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In light of the heavenly revelations that we have all learned, understood and felt, some of us, that the instruments of evil who used to do harm on this planet for thousands and thousands of years, have been banished with a destination unknown and  forced to remain there. One way ticket! The devil-reptilians, together with their small grey lieutenants plus their human lackeys (the latter thought they would have a warm bed and three meals a day, provided that they are allowed to play with the “buttons” from time to time or to chew a bone thrown mockingly on the floor by the reptilians) left not willingly, but unwillingly, with sounds of furniture pulled on the floor, with rasps of teeth, with howls of despair. What was in the souls of the people, contorted with horror, who thought they would inherit the world from their concrete holes where they made a pact with the sly evil ones, when they realized they had pulled the losing ticket of the lottery of life and death, and that all that remains to be done is to follow them forcefully, in a place I don’t want to think about at all, and go on being slaves for those who have paid them. Yikes! What despair! Ah! How painful! They could have been in paradise, along with us 7 billion that they wanted to exterminate, but so, this should be a lesson for those who will be tempted to ever betray again.
I confess with shame, I’m happy for the first time that we are 7 billion people on this planet! But I’m happy and glad wholeheartedly because WE ARE SEVEN BILLION earthlings. Who allowed me to have judged until now that so many human beings have chosen to reincarnate? I realize now that it is the best thing that we are as many. Perhaps beings from all corners of the universe wanted to be witnessing the passage towards the dawn of the “Golden Age” of much tested Terra.

The privileged much awaited time (Yes brethren I have waited for you thousands of years!) when the “Stellar Hippies” will openly reveal themselves to the great masses, will be the moment in which we understand, some for the first time, that we are no longer republicans or democrats, that we are no longer peasants or townspeople, that we are no longer Maghrebian, Iberian, Scandinavian, Gauls, or Balkan, that we no longer are Sephardi or Ashkenazi, that we no longer are Sybarites, Caucasians, Africans or Ugrics. We will face the new reality to decline our identity of “Inhabitants of the Earth” for the first time. The inhabitants of the “Blue Planet” may claim ascendancy using these words that we have known for so long but only now they pour their poetry with splendor: “We are from the Blue Planet!”

That being true, the idea that in these moments nothing is detrimental to us anymore appears. Meaning those who had all those underground bases with their infernal machines, cannons and radionic boxes, and who knows what other things we do not know about, and who had the purpose to create hatred, discord, fear, mistrust, insecurity, belligerence, awe, sorrow, horror (energies that the devil-reptilliens fed themselves with) were evacuated for good, now the subtle atmosphere of the planet is created and is formed only by us! Like a sui-generis painter that sits at the easel where a white framed canvas linen thrones, just like this the mysterious vibration of the Earth is and can be painted from the beginning, exactly by us all together and each one individually! Let us therefore be intelligent and stop  ourselves from using the old boring patterns and colors of the world that is to die (kali yuga). This is why I invite you right from today to think and to act animated by the most refined noble feelings and intentions. I dare you to reject with a superior understanding all the problems, fears, lack of character of the previous man that have been written for millennia in the collective subconscious, to select, analyze them with a detached vision, and then delete/cancel/erase them. Think and do all that is good, folks, more and more, for now only this will feed us, and nothing we will resist us anymore! Prove yourself worthy of the Paradise that lies in front of us! Experience with anticipation, intelligently, all the joys and the Beatitudes, that await for us, some of which are unforeseeable and will astonish us!

If some ask themselves of what nature and which could be those joys which await us, allow me to sketch them:
One extraordinarily good thing will be that meters of any kind will disappear. There will be no gas meters anymore. Fossil fuels of this kind will no longer be used. There will no longer be electricity meters; it will be free, unlimited quantities for all who will need it (heating, cooling, cooking, transportation, etc.). There will be no water meters, water will be free and the best quality for all humanity. There will be no crude oil production, so we won’t use petrol and diesel anymore, and in general no fossil fuel polluter, including coal.

All nuclear power plants will shut down (I hope the nuclear waste will be sent in the same location where those from the underground bases were sent to…). There will be no sources of electromagnetic pollution we got so used to that some of us don’t even notice them anymore: mobile gsm, wi-fi, gps, radio, tv. Forests will no longer be cut other than when required, with reason. All farms and slaughterhouses in which various species of animals are abused in horrible ways will be eliminated. There will be no more fishing. There will be organized animal hunting actions only for balancing the herds, never as a sport or for consumption. The air is very clean and pure, uploaded with prana, regardless of the area.

Farming will be organic, people will grow natural plants, unmodified, and of the highest quality.

The clothes will be made out of vegetable fibres, flax, hemp, cotton, no one will ever wear poliester. The vast areas (of a wild beauty) which are now underpopulated because of accessibility conditions and climatic conditions, will be occupied in a non-invasive way by people, they will live everywhere, from the poles

to the tropics and Equator. The major cities, these architectural aberrations will be vacated and later will be evened with the help of science and technology of the future. Those who choose to remain on Earth will live in small communities, in complete harmony with nature.

However, cities will still exist, and they will be the administrative centers and universities.

Teachers at universities will also hold administrative functions (something like-the king/great priest/magistrate/doctor/engineer). These leaders of a new nature will take care that society in general will be built on the indestructible pillars of God’s precepts. Physics, as a study subject as we know it now will be taught only in history classes. Chemistry, as it is now known, will be taught only in kindergartens. All knowledge will receive a strong ascendant impulse, thanks to the aid of alien civilizations far more advanced than us in every respect. Sciences that have been repudiated by academic bodies, such as astrology, alchemy, yoga, will emerge.

The medicine that will be practiced will be fantastic. Thanks to this type of life, people will easily reach Methuselah ages,

and each person’s permanent withdrawal into one of the astral paradises, when they wish, will happen in a controlled way at will. There will be no conflict, no war, the weapons that will exist then will be completely different from anything we imagine now and their secret location will be known only to a limited number of staff, which will also be the only ones who will know how to use them, and they will be used only with the consent of the hierophants. These weapons will never aim towards the planet Earth. The administration will be an extraordinarily simple one, common sense rules will be the main directives. The rare disputes arising between people, ad hoc great priests will solve them. They will aso mediate links with the embassies of thousands and millions of civilizations that exist and with which you can create dialog.

Religion will be one and only one. This will add all both what is best and truest of all religious currents that have ever existed on planet Earth, and genuine knowledge of other extraterrestrial civilizations.

This religion will be called “Godness”.
If after you read all of these, you have questions, I will answer them. What will the billions of people do who wake up overnight that they no longer have to go to work, the factories were closed, the probes were stopped, energy is free, they no longer have bills to pay, refrigerators and pantries are filled with vegetables,

they no longer have pork and beer, no pro-TV to watch the game (or a match). I have the intuition that these moments of transition may be among the most difficult (Einstein had a reason to say that you can more easily disintegrate an atom than a prejudice), but maybe the most beautiful thing, art will play a major role, people discovering that they have plenty of free time, being healthy and happy, will begin to dedicate themselves to the study and practice of various arts.

Others, who have a technical inclination, will enjoy the new flying “toys” through the sky, the underwater immersion “toys”, and so on, brought to us by our rescuers from the stars.


Those who have wandering inclinations will want time to take the purse in the stick and to wander through the Cosmos. And finally, the fewest of them who will enjoy immensely to discover what their soul had sighed for forever, namely proof over proof of the existence of God, each more truthful, more innovative, will consecrate avidly in the exploration of the subtle angelic worlds, in the study of history of religions, of spiritual practices for self revelation and realization of God in themselves, as they will be taught by their masters. Finally, they will all find something elevating to do with the time of which there will be plentiful, and those who will not be attracted to any of these variants, will be able to work voluntarily in agriculture, construction, or in any other area, in order to help in a detached way their fellows. However, the spiritual field of the planet will not tolerate any vibration of laziness, no one will stay without doing anything, laziness and playing truant will be unknown concepts.

In conclusion, we are apparently fated to heaven, I hope that there are no imbeciles to believe and to understand in reverse the information of the last three conferences that have been sent by our spiritual guide. A wise man’s saying sounding like this comes to my mind: “Before attaining spiritual enlightenment I thought my spiritual sadhana is the best thing I could do. Then after reaching the State of spiritual enlightenment, I realize that the only thing worthy to do is the spiritual sadhana.” I invite you all, dear colleagues, to realize full of aspiration our daily practice, to make it with great joy in our soul and with divine hopes so that this planet will be sooner rather than later, the terrestrial Paradise, heaven on Earth, Satya Yuga.  

by Alexis Sophronias




22 May 2012



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