Former Satanic Priest Exposes The Four Main Tenets Of Satanic Ideology

In January of 2015, Mark Passio, former Satanic priest, gave a clear and on point explanation of the ideology of the church of Satan. His knowledge comes from his experience as a former priest in the church of Satan, a branch of the Dark Occult.

Now Passio has changed his personal ideology 180 degrees and helps to expose the insidious precepts of Satanism. In 2016, Mark Passio joined Lee Ann McAdoo from Alex Jones’ InfoWars for an online interview wherein he discussed the “four main tenets of Satanism”.

Mark seeks to establish a much more inclusive and caring world view than what he previously believed in. Passio explains he was dissatisfied with religion and over time became angry and gravitated towards the branch of Satanism called the Dark Occult. His writing and music were recognized by a Satanic church figure, the late Anton LaVey.
LaVey asked Mark to become a priest in the church and to take on the role of converting others to the Satanic counter-religion.

While he does not explain why he left the church of Satan, Passio does explain that his associates within the group were completely unconcerned with him leaving, as they felt confident that nothing he could do would affect them or their power.

Is it harmful for society to associate the word “Satanism” solely with human and animal sacrifices and sexual crimes? Could it be that such a definition allows the more sensitive and insidious aspects of the ideology to continue on and become accepted or institutionalized?
What is very interesting about the “Satanic ideology” that Mark Passio describes is that the precepts are not specifically racism or bigotry, the kinds of hatred we frequently associate with criminal acts.

The “four main tenets of Satanism”, as he explains, are:
1. Self-Preservation;
2. Moral Relativism;
3. Social Darwinism;
4. Eugenics.

These concepts (detailed further below) exist on a sliding scale and it is not clear to what degree they are actually practiced by Satanists.
The individuals who practice such a selfish philosophy unbalanced by love or compassion for others would seem like sociopaths among us, perhaps free of criminal records, but who take no risk or responsibility to improve the lives of less fortunate people in society.

As Passio explains, Self-Preservation is among the highest Satanic principles, and not in the acceptable sense of being defensive.
We may know many people in our lives who we consider harmless individuals, without criminal records, who indeed show philosophical traits in common with Satanism, however we would never think of calling them Satanic because we associate that offensive word with human and animal sacrifices, which is a deception that conceals the nature of Satanism as the inverse of Christianity.

For example where Christianity might practice forgiveness and freedom from dogma, Satanism prefers the tools of mercilessness and oppression.
Even if more corporate businesses do not identify with the ideology of Satanism in their business practices, are we living in a predominantly Satanic world?
If so, then it is only individuals, practicing self-preservation balanced with Jesus’ fruits of the Spirit such as compassion to other human beings, that make the world un-evil.

Today Passio is using his knowledge not to create converts, but to expose the Satanic ideology in an effort to reveal how harmful it is.
If it goes un-identified, then it will continue to overwhelm our technological society, in the businesses and sciences, and allow the elite to be dangerously misguided.
We make the world how we create it to be. We are free to create new and better systems of business based on morally objective ideology to overcome old and inferior systems of enslavement.

Despite the aesthetic symbols seen in the background of his recording location, Passio speaks powerfully and knowledgeably against Satanic tools used to oppress massive numbers of people.

Partial Transcript from “Former Satanist Exposes Occult Secrets”

Mark Passio, an independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom activist from Philadelphia, has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness studies.

7:41 – “Satanism has four main tenets or overarching principles of belief. And that is that self-preservation is the highest goal. And you should do whatever you can to advance your personal power and influence in the world no matter who you really have to walk all over, step on, or hurt to get what you want. That’s really the number-one tenet and if you look at society, most of society is stuck in that cut-throat, dog-eat-dog mentality.”

“Moral relativism is the second major tenet which is that there is really no such thing as objective standards of right and wrong behavior. That we as human beings can get to decide upon our whims what right and wrong are and base our actions accordingly. And if you look at most of society I would say more people than not are moral relativists than moral objectivists who think that there is an objective standard of right and wrong behavior. So that’s also very pervasive in society.”

8:02 – “The Third major tenet is social Darwinism, the idea that the most ruthless in society have some sort of a predetermined idea or pre-destined right to basically rule over everybody else in society because their genetics got them there, and made them fit for rulership. And many people will actually think like that and think that that’s ok, that that’s just the natural order or the way things are. You know, and so that’s also very pervasive in our society.”

8:33 – “And finally the fourth main pillar of Satanism is eugenics, the idea that those who are socially fit to rule, and they’re the fittest in society, therefore they’ve come out on top and they’re ruling the roost, well… they can get to decide who basically propagates their genes and who does not, or in other words, who gets to live and who dies. Who must die.”

Are You Being Influenced by Satanists? You Could Be And Not Even Know It

Mark Passio discussed how the Satanism normally thought of in the world today (the worship of the Devil by confused and misguided people) is far more insidious than we could have possibly imagined.

Instead of small gatherings, acting as individuals (usually we think of Satanists as crazy unbalanced teens or psychopaths), Passio describes Satanism is actually a recruiting mechanism for a far darker agenda. Lawyers, doctors and nearly every other high ranking figure in American society was in attendance during Mark’s time with the Church of Satan. They revealed to him that their efforts are global in scale and have been operating for thousands of years in a cohesive unified effort under the banner of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and nearly every other major institution of thought including Science, Law and Government.

Satanism is not wholly what the official Church of Satan offers in its writings, it is actually an organization which incorporates organized crime; the Illuminati, as they are popularly known.

Goal of Occulted Satanism

Their aim is simple: to push Satanic belief systems on to the masses causing self-destructive tendencies; divide and conquer. People spend most of their lives trying to fight for their egocentric desires, destroying themselves and society in the process, “requiring authorities” at all levels to keep the ignorant masses under control.
The Cabal, or Dark Occultists, position themselves in power to be that controlling force-bringing “order to chaos”.
Occulted Satanism is more a philosophy, a set of beliefs and ideas, pushed on the masses under many guises; nearly all of which are accepted unconsciously. Materialism, Corporatism, Narcissism, Atheism and many world religions (as they are practiced today) – can be thought of as Satanic in this context.
One shocking revelation offered by Passio, and confirmed by honest investigation, is that the world at large is in a state of consciousness which could be thought of as Satanic.

Stated more simply, humanity is being indoctrinated into Satanic belief systems, modes of thought, and do not realize it because they have a false version of Satanism pushed by the media. We think Satanism involves only the Devil and sacrificing animals by a few “bad apples” that are not connected in anyway, but in truth this is not actually the case. Within the definitions of Satanism provided by Mark, we have the following tenants, put in simple words:

1. Narcissism
“Me and my needs are the only thing that matters, even at the cost of everyone else.” Survival of the oneself is most important. “No one else and their personal suffering matter unless I am affected.” Compassion for others is weakness. (Narcissistic personality disorder, also known as NPD, is a disorder in which the individual has a distorted self-image, unstable and intense emotions, is overly preoccupied with vanity, prestige, power and personal adequacy, lacks empathy, and has an exaggerated sense of superiority; balancing their low self-image. NPD is closely associated with egocentrism – a personality characteristic in which people see themselves and their interests and opinions as the only ones that really matter).

2. Moral Relativism

“There is no such thing as truth, I make up what right and wrong are, based on what I want. If I can get away with it, then it is ‘right’ and I should; it is only ‘wrong’ if I get caught.” The belief that objective morality doesn’t exist and neither does Truth is Solipsism – the belief that there is no truth because we cannot know it with absolute certainty; “the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist” says Wikipedia. As such, “what I believe is the only thing that matters, and if I don’t believe it – it doesn’t exist” – New Age Doctrine of “Ignore the negative, and it will magically go away.”

3. Social Darwinism

“I focus on my survival and personal needs only; by any means necessary. What gets the job done, whatever I need to do to survive, is the only thing that matters. If someone else can’t do the same, they are weak and deserve what they get.”

4. Eugenics

“I get to decide who lives and dies, what their value is only in relation to my own self-interest. If you’re not with me, you’re against me. I am superior, you are inferior.” Here the aim is to cull the masses, keep the population at a “workable level”. In the past this was done more directly (i.e. the Holocaust) but today Eugenics is unfolding in an Epi-eugenic way. People, by their own beliefs and actions, eat food that kills them off, and kill each other off in unnecessary conflicts.

“Humans are just animals – morality, compassion and empathy are just human inventions – only might is right.” There is no God, no organizing force in the Universe; only Entropy-Scientific Atheism is Satanic within this context.

Are you a Satanist?

That question usually offends us so much we never ask ourselves honestly.

Anyone who acts only is his own interest (from murderers and sadists, to alcoholics, drug addicts and all the way to the shadow elite ruling the planet) is for all intents and purposes an Agent of the Cabal. Using this very strict definition, we can easily see that nearly everyone in our modern world is acting out the plans of the Cabal unconsciously.

This can be a sobering realization, but can be empowering once we accept it, because we realize that we can personally take action to transform. Once we begin to realize that our world views, beliefs and ideals are indoctrinated into us subliminally, we can begin to empower ourselves to take our lives back by reviewing it consciously.

The primary reason why most people are not moral and adhere to passivity in their lives is because of a low self-image, which was developed early on in life, and supported by many hidden belief systems pushed by our modern world.
This realization, coupled with a deep drive to rediscover who we really are and undo the years of unconscious programming, slowly heals us.
Eventually we not only feel better on a daily basis, but we begin to realize that only through ourselves, the personal work of gaining true knowledge and acting in that knowledge, will undo the horrors of this world.  

Humanity as a whole has been conditioned to be dark and materialistic, doomed to self-destruction, unless we look in the mirror and realize it is all our collective behaviors and beliefs which maintain the status quo.
Ultimately, we can acknowledge this is happening to us and realize only we can do something about it. Authorities cannot save us because blind faith in authorities is the root of the problem. We must rediscover who we really are, which will naturally undo the years of Satanic programing, and embolden us to act morally in the future.

January 7, 2018

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