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We joyfully announce that today, September 13, 2017, at 11:30 am, yoga teacher GREGORIAN BIVOLARU was released from the BISTRIŢA Penitentiary in accordance with the sentence pronounced by the judges on September 7, 2017, which, in spite of insidious pressure exerted by the media, was never attacked in appeal by the prosecutors.
Yoga teacher GREGORIAN BIVOLARU tells everyone that he feels excellent, as usual, and he is, as always, in very good health. He thanks all of you who during this period have chosen to send good thoughts. Yoga teacher GREGORIAN BIVOLARU announces that he will continue with great dedication and enthusiasm the activity that he did not interrupt at all, even while he was in detention both in France and Romania where he continued to write books, fully participated in the correction and final drafting of the programs and notebooks of the Yogic holiday spiritual camps for Herculane and Costinesti, prepared lectures under very difficult conditions, wrote articles and answered for 4-5 hours a day, personally but in writing, the hundreds of messages sent to him both from Romania and from abroad by students and aspirants of this yoga school who needed competent advice on the various problems (including health problems) that they were facing.
But all this was done with great toil, being always written by hand, because penitentiary regulations strictly prohibit the use of a tape recorder by inmates. This basically tripled the time to elaborate everything that Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru used to dictate to the tape recorder, thus saving so much time. During detention, yoga teacher GREGORIAN BIVOLARU has had a lot of revelations that will materialize in the near future in new initiations, in new spiritual projects of great scope that will be offered one by one. All these are primarily intended to help those who are prepared to properly receive them to accelerate their inner growth, the euphoric expansion of their consciousness into endlessness and, especially, the discovery of God through ineffable, multivalent experimentation in their own inner universe.

Yoga teacher GREGORIAN BIVOLARU wishes to let you know that many wonderful spiritual surprises await you – some of them for the first time – which he will offer you in the following only and only with the help coming to him from the Good Lord.


September 13, 2017

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