Weak penetration

“Many of man”s victories are the expression of the way he makes love.” Penny Slinger

Have you ever felt embarrassed when…? Even from the beginning…? Or just the moment she…? If you have, then we are talking about the same thing: impotence. And if it is not your situation… Who does not want to be infallible?

From the medical point of view, impotence/erectile dysfunction is merely an emotional blockage, but it may also have a physical impact, leading to difficulty or even to the impossibility of making love.

For a man, the most frequent consequence of this is the subconscious inhibition in achieving an erection. The psychological cause is the fear of disappointing the woman.

This situation usually has a natural remedy: time and greater intimacy, trust and affection. Man should adopt the attitude of focusing his attention on the woman by giving her pleasure and joy (through sensual caresses and intimate kisses), rather than the tendency to focus upon himself.

In this way he will completely forget about his “problem”. However, if the inner blockage still persists, the famous “flabby penetration” technique (well known in the Orient) can be utilized. When doing this, you should not attempt penetration if your lover”s vagina is not abundantly lubricated.

If the woman is amorously aroused but the vagina is not wet, an external natural lubricant (sun-flower oil or melted butter) may be used.

The key to this technique lies in the man”s deftness in using his fingers to gradually introduce his non-erect penis into his lover”s vagina. After doing this, the man should firmly and constantly tighten the base of his penis, in order to ensure a certain firmness of the upper part.

After introducing the penis into the woman”s vagina, an erection will naturally appear and the grip can be gradually reduced .

As the time for lovemaking approaches, the man should feel and amplify the emotion of self-sacrifice and affection for the woman he loves.

By acting like this, and being open and consistent, impotence will be a problem of the past. Now, even the most pessimistic man can see that between the ”old” weak man and the new… ”Don Juan”,  there is a single difference: self-confidence.

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