Motto: “Sometimes people stumble over truth, but only the foolish rise immediately and continue walking with indifference”

              Attention!!! Each of these benefic moments, as veiled gifts from God, helps you enter and savor –in a  
              spiritual way – the secrets of esoteric astral resonances. By constant and firm attention, these ineffable
              moments offer us the chance to plenary and profoundly love the mystery of the present moment.
              – Yoga Professor Gregorian Bivolaru
Sunday, 10th January– Meeting of the group for deepening the relationship Spiritual guide-Aspirant.
Monday, 11th January, from 21.50-22:35 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in conjunction with Venus. Effects: It amplifies the affective openness, generosity and the capacity of consciously expressing beneficial states and emotions. It is a good period for taking responsibilities about relationships, for manifesting freely and sp

Tuesday, 12th January, from 13:00-13:45 – Meditation of spiritual communion with the great yogi Swami Vivekananda.
Wednesday, 13th January, from 10:30-11:15-Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus in sextile with Uranus. Effects:This aspect stimulates and amplifies the perception of the state of mysterious beauty of the human beings we come in contact with, it facilitates the appearance of an ineffable state of fascination, it refines sensuality, it awakes romanticism and originality. It confers genius inspiration which can be materialized in immortal works of art. Especially now, love manifested fully in all its forms is impregnated with an overwhelming state of mystery. This moment facilitates the resonance with the macrocosmic, affective sphere, it awakes and simultaneously amplifies the power of transfiguration. This aspect confers big creativity, it brings freedom of expression, it awakens and amplifies refined erotic imagination; it facilitates the complete manifestation of love, it stimulates enthusiasm and ingenuity; it awakens the capacity of becoming aware of the collective ideals of humanity and it allows us to intuit the new directions of the epoch we live in. It makes possible the discovery of new, genius solutions and it facilitates the solving of couple relationship problems. It favors the appearance of spontaneous states of empathy, it awakes superior sensitivity.
Wednesday, 13th January, from 19:25-20:10-Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in sextile with Uranus. Effects: It awakens creative imagination and originality. It favors artistic inspiration and it awakens spontaneity. It amplifies in the being the state of detachment, it facilitates letting go of prejudices and stupid limitations. It awakes and amplifies refined sensuality, the state of virility, originality, vitality, it facilitates the appearance of a state of expansion through love, it awakes the power of unconditional self-abandonment to God. It facilitates reaching the state of heavenly happiness.
Wednesday, 13th January, from 2:20-00:00 – Shivaratri – Meditation of communion with Shiva.
Sunday, 17th January – Meeting of the Group for deepening the relationship Spiritual guide-Aspirant.
Friday, 22nd January, from 6:50-07:35 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial asrtolological aspect: Venus in triad with Saturn. Effects: It favourises the spontaneous and free expression of beneficial experiences and emotions, it awakes and amplifies continuity in expressing beneficent feelings. It facilitates the reaching of a state of deepness and respect in relationships between people. It makes possible a better collaboration and understanding between people both in the social and the spiritual spheres. It awakes and amplifies in the being the power of discernment, moderation, responsibility in relationships, in the same time it awakens and amplifies tact and diplomacy.

Sunday, 24th January, from 16:20-17:05- Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect. Sun in triad with Saturn. Effects:
It awakes and amplifies in our inner universe responsibility, patience, self-confidence; it stimulates practical sense, it brings a mainly objective attitude which favors profoundness. It facilitates the spontaneously overcoming of pride, it awakens self-respect, it stimulates the power of fighting with increased forces against evil and to bring our aspirationsto a successful end. It is a favorable moment for successfully taking very special responsabilities in the spiritual sphere which, among others, favors the materializing and fulfillment of our sublime ideals. At the same time, this aspect awakens and amplifies tenacity, moderation, it bring into manifestation the state of practical wisdom; it awakens and stimulates organizational capacities.
Thursday, 28th January – Tripura Sundari. The favorable period for love making in a couple, with continence, love and transfiguration is between 02:30-21:30.The special meditation of communion with the Great Power Tripura Sundari is between 11:20-12:05. The moment of maximum beneficial influence is at 11:36.

Saturday, 30th January – Full moon.
The period of negative influence of the full moon starts Friday, 29th January, at 13:48, and it ends Sunday, 31st, at 01:18. The moment of maximum negative influence of the full moon is Saturday, 30th January, at 07:17.

January, 2010

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