Meditations, favorable astrological conjunctures and spiritual events for June 2015


”Sometimes people stumble over the truth, but only the foolish one are rising immediately and indifferently continue walking on their path.”

Each of these beneficial moments that are hidden gifts we are given by God, are helping us entering and enjoying, in a spiritual way, the secrets of occult astral resonances. The strong and continuous focus of our attention on these ineffable moments offer us the opportunity to live fully and deeply the mystery of the present moment.

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

(Note: All hours in the program are according to Romanian time)

Monday, June 1 between 13.00-13.45
– Day of the Child: meditation of communion with THE STATE OF INGENUITY OF THE CHILD THAT EXISTS IN EACH OF US    

Monday, June 1, between 19.00-19.45 – Meditation of communion with MYSTERIOUS REALITY of the HOLY TRINITY
Tuesday, June 2 – Fool Monn – The period of negative influence of the Full Moon begins Tuesday, June 2, at 1.19 and it ends Wednesday, June 3, at 13.19. The moment of maximum negative influence of the Full Moon is Tuesday, June 2, at 19.19.

Wensday, June 3 – Begins the VIRA MAHAKALA Spiritual Retreat for men, which will take place between June 3 – June 6, in Băile Homorod Village, (Harghita County).

Saturday, June 6, between 9.05-9.50Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus trine Saturn. Effects: It favors the spontaneous and free expression of beneficial feelings and emotions, awakens and amplifies continuity in expressing beneficent feelings; helps achieving a state of profoundness and respect in interpersonal relationships. It enables a better cooperation and understanding between people, both in the social and the spiritual sphere. It awakens and amplifies in the human being the discernment, the moderation, the responsibility in relationships, and also awakens and amplifies the tact and diplomacy.

Sunday, June 7, from 21.00 – YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Wednesday, June 9, between 0.40-1.25 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrologic aspect: Sun in sextile with Jupiter. Effects: This aspect amplifies the state of interior expansion, generosity, dignity and benevolence. It allows for the manifestation of love for truth and beauty, optimism, the joy of living. It awakens the didactic sense, favors the expression of oratorical qualities, the profound identification with the spiritual guide. It offers the opportunity to awakens in our being the state of conscious self-giving towards the spiritual ideal, it favors the awakening of the soul and the capacity to make wise decisions.

Tuesday, June 9, between 10.15-12.00 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mars in sextile with Uranus. Effects: It facilitates the amplification of the state of divine relay, it awakens inspiration and originality. It gives us the ability to easily overcome stiffness, prejudices and limitations, representing an opportunity to develop our courage and initiative, oriented towards the accomplishment of deeply transformative and beneficial purposes. It gives refined passion and spontaneity. It awakens and amplifies the beneficial dynamism in the being, it facilitates innovative initiatives, it awakens and stimulates the ability to act quickly and efficiently, it awakens and stimulates courage and intelligence.

Wednesday, June 10, between 15.35-16.20 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Mercury in sextile with Venus. Effects: this aspect awakens and stimulates adolescent, romantic and refined feelings; awakens the state of innocence, joy and the state of affective expansion and pure love; encourages communication skills and enhances sociability. Also represents a chance for us to express with a great deal of courage our beneficial emotions and sthenic feelings and it is an excellent opportunity to overcome our biases on emotional communication. This aspect awakens and stimulates artistic creativity, public speaking skills, enhancing the discernment and compassion, as well as a state of thrift; awakens the ability to easily communicate with our guardian angel or with the spirit guides from paradisiacal subtle worlds.
Thursday, June 11, between 0.15-1.00 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Sun in sextile with Uranus. Effects: It awakens creative imagination and originality. It favors the artistic inspiration and awakens spontaneity. It amplifies in the being the state of detachment, facilitating the removal of limiting prejudices and foolish conditionings. It awakens and amplifies the refined sensuality, the state of virility, originality, vitality, it facilitates the appearance of a state of expansion through love, it awakens the power of unconditional self-giving to GOD. It facilitates the reaching of a state of paradisiacal happiness.


Sunday, June 14, between 18.40-19.25 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrologic aspect: Sun in conjunction with Mars. Effects: This aspect awakens and amplifies a harmonious state of solarity, the spirit for initiative, it confers success in the beneficial actions and awakens ingenuity. It allows for the appearance of courage and helps us successfully accomplish the beneficial actions that we do. It intensifies the processes of purification at the level of the solar plexus, it stimulates and sustains the impetus to overcome one’s own self, to affirm one’s self in an exuberant and detached manner.

Sunday, 14 iunie, from 21.00 – YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Sunday, June 14/Monday, June 15, between 23.30-1.00 – SHIVARATRI.  Special meditation of communion with SHIVA from 23.30 to 1.00, on the occasion of SHIVARATRI moment.

Thursday, June 18 – Begins the Spiritual Retreat for women SHAKTI INTO A NEW ECSTASY, which will take place between June 18 – June 21, in Bucharest.

Sunday, June 21 -  INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA (stated by the United Nations Organization on 21st of June).

Sunday, June 21 – THE SUN ENTERS THE SIGN OF CANCER. Between 18.55-20.25: Meditation of intense, profound and mysterious communion to enter into occult resonance with the moment of the SUMMER SOLSTICE. The maximum moment of the SUMMER SOLSTICE is Sunday, June 21, at 19.37.

Sunday, 21 iunie, de la ora 21.00 – YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace

Monday, June 22, between 16.30-17.15 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological event: Jupiter trine Uranus. Effects: Awakens and amplyfies dynamism, self trust, originality, mental lucidity and humanitarianism. Makes possible the manifestation and fullfilment of of beneficial aspirations, activates the capacity of personal affirmation.

Wednesday, June 24 – THE FAIRIES. Between 22:00-23:15: intense and profound meditation of empathetic spiritual communion with THE FAIRIES (THE FEY) (in order to facilitate this mysterious communication it is strongly recommended to take 3 hours beforehand under the tongue 5 grams of the finely ground plant Galium verum or Lady’s Bedstraw). In order to enter into occult resonance with the mysterious world of the Fairies we suggest that this meditation is done this year in nature (best in a quiet forest or clearing) or in the town, in a park in which they are trees and lots of greenery. Optionally before this exemplification you can make an offering of light with 7 candles that will be consecrated to the FAIRIES and make them 7 blessings. When this meditation is done in a forest, seek to evoke the FAIRIES (FEY) in an affectionate way and aim to perceive them as some beautiful, pure, affectionate feminine creatures radiating a specific candour. At the end we can ask them to inspire us in our day to day life and to help us awaken intuition and to assist us in discovering the mystery of nature.

Friday, June 26 – Begins the Spiritual Retreat MAHA VIDYA KALI which will take place between June 26 – July 4, in Braşov

Saturday, June 27, from 21.00 – YANG spiral for awakening the Romanian people soul, performed in unison all over the country (Romania).

Sunday, June 28 – Begins the Spiritual Retreat for men, MAHAVIRA ANANDA  which will take place between June 28 – July 5, in Costineşti.

Sunday, June 28, from 21.00 – YANG spiral meditation of invocation of the divine grace.

Monday, June 29, between 9.10-9.55 – Thursday, November 27, between 2.05-2.50 – Meditation of communion with a beneficial astrological aspect: Venus trine Uranus. Effects: It awakens in the human being the intense aspiration to a state of inner freedom, it facilitates the emergence of a state of detachment, allows separation of foolish preconceptions on the couple relationship; it helps harmonizing the couple relationships. Amplifies the state of selfless abandonment through love and promotes separation of various vices, possessiveness, attachment, and bad habits that block us and limit our spiritual transformation. Favors the appearance of inventiveness, superior creativity and spontaneity within our amorous relationships; it triggers the appearance of surprising beneficial solutions to certain conflicting situations.

Monday, June 29, between 19.30-20.15 – Meditation of spiritual communion with the SAINTS PETER AND PAUL

Tuesday, June 30 – TRIPURA SUNDARI. The moment of maximum benefit is at 4.47. The favorable period for lovemaking in a couple relationship with love, continence and transfiguration is from Monday, June 29, 21.00 (Monday, June 29) to 22.00 (Tuesday, June 30). Special Meditation of communion with the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI  is done Tuesday, 30 June, between 4.15-5.15.

June 1 2015


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