Majority of Indians believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life: survey

In an online survey, 47% people said they believed intelligent extraterrestrial life existed in the universe. In India, the percentage was 55%.

Moreover, three in five people who believed in existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life voted to establish contact with them.

A majority of people on the Earth believe that there is some form of extraterrestrial life out there in the universe and about half of them believe that it is intelligent life, according to a global online survey.

The survey, conducted by US-based consultancy Glocalities, was taken by 26,492 respondents. Out of the total respondents, 61% voted for some sort of extraterrestrial life. In this belief they have an authoritative backer in renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, according to the survey. Only 17% of the respondents gave a definitive no, while 22% were unsure.

Almost half the people (47%) believe that the extraterrestrial life is intelligent. Indians support this theory more with 55% of its respondents voting for intelligent extraterrestrial life. According to the survey, Russians were most likely to believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life and Dutch the least likely.

Three in five people who believed in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life also voted to establish contact with the beneficial stellar beings if they are found.

People who believe in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations are not a marginal minority but constitute a large and distinct segment of unconventional and anti-authoritarian thinkers with a passion for science, technology, culture, politics and the arts. Based on their fascination for science, arts and life in the universe, we characterise them with the term Homo Universalis,” Martijn Lampert, research director at Glocalities, said.

The respondents were from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

The researchers believe the high level of belief in extraterrestrial life explains the success of movies on the theme, including the Star Wars series.


March 2, 2023


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