(Note: all the hours in the program are according to Romanian time – GMT+2.)

         Motto: “Sometimes people stumble over the truth, but only the foolish rise immediately and continue walking with indifference”

Attention!!! Each of these benefic moments, as veiled gifts from God, helps you enter and savor – in a spiritual way – the secrets of esoteric astral resonances. By constant and firm attention, these ineffable moments offer us the chance to plenary and profoundly love the mystery of the present moment.
Yoga Professor  Gregorian Bivolaru

Monday, October 18th, from 14.45-15.30 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in triad with Neptune. Effects:
It awakens telepathic, intuitive and creative visualization abilities. It dynamizes premonitory abilities, it facilitates the awakening of healing capacities through biomagnetic passes.
Tuesday, October 19th, from 15.00-15.45 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in triad to Neptune. Effects: It awakens and stimulates intuition and creative imagination, it amplifies refined sensuality, artistic sense; it awakens the capacity of clairvoyance and inspiration.
Wednesday, October 20th – TRIPURA SUNDARI. The maximum beneficial moment is at 21.28. The favorable period for couple love making with love, continence and transfiguration is from 13.00 (Wednesday, October 20th) -07.00 (Thursday, October 21st). The special Meditation of communion with the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari is Wednesday, October 20th, from 21.10-21.55.

Thursday, October 21st, from 04.25-05.10 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars in triad to Jupiter. Effects: It awakens intuition and the practical appreciation of spiritual laws, the cultivating of spontaneity and courage. It awakens nobleness, love for the truth, fairness. It amplifies the desire to express the spiritual potential and it makes possible the taking of responsibilities. It brings the state of enthusiasm, it gives success in the material sphere, it awakens the practical abilities, useful in everyday life, it awakens generosity, it encourages creative expression, it awakens self-confidence, strength of expressing spiritual truths.

Friday, October 22nd, from 22.20-23.05 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in sextile with Pluto. Effects: It awakens and favors the appearance of a refined way of thinking and of the power of mental penetration. It also represents a chance to discover new ways to overcome the mental sphere by cultivating a state of surrendering to the Will of God the Father. It facilitates the appearance of a spontaneous state of transfiguration and it also gives a very good control over mental fluctuations. It amplifies and supports the aspiration towards transformation, it makes  possible the conscious entrering into the sphere of the collective subconscious, it allows the overcoming of phobias. It is a very positive moment for defeating obstacles of all kinds; it also increases speed of thought (the mental ability to find beneficial creative solutions), associating it with the power of mental penetration, it awakens the energy of individual will power. It spontaneously awakens and stimulates the spontaneous process of subliming the energies to the mental sphere, it brings into manifestation a huge beneficial mental strength, it brings a state of unshakable firmness with regard to spiritual beliefs, it awakens the capacity to astral project (travel) at will in the astral worlds.

Saturday, October 23rd – Full Moon. The period of negative influence of the Full Moon begins Friday, October 22nd at 10.36 and it ends Saturday, October 23rd, at 22.36. The moment of maximum negative influence of the Full Moon is Saturday, October 23rd, at 04.36.

Important update!

Extraordinary spiritual exemplification will be offered on the day of The Great Cosmic Power BHUVANESHWARI in the night of Saturday  to Sunday, October 23th to October 24th  2010, between 1.00–9.00.


Sunday, October 24th – Meeting of the group for deepening the relationship SPIRITUAL GUIDE – ASPIRANT.
Sunday, October 24th, from 17.40-18.25 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars in triad with Uranus. Effects:
It stimulates in a very exceptional way the mental sphere and it also awakens intuition, discernment, originality, spontaneity in expressing ideas. It helps the sublimation of lower mental energies, it amplifies the power of mental concentration, it helps in understanding and assimilating abstract values, it helps us become a mysterious divine relay.

Monday, October 25th, from 16.00-16.45 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in conjunction with Venus. Effects:
It favors the affectionate, empathic, intense and profound communication, especially with the loved beings, it brings an ineffable state of harmony between the mental and emotional spheres of the  being, it amplifies enthusiasm of conscious self-giving to God, it awakens artistic creativity, romanticism, spontaneity and playfulness in couple relationships. It is a favorable moment for honest and open expression of affective feelings. It brings an innefable charm in communication and gives eloquence. It awakens and amplifies the power of conscious dedication to noble ideals.

Tuesday, October 26th, from 21.45-22.30 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: The Sun in sextile with Pluto. Effects: This aspect awakens the mysterious energy of will, it brings a predominant state of spiritual aspiration, it facilitates greater and deeper understanding of esoteric knowledge, it brings a state of greatly increased confidence in ones’ own forces, it awakens in the being a  beneficial profoundly transformative force. It makes possible the intuitive perception and revelation of our meaning in this life. This aspect also gives us the power of surrendering to the Will of God. It allows the appreciation of the chances for making a spiritual leap, it amplifies the inner process of self-transfiguration and of inspired profound connection to ones’ own soul.

Friday, October 29th, from 03.55-04.40 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in conjunction with Venus. Effects: It amplifies affective openness, generosity and the ability to consciously express beneficial emotions and states. It is a favorable period for taking responsibilities in relationships, to manifest our beneficial feelings freely and spontaneously. It awakens sociability in the being, it makes it possible to overcome stupid prejudices, it amplifies artistic creativity and personal charm.

Saturday, October 30th – YANG SPIRAL followed by the induction of the STATE OF LIBERATION THROUGH DIVINE MIRACLE. The spiral starts at 17.30.

Saturday, October 30th/ Sunday, October 31st -  the shift to wintertime, 01:00 becomes 00:00.


October 2010


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