Extraordinary initiation into the secret mantra of Kamadeva, October 22-23

We warmly invite you to a unique spiritual event!
With the support of our Spiritual Guide, the extraordinary initiation into the mantra of Kamadeva will be offered for the first time worldwide, in our spiritual school.

Our Spiritual Guide mentioned that this will be the only intiation in the West and it will be correlated with the implementation of erotic revolution.

Kamadeva is the God of erotic love, and is the Hindu correspondent of the Greek god Eros. Kamadeva embodies the sublime subtle energy of pure Eros. The powerful aspiration that Kamadeva instills in the human beings who adore each other conceals the longing for the Absolute. The enchanting power that God has bestowed upon Kamadeva conquers not only our senses, but also our hearts. This power ecstatically draws us back to the Source, while helping us reach and deepen the state of Godly completeness.

This initiation is part of a two-day workshop about the sublime subtle energy of pure eros, at NATHA Yoga Karlskrona, Sweden:

• Saturday October 22, 09:00 – 18:00
• Sunday October 23, 09:00 – 16:00

The initiation will be offered by Ileana Ștefănescu, coordinator of US Yoga Academy from the United States of America. The event is in collaboration with Georgiana Dăneț (Dhumavatiananda), coordinator of NATHA Yoga Sweden.

More details here: karlskrona.natha.se/event/kamadeva-initiation.


September 13, 2022



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