Maha Vidya Yoga

Maha Vidya Yoga is the path of the adoration of the 10 Great Cosmic Powers.

In the traditional texts it asserts that the 10 Great Cosmic Powers are the 10 fundamental faces of God in manifestation. Therefore, so to know God the aspirant has to gradually merge with every one of the 10 Great Cosmic Powers. It is also said that every one of them (the 10 Great Cosmic Powers) can help the perseverant aspirant to reach the Absolute knowledge.
Therefore, the terrible force of time, the grace of endless compassion, blind beauty, all encompassing vision, endless courage, the power of sacrifice, fascinating brightness, the sublime void, the expressive game, rapturous harmony…. all these are the faces or the different cosmic personalities of the Supreme Feminine Energy, each one of them leading the human being to the Ultimate Reality.


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