Excess mortality in the EU, directly proportional to vaccination rates. Romania and Bulgaria are in the end of the list.

Excess mortality in EU countries is still high even a year after the unofficial end of the pandemic. The countries with the highest rates of unexplained deaths are the same countries that have mass-vaccinated their populations, but no decision has been made to investigate the causes. Although vaccination against covid has stopped across the European Union, the medium-term effects are still being felt.

Compared to the “normal” period 2016-2019, which serves as the basis for monitoring the evolution of deaths in the EU, excess mortality continues to increase in direct proportion to the vaccination rate of each country. Romania and Bulgaria have had low rates of this indicator since October 2022 and November 2022, meaning that the number of deaths has fallen below the average of the reference period. The same countries that were condemned and cornered by the EU for firmly rejecting the covid vaccine. The rejection of the vaccine did not go unpunished, and so Romania and Bulgaria were subjected to a veritable genocide in October/November 2022, when the number of covid deaths reported in hospitals incomprehensibly broke all EU records.

In October and November, 20,000 Romanians lost their lives, with excess mortality reaching 111.2% and 70.1%, percentages that have never been repeated before or after these two months. The result was as expected. After the decimation of Romanians in hospitals, whose deaths should make the medical world shake with a guilty consciousness, the vaccination rate began to increase, more on paper but unfortunately also in reality, since 30% of Romanians were actually vaccinated. The survival instinct, deeply rooted in Romanian genes, has prevailed and people have managed to withstand the pressure. On the other hand, the Romanians who did not resist the pressure or allowed themselves to be manipulated by the fear-of-death tactics spread across all channels, if they are still alive, they suffer from serious health issues.

The numbers speak for themselves

The statistics revealed by Eurostat should be a wake-up call for all those who still believe in the “benefits” and “effectiveness” of anti-covid vaccination. The data should also be included in a mandatory investigation at the level of the European Union, which, due to Ursula von der Leyen, is already forced to pay a lot of money for hundreds of millions of unused vaccines.

The effectiveness of vaccines should be examined, and this is evident from the numbers, which do not lie. At the end of December 2021, a year after the start of the major vaccination campaign that Europeans are gushing about without question, Germany had an excess mortality rate of 24.2% compared to the 2016-2019 reference period, and on December 31, 2022, after the 3rd dose vaccination, the excess mortality rate increased to 38.2%.

From the beginning of 2023, in the same Germany, where covid has long since fizzled out, excess mortality was 10.1% in April and 8.3% in May. Ireland had excess mortality of 5.8% in December 2021, rising to 25.7% at the end of 2022 and 13.3% in May 2023. In Austria, where almost compulsory vaccination had been introduced, excess mortality rose from 19.8% in December 2021 to 30.1% in December 2022 and was still 9.9% in May 2023. Slovenia, a super-vaccinated country, had excess mortality of 25.6% in December 2021, 25.5% in December 2022 and 8.1% in May 2023. In Finland, excess mortality increased from 16.1% in December 2021 to 27.7% in December 2022 and 14.3% in May 2023. In Luxembourg, excess mortality fell from 20% in December 2021 to 9.6% in December 2022 and then rose sharply to 17.5% in May 2023. And in Greece, excess mortality rose from 32.3% in the first year after vaccination to 10.7% in the second year of vaccination and to 10.1% in May 2023.

The examples could go on and on, as the situation in all vaccinated countries is similar. The conclusion is obvious to anyone who studies these numbers: the vaccine has done everything but protect the people.

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According to Eurostat, excess mortality in the EU was 20.0% in December 2022 compared to the same period 2016-2019, representing 92,500 additional deaths. In comparison, the excess mortality rate was 29.7% (135,000 excess deaths) in December 2020 and 23.7% (115,000 excess deaths) in December 2021. In August 2022, excess mortality was again higher compared to the same month in the last two years: 13.9% (52,500 excess deaths), compared to an excess mortality rate of 7.6% in August 2020 (27,300 excess deaths) and 9 .1% in August 2021 (36,000 excess deaths).


September 23, 2023


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