Great yogis

Setting forth the example of their own lives, these great spirits urge us to explore the divine mystery resting in the heart of the manifestation. The variety of the great yogis’ experiences is fascinating and stands as irrefutable evidence that all genuine spiritual paths are leading to the same Divine Oneness. The main feeling that imbues this entire array of human experiences is the search of the original nature of the being and of the entire universe, the frantic aspiration for the paramount Essence.

These exceptional people mean spiritual examples to us, worth to be taken, as they appear like open windows toward God. The state of aspiration toward the Divine, that we feel going through these articles, if we try to reach a state of spiritual communion to them, inspires the quest beyond an ordinary predictable experience.

Therefore, the examples of the great yogis are some invitations to explore our own inner universe and thereby discover God, who “is the same God for all those looking for Him”, as Sri Aurobindo put it.

What else to learn from these exceptional beings? Complete devotion to the divine so that everything we do in life is consecrated to God and we become real divine relays for Him to manifest. Thereby we become one with God. The calling of the spiritual masters urges us to surpass all social rules and stereotypes, go beyond the stiff patterns of reason and surrender all fears in favour of God.

We kindly invite you to share their joy of devotion to the others so that they may successfully convey their assets, open the door to the great souls and also help the uplifting of the entire humankind.

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