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Psychiatrist Ruben Feldman Gonzales relates how the meeting with two people, two outstanding people, the sage Krishnamurti and man of science David Bohm, brought a new vision of reality to his life, which he called the unitary perception.
One of the main themes of discussion between Bohm and Krishnamurti was the nature of thought, its limits and how they it leads to a partial perception of reality. Human consciousness has an explicit order, which is the fragmentary perception of reality, and an implicit order, which is the unitary perception of reality. This unitary perception is achieved in yoga during the deep states of meditation.

SAMADHI means a beatific state of consciousness, superior to the awake state, dreams and deep sleep. In this state occurs the fusion between the one who meditates with the object of his meditation. By merging the “subject” and the “object” of the experience, the profoundly ecstatic character of this experience appears. To be able to enter as often as possible into the state of SAMADHI is a prerequisite condition to any profound yogic meditations that is truly perfectly accomplished. All schools and spiritual traditions distinguish at least two types of divine ecstasy SAMADHI. First they talk about that state of SAMADHI (divine ecstasy) which requests the deep identification with the object of meditation and the manifestation of some really elevated forms of thinking and knowledge: secondly, there is that state of SAMADHI, which means to perfectly identify with the very divine essence of the being, with the Supreme transcendent Self. Only the second type of SAMADHI can lead to true spiritual Liberation and to the direct achievement of the Supreme Divine Self (ATMAN), through the complete transcendence of any concept and of any discursivity in thinking.
R.F.Gonzales began the dialogue with Bohm and Krishnamurti based upon the following precepts:
1. “In the unitary perception there is thinking, but not the thinker.”
2. “In the unitary perception the observer is observed.”
3. “The natures of reality in general and of consciousness in particular, form a coherent whole, which is constantly on the move. Our thinking is fragmented. Common knowledge is limited. We talk about the reality and we believe we know it, but the words – results of thinking – cannot express the true Reality. ”

Unitary perception is achieved in yoga during deep states of meditation

According to Heraclitus the word “Logos” means “fundamental, continuous reality, in motion, from which all forms are born and then resorb into”. He was translated into the Gospel of John, through “Word” and since then humanity has put a large emphasis on words and on intellect. What we forget is that intellect itself is one of the forms of this reality, meaning a continuous move that we consider fixed or static. We consider intellect as being a separate process. We believe that memory, the ideas, emotions and organic operation are independent from each other. The perception of intellect is fragmentary. This means that ordinary human thinking conceives the reality in fragments. But thinking is a natural process. There is thinking, but there is no thinker.

Unitary perception in physics – holokinesis


For a long period of history the word “intellect” was synonymous with “spirit”. In this vision, there could not be anything superior to intellect. Only in the last 300 years the West was willing to adopt a way of thinking which did not rely solely on reason, but also on observation. Thus the theory of relativity and quantum theory arose and developed. English physicist David Bohm was the one who introduced in physics the concept of unitary perception. He called it holokinesis (total motion).
The perception of unity is not another form of thinking. All forms of the language and common reason are limited and fragmented, even those that we need and that we use every day. We meet paradoxes whenever we think about continuous reality. Physicists Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr stated that no precise form of thought or language could describe the atomic phenomena. Therefore, the fundamental perceptions of continuous reality rarely become part of daily life.

The transformation may happen right now

All objects, events, entities (atoms and beings), etc. appear as forms in the flow of the whole. These forms appear and disappear again in the overall flow of the continuous reality and no form has an independent existence as this. The universe is a space hologram in motion. Every cubic centimeter of space in the entire universe condenses the energy that could be released by all the matter in the universe. Every part of our body works in at least four autonomous ways, existing at material, mental, energetic and holokinetic levels.
The mind works as an interface between matter and energy. It has only one way to get in touch with the cosmic energy and higher levels of consciousness. This way is called unitary perception. Matter, mind, energy are constantly in motion in this holokinetic reality. Creation is not a past event, it occurs even in this moment. Now, in the 21ST century, thinking it is still regarded as the foundation of reality and the fundamental concept in the today psychology. We cannot go beyond matter because everything we know is the fragmented perception inherent in thinking. Everything in the fragmentary perception is disconnected. Matter is separate from the atoms; the energy is divided into fields (electromagnetic, gravitational field etc).
If the creation itself takes place even in this moment, then the complete transformation of man can happen right now. It is not enough to change our behavior, ideas or beliefs. We must rediscover the experience of unitary perception beyond words.

Thinking is the one that fragments


Our consciousness has an explicit order, which is the fragmentary perception of thinking; order that we become aware of through images, symbols and words. But the consciousness also has an implicit policy that is unitary perception. Unitary perception may include thinking but is not a result of thinking. I was astounded when I realized that contemporary science, philosophy and psychology completely ignore unitary perception. The nature of reality regarded as an undivided whole, is irrelevant to the quantum or relativistic theories. The only connection between matter, energy, and mind is made by ordinary people through fragmented thinking, also considering language as a form of it. Not only that we rarely think of holokinesis in our scientific education, but it can be inferred only through thinking. We believe strongly that people and events are independent from each other. The fragmentary perception or the one that creates the illusory differences assumes that things are not linked with each other. Atoms exist as concepts only in the human mind, and the electromagnetic fields have the same nature as gravitation, and thoughts are not separated from emotions and they both “melt” completely in the unitary perception.
I was also amazed that I was not able to see neurons separated in the cerebral tissue by means of a powerful electronic microscope. Receptors, neurons, emotions, energy fields and atoms have a separate existence only in theory, only in the human mind. David Bohm told me: “It is the same with the nations. There are no nations on the planet; they are only on the maps invented by the human thinking. One consequence of this thing is wars.”

The whole is in the part


“The discussion with Bohm and Krishnamurti was for me a real mystical experience. They have awakened in me not only a new vision of the cosmos; they awakened me to a new life, of a much higher intensity. I understood then that what the Oriental traditions call SAMADHI or divine ecstasy is in fact the unitary perception of the Indivisible Reality and the full experiencing of this unity. Unitary perception can be described by one word: wholeness – total energy, total joy and total order and the feeling of being one with all beings which I met. Time became unimportant and the entire space formed a coherent whole. “

21 May 2012

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