, empowered to properly solve such a case, in the spirit of justice.

Any person endowed with common sense notices the unjust, aberrant, inadmissible way in which this case was rejected by the Court of Cassation from FRANCE. Only a stupid person does not notice the bizarre and hollow argument that it is very important to be very hasty about this, we as judges, because in fact we do not want to have time to solve as we want to – ARBITRARILY – this case in the spirit of justice, based on a competent decision that could have been offered by an international tribunal. The unjust way in which the judges from the Court of Cassation from FRANCE have mistakenly solved, through such a cretinous argument: «We do not have time to wait any more», seems, at first sight, unbelievable, but the reality is and remains as it is.

It is a harsh, shocking, dazzling reality that nevertheless went unnoticed. All these actually hid something entirely different, namely the existence of a new judicial farce. All these were proven to us subsequently by a new unsigned letter written in French which was sent from FRANCE and which was delivered, as we found out later on, in three copies at the addresses of the French lawyers.

The respective letter was dated July 5, 2016, and it got in the mailbox of one of my lawyers on July 11, 2016. In that letter that was addressed to us, the anonymous messenger was announcing us that an order was given in fact for our appeal to be rejected anyhow, and then the decision of the judges that was given only on July 13, 2016 confirmed 100% the content of that unsigned letter that was sent as far back as July 5, 2016. The French lawyers remained astonished by all of these.

Those of you who want to convince yourselves can find a copy of that letter on YOGAESOTERIC.NET and you can also read its accurate translation into Romanian. Any other comments regarding all these are needless. All these show that the freemasonry which acts together with the Satanic group of the so-called illuminati already has an immense power in FRANCE. What already happened in this case, including the insolence with which they acted by sending these anonymous letters, in which we were told what will follow, is convincing.

However, it is possible to exist among you some people who, in spite of the obvious things that we presented, will say: «Such a thing is impossible, I can’t believe it is actually true». To such people we can only say that in fact we do not seek to convince anyone. The facts that we already mentioned are 100% real and the aspects we spoke of can be studied in my case file from FRANCE. On the YOGAESOTERIC website both the report of Judge-Rapporteur Delphine Cauchis and also the copy of the anonymous letter from FRANCE that we spoke of here were posted.

In the end, I also want to confess to you that I am not afraid and I announce you that we will go on as always, relying with unshakable faith on the help that comes to us from GOOD GOD. His ceaseless guidance and His mysterious presence are equally vivid for us. A mysterious element that we have already noticed was the one that all the encounters, so to speak, with the justice in FRANCE occurred invariably on Wednesdays. I thank you for the attention with which you listened to all these and I also thank to the one who put his voice to our disposal in order to make this message reach you as it was personally written by us. With this I have concluded.”


November 22, 2016

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