Market Sniper: Interest rate spike will lead to controlled demolition of people’s assets

According to “Market Sniper” Francis Hunt, the spike in interest rates will lead to the controlled demolition of people’s assets. He issued this warning during the Feb. 24 edition of the “Liberty and Finance” podcast hosted by Elijah K. Johnson.

Francis Hunt

Their expressed goal is to asset-strip the general citizenry – and the controlled demolition tool of choice is, in fact, leverage and debt. Because if you spike that interest rate, you can force people out of the assets. Only those cash owners outright will survive a major interest rate spike,” Hunt said.

If you’re looking to shake the tree and get most of the people falling out and tumbling down, the interest rate is one of the key tools to do that.”

Hunt – a trader and technical analyst also dubbed the “Crypto Sniper” and “Reset Sniper” – added that with a slipping American economy, a belligerent Federal Reserve has laid out the circumstances to bring about a currency reset upon the people.

The difference is you may, as a consumer, be treated differently. In other words, they will get a holding period for the buyer [to] have time to make good. They will declare a certain force majeure and whatever geopolitical events excuse, but you won’t get to do that so a spike in interest rates.

Hunt ultimately advised people to reduce debt levels because the controlled demolition of the world economy is in full swing.

According to Hunt, interest in terms of a person’s personal finances is essentially interest-tied debt. He also told Johnson that while nothing is larger than property, it could dip substantially – leaving Americans to be tenants in their own homes with either BlackRock or Vanguard as their landlords.

The Market Sniper added that this is a great concern, especially with the globalist elites’ agenda to create a society reliant on universal basic income (UBI). Under this kind of society, people will own nothing – even their homes, which would soon become unaffordable.

People in debt will be squeezed really hard, alongside their employment and income choices being taken away. Hunt said that average Americans and other people in different countries “will only survive for more than a handful of months” under this scenario.

Hunt advised against living the high life and showing off wealth, as it essentially puts a target on a person’s back. He explained that society and community will be weaponized against “wealthy” people, who will then be tagged as “capitalists” for showing off their riches.

So, play it low profile, get debt out of your life and own physical [assets].”

Johnson agreed, saying that playing it safe is a very good idea aside from keeping out of debt and owning real assets.

Watch the Feb. 24 edition of the “Liberty and Finance” podcast with Elijah K. Johnson and Francis Hunt.


April 3, 2023


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