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Information about Steven Greer

„I met Steven Greer (photo) almost twenty years ago when I was giving a speech at the Unity church of Arden, North Carolina. After I had given up my career as an astronomer involved in benchmark-science at Princeton University and Science Applications International Corporation, I began to free myself gradually from the limitations and expectations of western science. I was also studying the phenomenon of flying saucers (UFO)/extraterrestrials (ET), rejected by most of my fellow colleague scientists. Now I felt free to explore and to express our transcendent reality.

The first time we met, Doctor Greer and I talked until late in the night. He is a brilliant emergency physician with a lot of experience in his field. We started making connections that we were barely starting to understand: that not only the aliens’ visits were real, but they could also help us get over the global crisis caused by the human factor. From that moment on, Steven guided me exemplarily, helping me grasp not only the mysteries of the phenomenon itself, but also of the “underground zones” of the United States’ government and the cover-ups done by the great corporations. As a consequence, Doctor Greer has proved that he is a fearless energetic fighter in the first line of the world change movement.

First of all, he founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence – CSETI, where he used the concept of ambassador of the people for the cultures on foreign planets – but this time this wasn’t just Sci-Fi. Through organizing night-time expeditions in UFO landing “hot spots” all around the globe, his groups enter the spaceships by using lights, sounds and visualizations. He called these encounters, close encounters of the 5th degree, or CE-53. These reunions are still available for those interested in learning.

Then, Steve took on the difficult task of localizing adequate sources and receiving video testimonies from them, in DVD format, owned by the US government. These testimonies came from over a hundred witnesses of UFO/ET events within the Disclosure Project, a tremendous effort which was concluded with a major press conference in Washington, in May of 2001. These revelations went through a long and sordid process of becoming hidden from the government and the media, the same process that technologies like microelectronics, anti-gravity propulsion and “zero” point or “free” energy from our visitors were subjected to. This inconceivable cover-up went on for almost six decades after the crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947, a crucial event that was definitely not caused by balloons, as the US air force concluded. Myths like this one are only accepted by the ignorant or by those who are powerful as well as their subjects.

Doctor Greer’s pioneering activity regarding the disclosure of truth has led to a deeper understanding of the reports regarding the contacts with extraterrestrials, as well as their cover-ups; for example, they were able to discover the “ultra top secret” research which takes place near the infamous Groom Lake in Nevada and other places.

Steven Greer is a spiritual warrior with a high calling who opposes these forces who identify themselves as the “United States”. These forces are actually criminals who need to be brought before justice for countless reasons, reasons which are obvious to most of us who witnessed the decline of the American empire. Doctor Greer, more than anyone else, has brought the most eloquent proof for the secrecy of the UFO/ET phenomenon and now it is up to us to understand them and to accept them. “Hidden truth – Forbidden knowledge” gives us the latest testimony for the large amount of proof that piled up, seen from an autobiographical perspective.

This is a story in which he unveils the greatest mysteries of our times by a brave soul, not subjected to tyrants who control us in what is said to be the strongest nation in the world.
Just as important is the fact that he tells about the nature of cultures from other planets and he talks about the fact we are being visited by those who are empathetic towards the human condition, but without their direct intervention (the so-called First Directive, which became famous due to the “Star Trek” series).

What awakens us to reality is the fact that, since the moment when the United States started the nuclear Era, in 1945, causing the most atrocious devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there have been contacts, occurrences and technology transfers from the modern age. Wide range atomic bombers have been stationed in Roswell, the bomb was created in Los Alamos, the first one was detonated at Alamagordo and the missiles that were meant to transport the bombs were tested at White Sands – all of the locations were in New Mexico, a major military and industrial center. Was it just a coincidence that the UFO in 1947 in Roswell crashed in New Mexico? It’s unlikely: the horrors of nuclear technology would attract any merciful extraterrestrial race to the location as fast as possible. They came there and they kept on visiting other military and nuclear bases ever since.  They are most likely preventing the potential horrors because they do not want any accidents to happen that might be caused by irresponsible humans.

We, the earthlings, need all the help we can get, so why not accept the phenomenon as it is and marvel at this wonder while also letting aside any cultural misconceptions? Only by extending our area of knowledge and taking the correct political measures we can make the necessary adjustments and this what doctor Greer is very good at.

Viewed from several perspectives, the UFO phenomenon tells us more about ourselves than it does about our mysterious visitors, and the mirror they are holding for us to see ourselves is more than frightening – and yet hope-giving, if we listen to the words of doctor Greer. For example, his discovery of the Space Energetic Access Systems (SEAS) supports inventors in order to discover new revolutionary energy technologies who could provide cheap, clean and decentralized energy, thus putting an end to the age of petrol, coal, nuclear energy, as well as pollution and climate change caused by man. We, here at Energy Movement, collaborate with the leaders of SEAS and other organizations in order to support the importance of new energetic, clean technologies that are currently suppressed by powerful interests.
The night I first met Doctor Greer, Chad O’Shea, who was a cleric of the unitary church, gave me a slogan: “The truth will set you free, but first it will terrify you.” If we allow ourselves to become aware of our terrible condition instead of denying it, and then look for solutions, we might still stand a chance as a civilization.

This audacious activity is not for the weak. Many scientists have ventured into cutting edge areas of knowledge and they were threatened for this, assassinated or suppressed through disinformation and personal attacks. Fortunately, doctor Greer endured was able to endure all this treatment. This book could be the most important book you read. Not only it is full of transcendental truths, but it is also a calling to getting over the paradigm of earth’s tyranny and moving to a peaceful, durable and simply cosmic community.” Brian O’Leary, Apollo astronaut, scientist, September 14th 2005

The hidden truth – forbidden knowledge

“But the time has come for you to know: why is it that a doctor who was the manager of a very active emergency room gave up his career in order to tell the world that, in fact, we are not alone in the universe? What were my personal experiences – ever since I was a child – that gave me knowledge of cosmic cultures, cosmic consciousness and that also allowed me to see the astonishing future reserved for mankind? What are the new energy and propulsion technologies that can give us a new world, with no pollution, no poverty and no conflict? What is the central point where the mind, space, time and matter meet – and how could this be used by an advanced civilization? What does the pattern for the next five hundred thousand years of human civilization on Earth look like and how can we make the transition to that period of time? What have I discovered – what have I lived – when meeting with chiefs of states, CIA representatives, billionaires and undercover agents desperate to keep the secret and also praying to be released from the black box in which they put themselves? Who kept this truth and this knowledge hidden and forbidden and especially why?

This book (Hidden truth – Forbidden knowledge) answers all these questions and more. It is my personal disclosure. After I have founded and lead the Disclosure Project I feel it is time for millions of people who follow our activity to find out the truth about how we got here and what we discovered.

I do not expect the ordinary reader to accept all these answers or any of them. In fact, I expect nothing. This is the truth just as I’ve discovered it and this is my honest effort to propagate it further. I hope you will find meaning in this confession which I offer from my heart, in all honesty.

It is time that a chapter of human history to be closed and another one to begin. Do we have what it takes to embrace this new world whose characteristics are world peace, enlightenment and a civilization of truly advanced technology on Earth that can last for thousands of years? Retrograde forces who try to bring humanity in times of war and global destruction, who seek to create an environmental disaster and cultural madness must be replaced by brave acts with a completely new way of being.

The time has come for you to know and for all of us, to act. Only through the collective actions of those who truly want a happy future for humanity we can surpass the abyss of destruction which awaits and we can secure the protection of a world prepared to take its place next to the great civilization of the cosmos.” Doctor Steven M. Greer, February 1st 2006

The first extrasensory experiences

“One sunny morning in 1965, I was playing with the next-door group of children. We were all normal children from the South, who wandered the streets looking for any kind of adventure – sometimes to build something, or to see something that we could take home. We weren’t prepared for what was about to happen: a silver spaceship appeared on the south-western sky. It was oval-shaped and it was shining. It was definitely not an airplane or a helicopter. The object was smooth, completely silent and absolutely different from anything we had ever seen. After floating in the sky for a while, it disappeared suddenly.

From that day on, my subtle connection with that spaceship never left me. The events of the following weeks made this connection stronger: we have had many lucid dreams and nocturnal encounters with extraterrestrial beings. And because I was just a boy, I was able to “accept” everything – it seemed a natural result of the incident I was part of, together with my three friends. I believe the aliens were focusing on awakening in me consciousness and the acceptance of things beyond the visible world. My innocence has allowed me to look at this with no prejudice, although I wasn’t able to speak publicly about that experience (due to the risk of being ridiculed) until a few years ago.

But this early connection has changed my life. This obviously represented the beginning of a more complex endeavor for the truth, which intensified as I grew up.

My interest and curiosity regarding these aspects have become very strong, even though I had no other direct encounter with aliens for years. The idea of coming in contact with begins from different planets thrilled me and I lived on the feeling of amazement and joy that I was feeling when looking at the night sky. I’ve never felt fear, because this felt as comfortable and as natural as the feeling of being home.
Consequently, I thought of the existence of extraterrestrials as something logical, “inherent” and that these beings are aware of our evolution on Earth. This feeling, of being one with the whole creation, always triggered a feeling of joy and peace in me, ever since I was a young boy.
In the heart of nature I felt there is something alive and divine beyond our daily existence. I think it was always something like a hand on my shoulder, like a hidden presence which helped me and guided me towards a perception of the conscious; a conscious and also mysterious presence that I felt when looking at the sky or playing outside. A Persian proverb says: “The best way of loving God is loving His creation.” I was blessed to feel this reality in a very innocent, even primitive way.

I had an unconventional vision of life, maybe as a direct and natural result of an unconventional childhood. Still, my life was very agitated. Children coming from such difficult environments follow one of two paths in life; either they give in to the self-destructive habits and addictions, sometimes to the point of suicide, either they find an inner force that is strong enough to build a valuable and productive life. We’ve chosen the second path, thanks to God and to the intervention of the seen and unseen world.

In reality, perhaps I’ve never come across a more traumatic and dysfunctional family situation than the one in my own family. Due to my parents being alcoholics, we, the children, were living in a state of parental semi-abandonment, neglect and abuse. I remember, before going to school, I used to eat cigarette ash, sand and dirt when I couldn’t find anything else. As a doctor, now I am aware that these gave me a few of the mineral supplements that my body needed: one of those instincts that the organism needs in order to survive. I was often very sick, especially during winter. I suffered from pneumonia and severe bronchitis. My parents are still scarred due to those terrible crises.

However, when life is very difficult, you begin to appreciate what is good even more. Difficulties have made me stronger. Any bitterness that I still had from my childhood vanished when I realized that it made me stronger over the years, I turned me into a survivor. When I got to high-school, I sworn to take back control of my life and to change it and I did.

The beginning of my spiritual growth

During some of those years, I supported myself since I had my own apartment. I had a job in a restaurant nearby and I worked nights until 1 AM, then I woke up at 6 AM every morning to go to school on the other side of the town, on a bike. I managed to get straight A’s, I was a brilliant student and I was involved in many extra-curricular activities.

My feeling of fraternal responsibility extended on my three sisters. I often referred to them involuntarily as “my daughters”, that’s how powerful my protective and affective instincts were. With negative role model parents, I learned how one should not do things. Difficulties lead to us realizing that we are all creating our own future, and surpassing limitations imposed by birth, poverty, abuse or any other misfortune is possible by exercising human willpower. I began to read the Vedas (ancient, sacred Indian literature) and to study Sanskrit. I learned meditation and the concept of transcendence by myself, which corresponded to my way of thinking. I was raised outside the boundaries of formal religion. My parents did not take me to church as I was a child (in fact, they were atheists).

The lack of attach towards any dogma of any institution has allowed me to remain open to ideas that might come from outside the area of acceptance of someone raised in a conventional religious tradition. The result is that I naturally went on the realm of meditative experiences and superior consciousness without any support from the outside. I learned prayer and meditation by myself, from reading about them to directly experimenting them. These preoccupations, combined with my scholastic involvement in matters related to environment and peace, has created a new layer of experience and development for my consciousness. In this point, I was subjected to the experience that I am now referring to as “the nonlocality of consciousness”. When I had a little spare time, I loved riding my bike in the countryside, looking for this connection.

I used to lie down on a meadow and practice those techniques which became alive within my being. I used to travel in order to see other areas of Charlotte or to see other places on Earth; sometimes I even wandered into the big black space. I made a habit out of these wonderful experiences and I often practiced it. When I was fifteen, a wonderful unstoppable force awoke within me, with no connection to any particular tradition. It manifested completely from within.

Then, in the spring of 1973, I got injured on my left thigh. I planned to ride my bike from Charlotte to the islands off the coast of North Carolina, a three hundred and twenty kilometer ride. I ignored the injury and I didn’t give up my plans, thus covering the entire distance and then coming back to my cheap flat in Charlotte. I suffered from a severe infection on my leg which spread through my whole body. At that time, I was very ill. Due to hard work and the school schedule, I was already extremely tired before this. I was also poor so I couldn’t go to the doctor. As a physician, now I know what had happened to me: I got sepsis, which means my blood was infected and I suffered from very high fever. Some of the skeletal muscles failed as well, overloading my kidneys. All these symptoms are potentially fatal and I was getting close to the final point: a seventeen old boy, with no phone, who is trying to treat himself, without fully grasping the gravity of the illness. I was one step away from death and I was suddenly liberated from my body.

The intervention of the angelic entities

Then I was carried away into the depths of space, where I already felt at home. I now know that at that moment I experienced the consciousness of divinity, where my individuality faded away, becoming one with the effervescent, unconfined, pure, infinite mind. There was no duality. It lasted as much as an eternity because the normal sense of time had vanished in that state. I have seen all creation and all the vastness of the cosmos, and they were much more beautiful than I could express with words. I felt nothing that might have been scary, only infinite consciousness, joy and the perception of a perfect, endless creation. Eventually, two bright lights came down from the stars. Now I know that they were angels, embodiments, manifestations of God. They were not anthropomorphic nor anthropocentric, but they looked like bright light dots – pure conscious energy. When these angelic entities came close to me, I became one with them. It was incredibly beautiful. Then, the convergence of knowledge occurred, in a pre-verbal form, before and beyond words. Like when you say “apple” and the image of an apple is within that word, an image which could be astral (a form of light). And the pure idea of an apple resides within this conscious image – its very essence. Thus, information was transmitted to me.

I do not know how long did that communion with God last. I was influenced and overwhelmed by the beauty of the contact.

Eventually, a more linear way of communication occurred. One of the angels said:
– You can come with us or you can return to Earth.
I was inspired enough to ask:
– But what do You want?
And that angelic being answered:
– We wish that you return to Earth in order to do other things.
Upon hearing these words I got sad, because I did not want to return to Earth at that time. I would’ve been extremely happy to be able to remain in that state of consciousness, in that place of those with no place. But in one way I knew that the best answer of a human being is to accept the divine will and I said:
– Then so be it. I shall return to Earth.
Then I became aware of the reality of higher angelic entities, I’ve felt the living existence of the Divine and the communion of creation with divinity. I felt the complete and perfect union with the endless mind and creation. Then, unknowingly, I lost consciousness and I returned to my physical body, as if I fell back.

I clearly remember, as if it were today, that I saw the maple tree before my small flat, dangling in the wind under the light from a streetlight. But I couldn’t move.

Then I felt a certain force in the room, who was sent to test my will to live. It was a frightening experience, but a necessary one, which forced me to gather my whole will to remain here, on Earth. That force seemed to take me back. So I would leave my body and then return. I had to make a great effort of willpower in order to be able to remain in my physical body and to keep my astral body and my conscious body integrated in my physical body. After approximately six attempts, I managed to fix myself and to stay here, in the physical realm. Then I became fully aware and regained my motor skills.

This purely spiritual experience transformed my life more than anything else, it changed everything I knew – that there is no Divine Being or no consciousness after the physical death. Now I know from my own direct experience that this is not true. God exists and his Messengers, the angels, exist as well. For me, nothing was ever going to be the same as before. I had found out that one must not fear death and in fact, there is no death, but a mere transformation, a passing from one state of existence to another.

When I stood up and integrated myself into the world once again, I remained in this blessing state, a very subtle state of higher consciousness, in which the feeling of cosmic consciousness was still awake within me. While I was locked in my room, I could remain in a state of infinite consciousness at the same time. Mystics call this cosmic consciousness – a state that I kept on experimenting long after this event.
An interesting fact is that my injured leg was spontaneously healed. I did not go to the doctor and I did not receive any antibiotic treatment during my illness.

A state of infinite love and perfect unity into consciousness
In December, Shari [Shari Adamiak, doctor Greer’s assistant, who was irradiated together with doctor Greer by the American secret service in order for them to be stopped from making any more disclosures on extraterrestrials. They both simultaneously got cancer, but Doctor Greer managed to miraculously get well with the help of extraterrestrials was in a coma, unconscious. In January 1998, she died.
I’ve met many people who died working as an emergency physician. And I always knew, due to my experience in working on the brink of death, that it is important that someone assisted you in your connection to the divine, to help build a bridge of divine light. Our culture has forgotten the sacred moment of passing away. Today, all the people suffering from various conditions are connected to tubes, everything is extremely technical but nobody takes into consideration that something happens in those moments when the soul passes from the physical world into the celestial and the astral world. I want to tell you about this experience, because it illustrates what can happen in this situation.

In January, the people who took care of Shari asked me to go to Denver. I had visited her several times and I was very much involved in her life in these past few months. But I sad:

– I will come when the time comes. The proper time is vital and every one of us has a moment of sacred passing on the other world.

One morning, while I was meditating, I suddenly entered the state of cosmic consciousness and after that, the state of divine consciousness. I’ve seen the entirety of creation in what some people call “the cosmic egg”. Just imagine: infinite but also finite. All around me, there was the divine infinite.
I was one with this and I was aware of what I was experiencing. Then I saw Shari there, before me and I knew that I was showing her the highest level of creation. I knew that she will pass into infinity, into the celestial home before me, for she was closer to that infinite cosmic place, endowed with consciousness…

I knew that she was about to enter that place and become one with it. We might say that it was the raiment of God, the body of God. It was the complete expression of the Creator, of Creation, of the endless mind. I could see the entirety of creation in the form of this magnificent entity, who looked like a sombrero or like a red-pink-light orange colored galaxy – that looked like an egg. It was infinite, but also limited – full of love, truly magnificent. It wasn’t just amazing from a physical and celestial perspective, but it was also full of love and beauty.

While I was getting close, I could hear an infinite number of beautiful angels and a gigantic chorus, and they all sang: “We are all one being into spirit” and they kept repeating this verse again and again. Gazing into infinity, I could see that every being created from the cosmos was represented here and yet, it was only one being in this state of infinite consciousness. From the depths of eternity, the sound of those voices kept on repeating: “We are all one being into spirit”, and the song was so beautiful that there are no words to describe. And while all this was happening, I dissolved in that state of infinite love and perfect unity into consciousness.

After my consciousness came back to reality, I looked at my watch and I noted the exact time. I knew in my heart that in seven times twenty four hours, in other words, after seven of Earth’s rotations, beginning from that exact moment, Shari will pass away.”

may 2015


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