Small joys with extremely big effects

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Happy will be those capable of contemplating the apparent small trifles of life, paying the attention and seriousness they deserve and of regarding the various situations that seem extremely serious at first sight, attentively, with great calm and detachment. Acting like this, they could go as far as possible, always following an ascendant way on the path of life full of lessons which are often unsuspected.

Happy will be those who are capable of ceasing to speak and of listening carefully when it’s necessary, because acting like this they can learn many new unsuspected aspects through intuition and this will transform them.

Happy will be those who are almost always capable to laugh of themselves with spontaneous invigorating humor. They will avoid being absorbed in ridiculous states of gravity and embarrassing seriousness. In addition, they can amuse themselves of the comic aspects of life, every time.

Happy will be those who are always paying attention to the sincere, positive and well-founded callings of the others, without believing they are indispensable. Giving with generosity and being useful and full of abnegation, they will discover that everything they offer to the others, exactly the same gifts, will come back to them earlier or later. At the same time, they will discover that acting like this they will become mysterious ferments/seeds of faith in God.

Happy will be those always capable to distinguish immediately a high and stately/lofty mountain of an ordinary anthill. Acting like this every time, they will be spared of many false and unpleasant worries.

Happy will be those capable of being silent full of humility/humbly and even of smiling with understanding and compassion when others will talk up to them or when they will be treaded under foot with insolence. Acting  like this, they will prove that Jesus’ teachings penetrated their minds and they became a wonderful habit.

Happy will be those always capable of admiring a smile full of innocence and of forgiving and forgetting at once a mean and despising wry look. Like this, their way will always be bright and sunny.

Happy will be those capable of recognizing the mysterious presence of God the Father almost every time, in every one they meet. Thus, they will discover a true divine light in every human being and the state of wisdom and deification will burgeon and then will blossom inside their own being.

december 2009

Also available in: Română Français

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