A joyful invitation to the “Nova Stelar” webinar, on October 22-23, 2022

We invite you all with immense joy and enthusiasm to participate in the “NOVA STELAR” webinar that will be organized online by the CSG spiritual group, where we will aspire to awaken and deepen in a gradual, plenary manner, the fruitful, inwardly transforming communion with the members of the Supreme Galactic Council, but also with certain beneficial extraterrestrial civilizations that are already extraordinarily advanced from a spiritual point of view. This webinar is considered by our Spiritual Guide to be welcome and appropriate.

During this webinar we will perform in premiere some efficient spiritual techniques and spiritual exemplifications which are extraordinary in their own way and which will have a godly integration.

Some special guests will participate on this occasion, who will reveal how and in what way they have advanced, step by step, on the path of subtle, including telepathic communication, in its own extraordinary way, with our galactic elder brothers who are beneficial extraterrestrial beings endowed with amazing paranormal abilities. We will also seek to penetrate, with an extraordinary delight, but also with great aspiration, the signs and synchronicities that we anticipate will be offered to us by certain representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, who are brilliant and eminently beneficial!


Online, via MISA SENZAȚIONAL TV, in our own euphorically expanding inner universe, but also in the immense galactic cosmic space!


On Saturday and Sunday: October 22 and 23, 2022.


By expressing, all of us who will be inspired to attend, a considerable spiritual aspiration by signing up in advance to actively participate in this webinar that will contain some wonderful surprises.

We announce in advance that you will also be able to watch on this occasion 4 appropriate films, which will complement this webinar in a playful way.

Organisational details

The following are required for registration:

two 10/15 cm photos. (face and semi-profile, in swimsuit, two pieces for women), clear, in which the physical body appears in its entirety, and the date on which the photos were taken should be visible (they must be recent, taken after June 1, 2022). On the reverse side, please write the following details in capital letters: last name, first name (those who have changed their name through baptism, etc., please also state their previous name), yoga class year, teacher, city, country, date of birth, TELEPHONE NUMBER and E-MAIL ADDRESS, written in capital letters, so that you can receive the webinar access code by e-mail.

The registration takes place from September 11 to October 11, 2022 at the Library in Bucharest (Library hours – Monday: 12:00-18:00, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: 12:00-19:00, Friday: 12:00-18:00) EEST.

participation fee – 110 lei for students from Romania and €35 for those from abroad.

The students from Bucharest will have to register either in person or through another person at the Library-Files.

The students from the province will send the necessary documents for registration in a sealed envelope to the Library-Files through their teachers.

The students attending the yoga course in countries other than Romania may send the needed documents, in a sealed envelope, to the Library-Files, through another person coming/located in Romania.

Non-students can register, upon the recommendation of one of our students in the yoga school, following the instructions mentioned above.

Other details

The detailed programme of the webinar will only be available on the MISA Sensational TV website and only to those who have registered and have the access code.

More details about the activities of this group on extraterrestrialdivinehelp.com/.

The access link on the CSG Telegram group: https://t.me/+LHAll8ca2cQ1ZWFk.


September 13, 2022



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