The Gregorian Bivolaru case – 45 years of serious abuses, terrifying threats and tortures

A naïve and ignorant man might feel they live in quiet times, when their little needs are satisfied and those in power “are watching” so the system functions properly for their protection and safety.

But whoever goes through the facts of the life and fight of yogi Gregorian Bivolaru with this system, is going to be shocked to discover what actually happens (again) in our so-called quiet times. In reality, the consciousness of the masses is now more slumbering than ever in history. Whoever would like to study the life of Gregorian Bivolaru would notice that he has been fighting for 45 years (including 19 years during the communist dictatorship) with a political regime that claims to be, especially nowadays, “free” and “democratic”.

Forty-five years in which – regardless the political regime, and even in a country with high standards, such as France claims to be – a man endured everything that authorities had to “offer” in terms of persecution and abuse, from the so-called “trivial” legal persecution or administrative penalties, to unimaginable cruel tortures in the basements of the Romanian Securitate. The range of procedures applied by the authorities to Gregorian Bivolaru include: slander, intimidation, arrests and Stalinist-type searches, media propaganda going as far as demonization and media lynching, death threats, attacks, endless interrogations, beatings and imprisonment for political reasons.

Gregorian Bivolaru managed to resist truly miraculously (and unbelievably for his torturers) all these decades of abuse and torture. By using yoga techniques, he survived even the murderous extermination method by irradiation, usually applied by Securitate to the most dangerous opponents of the dictator Ceaușescu, method known under the coded name of “Radu”. In 1984, he was wrongly convicted and imprisoned in inhumane conditions, with over seven kilograms chains clapped to his feet, in cells with broken windows and water on the floor, frozen solid during winter. He managed however to stay alive even during such detention. A few years after his release, he was again arrested, tortured and then subjected to forced psychiatric hospitalization. The Securitate and communist authorities’ persecutions were recognized to some extent by the final decision of a Court of Appeal, in case no. 48765/3/2010. The Court found the political nature of the convictions Gregorian Bivolaru suffered before the Revolution, in 1977 and 1984, and the political nature of his hospitalization in Poiana Mare Psychiatric Hospital in 1989.

The inexhaustible, occult Machiavellianism, made it so that only a few days before the final verdict in the trial of Gregorian Bivolaru, found not guilty by two courts, the prosecutors  added to the file two warrants issued by the Court, by which telephone conversations were allegedly intercepted in the case of Gregorian Bivolaru. Although these warrants have been repeatedly requested since the beginning of the trial, for years, by both defense lawyers and the judges, the prosecutors stubbornly refused to submit them to the file, with the hallucinating reason that they were “state secrets”!!! SO, THE MANDATES WERE ISSUED BECAUSE S.R.I. DECIDED THAT THIS CITIZEN’S PHONE CONVERSATIONS MIGHT UNDERMINE THE NATIONAL SECURITY.

Let’s compare now the “danger” of Gregorian Bivolaru phone conversations with the real danger of criminal dilution of disinfectants in hospitals, for 10-20 years, a dilution that may have led to thousands or even tens of thousands of deaths of innocent people, who may have died in hospitals because of that. And yet, the dilution of disinfectants hasn’t and is not considered by S.R.I. a national security matter! “Dan Condrea or Hexi Pharma company do not fall in the category of ‘national security’”, says the Parliamentary Committee Control of SRI, in a statement given after the report submission by SRI to the committee.

You can see in the picture below one of the mandates, by which the secret services (SRI and others) were authorized to intercept one phone number communications and also to enter anytime, secretly or by undercover agents, in the yogis places around the country, where MISA Yoga School allegedly held “extremist activities” that might harm national security!

PUBLIC MINISTRY                             TOP SECRET
PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE                   (after filled in)
ATTACHED TO THE                          Copy no.  3

Date: 13.02.2012

No. 162
2012 Month 02 Day 13

MANDATE NO. 002061 FROM 13.11.2002

PICIORUȘ ILIE, specially appointed prosecutor by the General Prosecutor, under Article no. 13, in relation to Article 3, point “f”, “h” and “l”, Law Number 51/1991, and Article 10 of Law Number 14/1992, at the request of the Romanian Intelligence Service, no. 001.051.805  of   13.11.2002.


– Interception of communications of BIVOLARU GREGORIAN, mobile number 0723……., registered under the name ……..;
– access to premises in Bucharest and other cities where manifestations of extremist nature of MISA members take place, organized by the person in question, and at the places of accommodation, with the purpose of installing technical means of communications interception, their maintenance and collection, as well as of collection and restoring of any object or document, their examination, extraction of information they contain, as well as recording, copying or obtaining excerpts by any method.

The mentioned activities concern: BIVOLARU GREGORIAN, son of Constantin and Floarea, born on 13.03.1952 in Tărtășești, Dâmbovița district, residing at the address: București, Str. …, Block …, apartment ….

The activities for which this mandate is issued will be performed by UM 0127, UM 02… and UM 0894, with the support of the mobile phone operator.

Activities will take place in București and in the cities the person in question will travel to.

The mandate is valid for 3 months, from 15.11.2002, 15:00, to 14.02.2003, 15:00.


– signature –


ILIE PICIORUȘ, the one who issued the warrants, is a prosecutor since the Ceaușescu regime times. He was the one who investigated in 1985 the great dissident eng. Gheorghe Ursu, who died assassinated in dreadful tortures in the basements of Department VI of Securitate, on Rahovei Rd. Although the dissident had died as a result of the beatings that had displaced his internal organs, ILIE PICIORUȘ tried to cover up the murder almost a week after the fact, by compiling, as if nothing had happened, documents for sending him to trial for alleged possession of foreign currency ($10!). Just a year before, in 1984, Gregorian Bivolaru had been through the same basements on Rahovei Rd., where he suffered similar treatments (endless investigations, terrible torture, death threats) led by the department head of the Securitate, col. Gheorghe Vasile. On April 17, 1984, Gregorian Bivolaru was arrested for being “caught in the act” of… teaching yoga to a group of 16 students in a house in Cotroceni, a practice completely banned by the Ceaușescu regime.

After issuing the last interception mandate in MISA case, ILIE PICIORUŞ was promoted from the Prosecutor Office attached to the HCCJ, to secretary general of MSC. Another strange coincidence is the fact that ILIE PICIORUŞ’s wife is working at the National Institute of Legal Medicine “Mina Minovici”, where Mădălina Dumitru, the alleged victim, was taken by force by the authorities in 2004, with the aim to counterfeit evidence against Gregorian Bivolaru.

We also remind here that in 2006, during the time ILIE PICIORUŞ held the position of Secretary General of MSC, this institution issued an official report in which it was stated that: “The yogis faked themselves the images of the violent searches on March 18, 2004; they filmed themselves and gave the films to televisions… The Yogi beaten into a coma by the gendarmes at the mitting organized at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine was actually beaten by his fellow yogis… Prosecutors have acted properly in this case and there was no information leak from the Prosecutor Office. … In the MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru case, there was no political interference on the investigation.”

By maintaining the same tone, although Gregorian Bivolaru already had political asylum and Romania was a signatory to the Geneva Convention, the Romanian authorities issued a European arrest warrant on his name in 2013. And to make sure he would not escape their claws, Gregorian Bivolaru, although a refugee, was published on the list of most wanted criminals in Europe (the head of the list even), thus Europol committing flagrant illegalities, consisting in false indication and description of different offenses, much more serious, than that for which the conviction was actually given. This was intentionally forged to place a “stigma” of pedophile and child exploiter to Gregorian Bivolaru, with the obvious purpose to get him lynched if he would be imprisoned.

While the masses are being induced with this negatively – directed vision regarding Gregorian Bivolaru, requesting his arrest for an act contested by the very so-called victim herself (Mădălina Dumitru), the theatre play Faustus, after a novel of J. W. Goethe, performed at the National Theatre „Radu Stanca” in Sibiu, portrays seven girls aged between 8 and 12 years old, surrounded by repetitive scenes of violence, blood, vulgarity, brutality, gestures with sexual content and nudity. Various naked characters simulated sexual acts, rape, the ingestion of alcohol and urine , sexual acts with animals, without causing the prudes that condemn now (unjustly in reality) Gregorian Bivolaru to have any reactions of revulsion.


Meanwhile, while Gregorian Bivolaru is literally hounded with this grotesque hunt through Europe, at his domicile in Sweden he receives a letter through which he is warned to stop being involved in the activities of this school of yoga, because, although it is well known he is innocent, however, he is to be arrested, which actually happened two days after the receiving of the respective letter.

The arresting of Gregorian Bivolaru in France was announced in Romania on all news channels as being a major victory of the Romanian authorities, which emphasizes once more the huge stakes at play in this case. The news that appeared, then announced continuously the imminent extradition of Gregorian Bivolaru to Romania in order to execute his sentence, ignoring again, blatantly, the fact that his sending to Romania would represent a gross violation of his status as a political refugee, based on the Geneva Convention. Meaning, if we are to read between the lines of the news, sending Gregorian Bivolaru behind bars is – in the vision of those who decide for us – much more important than respecting fundamental international treaties on which the very modern civilization is based, as is the 1951 Geneva Convention or the Decision of the European Union Justice Court in Luxembourg, April 2016, regarding the inhuman incarceration conditions in the Romanian prisons.

So, on the one hand the French judge had to respond to the stubborn, slightly obsessive request made by Romania to extradite Gregorian Bivolaru. On the other hand he should have considered the political refugee status of Gregorian Bivolaru, status that was explicitly reconfirmed during the Paris trial, by the Swedish government.

While in detention outside of Paris, Gregorian Bivolaru is informed by the owner of his home in Sweden that he has received yet another letter containing terrifying threats. But with this type of psychological torture he was already well familiarized.

On June 8, 2016, the judge Bartholin with the Chamber of Instruction of the Court of Appeals, Paris, gives a stunning decision, through which he grants strangely a greater value and credibility to the documents of the Romanian justice (the arrest warrant for the supposed sexual relations with a person that denies these relations), questioning the documents and requests of Sweden, which show that they have verified both legally, as well as diplomatically the history of Gregorian Bivolaru and they have concluded that this person is severely persecuted, in the circumstances in which Romania offers no guarantees that he will be protected from abuse.

The French Post delivers on the date of July 11, at the addresses of the Parisian lawyers of Gregorian Bivolaru, a correspondence destined to their client, filed on July 13, 2016 at the Registry of Law Firms, which we are posting below in facsimile:


To be forwarded urgently to Mr Bivolaru Gregorian, alias Magnus  Aurolsson

Mr Bivolaru Gregorian, alias Magnus Aurolsson,

The moment has come to notify you in advance that, because of the actions and orders we have issued, you will find out later on (officially) that your appeal will be rejected in accordance with our firm orders, and after that you will be sent, as you deserve, to the jail in Romania that you are so afraid of.

You will receive the “prize” that we have prepared for you for the books, as well as for the conferences that you held against us throughout time, as well as for your stubbornness in disregarding and not doing what we have requested of you in those letters that were sent to your address in Sweden.

You will find out at your own expense that we would do everything to destroy you, keeping you in jail for many years. You should be aware that it is us who gave the order to judge Bartholin to give the sentence you know, and afterwards he completed our order. You have no chances, you wanted to fight against us, but you are too small to accomplish anything.

Our orders will be executed, and in this way you will become convinced that the power at our disposal is total.

The appeal will not serve you for any good, because, as you will find out officially, it will be rejected, even if you have great hopes about it.

This message is addressed personally to you from us, but, if you make the mistake of showing it to others or making it public, no one will believe you that we are the ones who have sent it, so if you do this it will do you no good.

You have been warned about all these, to see the shit you got yourself in by fighting against us and to clarify once more that anyone who fights against us is always defeated, like you, and without any chances.

July 7, 2016
Those who see everything and forgive nothing

(to forward urgently to:
Mr Bivolaru Gregorian / Magnus Aurolsson)
Boulevard Raspail
Paris, 75007

Letter filed
on July 13, 2016 at

Letters with the same content were sent as well at the addresses of the Law offices Dominique Tricaud and Sandrine Dos Santos.

In a bizarre way, as you can notice, these letters were written and received before the decision of France Court of Cassation, and still they mentioned clearly what exactly would soon be decided in the case of Gregorian Bivolaru.
At present the French police has already started an investigation to identify the author of these letters. Such an intervention points at shocking problems for a country of which its citizens believe that the justice system is freed of corruption and shadow play ordered decisions.

Throughout these 45 years, mass media in its totality, through an extremely suspicious pact, has simply refused to broadcast news referring the sentence that confirms the political nature of the convictions suffered by Gregorian Bivolaru before the Revolution, regarding the terror suffered by the so-called victim (Mădălina Dumitru), a necessary pawn in the grotesque mechanism of an illegal and abusive conviction, and, also, regarding all these troubling circumstances.

The texts of these letters and the suspicious shadow play being acted in the past and in the present in the case of Gregorian Bivolaru, will they be reported on by anyone, or will everyone adhere again to the conspiracy of guilty silence?

July 2016

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