The program of the last day of the Congress «God is giving us signs…», Sunday, 17th October

Access is free in order of arrival, according to the number of available places. If the hall is full, Entrance will only be permitted to the guests of the Congress (the ones who give lectures).

Obor, Hall no.1

* the themes approached address couples, but access is not restricted
Chairmen:  Nikos Frangi, Eleni Anats, United Kingdom
         10.45-11.00 Entrance
         11.00-11.10 Meditation
[L46]    Andras Hegyeli, Dr Orsolya Gantner, Kőrösi Csoma Yoga Association – Budapest, Hungary

[EN 90 min]
         How man can learn to become sexually continent and how a woman can successfully help in this process
[L47] Alexandru Radu, MISA Romania
[RO 50 min]
         Spiritual compromise in the couple relationship
[L48] Simona Popescu, MISA Romania
[RO 90 min]
         Sexual continence – the springboard towards mystic ecstasy in a couple
[L49] Alexandru Acs, MISA Romania
[RO 50 min]
      The sublimation of emotional traumas through Yoga. New perspectives in Psychosomatics

Obor, Hall no. 2

         11.00 – Free session of ASANAS for all those who are curious and wish to experience YOGA techniques

Obor, Hall no. 2

Chairman:  József Boda, Hungary
         12.45-13.00 Entrance
         13.00-13.10 Meditation

[L50]   Andra Bazavan, Bogdan Penescu, MISA Romania

[RO 90 min]                        
         The mysterious and fascinating world of gods
[W16]  Ion Pistol, Luminiţa Marin, Romania
[RO 120 min]
         The Divine Game

Hall in Pipera 2

Chairman:  Doru Bodea, Germany 
         9.45-10.00 Entrance
         10.00-10.10 Meditation

[W17] Iulian Miu, Scuola di Yoga Ananda, Verona, Italy

[RO 50 min]
         The use of alkaline water and other methods for rejuvenation and raising the vibrational frequency of the human being
[L51] Marian Grigorescu, Ionut Giurescu, Dan Dumitru, SC. GRUP T.R.I.D.E.N.T. SRL, Romania
[50 min]
         Free energy, the hidden truth behind illusion
[L52] Cristina Câmpean, Cornel Hoţiu, MISA Romania
[RO 30 min]
         An unprecedented scientific experiment that demonstrates for the first time some of the extraordinary effects of the Art of Blessing
[L53]  Cristian Constantinescu, Marosy Zoltan, MISA Romania
[RO 50 min]
         The resonance of the sacred symbolic shapes

Hall in Pipera 2

Chairman: Cristian Ion, Romania
         14.00-14.10 Meditation

[W18] Mira Munteanu, NATHA Copenhagen, Denmark

[RO 90 min]
         Make your life a Divine Adventure!
[L54] Irina Childs, NATHA Copenhagen, Denmark
[RO 30 min]
         God gives us a sign, about the necessity of establishing an Integral Planetary Spiritual University
[W19] Virgiliu Turcu, Romania
[RO 30 min]
         LASERMIND ® The subliminal power of materializing thoughts

Hall in Pipera 1

The Contest for Promoting the Spiritual Values

         8.00-9.00 Entrance and organizational activities
         9.00-9.10 Meditation

The contest will begin with the intelligence test, followed by subtle perception contest. At the HATHA YOGA contest all participants will realize the ASANAS in bathsuit (two pieces, for women).

Attention! Registrations for the contest will be made only on Saturday, 16th October, 11.00-16.00, at all the events in the program.

         18.00-19.00 CONCERT OF THE INSTRUMENTAL GROUP DEVAS – PANEL – No Apocalypse!

         20.00 – Prize award for the Contest for Promoting the Spiritual Values; prize award for the “Best conference contest”

         In the end of the Congress there will be a surprize conference sent by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru.

The organizers of the International Yoga Congress “God is giving us signs…” did not censored the content of the materials presented in the lectures and worksops included in the program. Everything that the guests invited to give lectures in this Congress will present, represent completely their opinions and point of view. The organizers of the Congress (MISA) has no responsibility regarding the content of the materials presented. All responsibility belong to the authors and lecturers.

12th October 2010


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