Guide for prolonged orgasm

You have watched them many times tossing about under the clothes. Thrillingly, you have often admired them through your lover”s daring décolletage. Now, finally when a women”s breasts are willingly offered to you, learn to delight in the nectar of them to the full. Touch them with the tips of your fingers. Softly pinch the nipples, play with these two halos. Place both your hands on her breasts, massage them, and delicately knead them. Now they are ready to welcome your passionate kisses. Persist with the nipples, for they are very sensitive and  responsive to tenderness. Even if they are small, breasts love to be observed and adored, as they ought to be.

The buttocks are always in the centre of your attention. You often notice them before any other part of the body. Learn how to show them interest. Suggest to your lover to lay down on her belly, thus offering you a remarkable view of her hidden beauty. Place both hands on her buttocks and begin touching them tenderly, then making circular movements, move away and draw closer to these exquisitely exciting round morsels. Kiss and softly bite them. Especially do not forget about the line which separates the two buttocks: this is an erogenous zone which few are aware of. Massage the sacrum, gently press the coccyx, and then slowly massage downwards. To help her enjoy your caresses more, ask your lover to curl up a little and thus you can admire her as much as you desire…

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