MISA, seen with eyes wide open (IV)

by Roxana Florea and Daniel Radu Farcaş

Each human being has own vibrations, aspirations and quests. Yet, there is a place where, even if different reasons bring people together, they all take enthusiastic steps towards the same aim: discovering the ultimate essence. Seekers of the truth meet in the Yoga Holiday Camp twice a year, in Herculane in the spring and in Costineşti in the summer. We were curious to discover some of them and to find out their points of view on MISA and the spiritual practice, beyond the nice words that people exchange, with kindness, whenever they meet in a spiral or in the unique initiations that this yoga school is offering.

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Why do you come to the camps?

Because I reconnect with myself, not with the things with which I used to identify myself before, and I find deep love relationships or friendships.

What do you like the most out of everything you’re being taught in the yoga class?
I like Hatha Yoga and I like the Tantra techniques very much. I like many things from what we are being taught; I pursue to integrate them in my daily life and to live my life more and more harmoniously.

What is your daily practice?

Hatha Yoga for two hours, Laya Yoga one hour and a half, then different Tantra exercises, music meditations and some other techniques that we learned in class.

How did this practice help you transform?

It is a continuous transformation that occurs step by step. Everyday I feel that I understand more about myself and about life. Of course that theory is very important, but through practice, combined with theory, we can get to the core, we can find the truth.

What did you feel in the hiatus meditation?
Not much in the beginning, as I was absorbed in my own mind. Then I got some answers about how I should continue with my practice, about the transformations that is necessary to take place. Then I felt a huge energy and I had some yellow and turquoise flashes, which I know that are connected to my guardian angel. The energy intensified more and more and then I could not remain in the spiral, I had to go out, but it was amazing anyway!
Do you remember the first yoga camp that you participated in?
Yes. I came with no expectation, I simply came spontaneously. I liked very much the field that I sensed here and the state of spiritual life in a community, that is why I keep coming to every camp.


I was on holiday in another country, and there I met my lover, who was practicing yoga. Then I came to visit her in Romania. I am from Israel. I practiced yoga in many schools in Israel and I was looking for another place to practice. I was looking for a school where the teacher doesn’t only stick to talking about the ultimate truth, but where the teacher himself is experiencing it!
During the MISA classes I discovered really amazing things about God and about the different ways in which we can enter the state of communion with Him.  
What helped me the most in my daily practice was meditation, especially when I realized that many of the things that were in my mind weren’t really mine – that was a revelation.

Why do you come to the camps?

To me, coming to the camps is a celebration that takes place every year! I come for the spiritual field here, for the abundance of information, for the activities, for the wonderful people that I meet here. I enjoy meeting nice people, which are vegetarians, don’t drink, don’t smoke, and are interested in the profound aspects of life.

What is the most beautiful experience that you had here?

It was in this camp, during the exemplification that took place in the Charismatic Movement: „Mysterious reality of Creation and Manifestation seen from God the Father’s point of view”, when I felt that God did not create the Universe and the human being as something distinct and separate from Himself, but actually He became us.


20 years ago, I saw a poster promoting the Yoga course. For some years I was searching and reading books about yoga, I felt that this is suited for me. So when I saw the poster, I started the course right away. I did what my heart advised.

What attracts you to the course?

I like the state of fraternity that exists in this course, this connection from soul to soul that exists between the people here, a connection based on truth felt inside the heart: one feels that something is authentic.

What transformations appeared in your being since you started to practice yoga?

Many transformations appeared, and due to my colleagues, to the instructors (there have been a few, as I practiced in Mangalia, in Bucharest, in London, in Denmark), to all the beings that I’ve met and especially to Grieg. Step by step, I felt that I’m advancing towards better and better, that my soul opens more and more, and this gave me an impulse to move forward. I admit that if Grieg wouldn’t have had such a heart to heart attitude, if he would have been cold, maybe he could not help me. I feel that the results that I’ve achieved are due to the grace that I received from God, especially through Grieg, but also through the instructors and through all the beings that I’ve met in the course. I do feel that through them, God talks to me. If I don’t pay enough attention to this aspect, I immediately seek to get back; I think that this is a great transformation in my life – that I succeeded and I succeed more and more in paying attention to the synchronicities around me, correlated with what is going on in my heart. I think that this is an achievement. And opening my soul more and more, and the state of fraternity that I feel more and more – especially in these years of yoga all the techniques that we do are more and more advanced and I feel that they gradually lead to those achievements that are real, tangible.
Why do you come to the yoga vacation camps?
Before my first yoga camp I used to work a lot and honestly I just wanted to rest and to see how could I restore my being from inside out, because due to the hard work in our social life, we get really tired at times. I have been in the mountains both alone and with my family, but here I found a significantly larger family, where I feel not only that I rest, but I also share with everyone else, from all my heart, something that is much more than just rest – it is an authentic fraternity. I come to camps for 20 years. I realized that participating in a camp helps me a lot! I also feel that this yoga course got me closer to God. I couldn’t say that I was a being who didn’t believe in God before, but still, step by step, the course helped me to believe more and more and these camps also help in this direction – to discover the Ultimate Divine Truth that Jesus talks about in the Bible.

ESTEBAN, 6th year of Yoga, SIBIU
I came from Uruguay, I am in Romania for 4 years.
I found about the yoga course through a so-called chance. I was seeking for answers. One day, I was in Uruguay with some friends – we were looking for girls and paying compliments to them. We had some cardboards with points, from 7 to 10, and when beautiful girls were passing by, we were showing them the points. A beautiful woman stepped down the bus and we all showed her the points. She came to us and suggested to have a chat. I said that all of us should go, but when I left I realized that I was alone with her! Me – being so shy with the women! Yet I talked to her. She was a yoga instructor in Uruguay. I was very pleased with everything she told me, so I came to the course. Then I came to Romania.
There was something inside saying: „Yes, here is the truth!”. Back then I was practicing Reiki and Karate; in both we were talking about energies and at yoga they were also talking about it, so I realized that the teachings are truthful. In the beginning I was cautious, I was curious to see if what we learn is right, then, in time, I let go of my prejudice.

What were your expectations when you came to the first camp?

When I came to the first camp, I was curious how it is to be in the spirals with many people. I had attended meditation spirals before, in Sibiu. I was not able to make long meditations then, but I noticed that they have powerful effects on me – unexpectedly powerful – everything was changing for the best, so I was wondering: „If this is how it feels when we are 30 people in the spiral, how is it to be 3000?”. Everything sorted out in such a way that I am now able to remain in Romania and come to the camps. 

What have you discovered in this camp?

I discovered that time is very precious and that we have to make the firm and conscious choice to overcome our limitations and problems, and for this, every moment counts and we have to pay attention every second,  not to let the opportunity pass by, as afterwards it will be more difficult to pass the tests that appear and to transform together.

What does the camp bring to someone who comes here for the first time?

It is an exceptional possibility, unique on the planet, to have access to initiations and meditations that are highly transforming, either if one has the conscience level to be aware of them in that moment or not. Simply by taking part in the camps, great transformations occur, that help one go on. The fact that there are many persons doing these meditations at the same time, in unison, gives one access to experiences that alone may not be able to achieve. It is worth to dare to come to the camps at least in order to find the truth and to see through your own soul what it means to practice yoga and to pray to God together with everyone else.

What technique do you like the most?

For now, to eat, to become big and vital so that I could take part in as many activities as possible. Lately I received many initiations connected to the state of a hero, including the one with Kalki Avatar. Apparently, at this point this is what suits me best: to have the courage to move on and make the appropriate choices, to have the courage to choose what I want and what’s best for me.


Someone insisted for one year that I should come to the yoga class, yet I wasn’t coming. Finally I decided to come, and since then nobody had to tell me to go to the class!

How did the yoga practice help you?

I became more confident, before I was very shy! I became happier, and free!
I remember that after the first spiral, my friends were asking: did you feel anything during the meditation? And I was answering: no, nothing. But I felt so blissful that I could barely stand on my two legs, I felt like I was flying! It was a state of extraordinary bliss. And for 14 years, every single year, in the meditation spirals, I experience the same state of bliss! However, during the camp I go to all the activities, because I like them so much! 
ALEXANDRA, 4th year of Yoga, Bucharest: I saw that mum really transforms herself, so I also came to the course. I stayed because I loved it!
NICOLETA: Now we both live in an ashram. I like it because here I have the possibility to think about God the whole time, to pray the whole time! And Alexandra is also very happy and has great aspiration, she works spiritually for hours and hours in a raw.


How did you start the yoga class?

I had friends at the yoga class and when the opening conference took place, they invited me to come. I refused, because in those days all kinds of ideas about yoga were going around, like: if one doesn’t have a strong mind discipline, yoga can harm him. Afterwards, sometime around 1990, the Yoga Congress took place in Bacău. I didn’t go, also because of that idea that yoga may be harmful. My colleagues from Voineşti went and then they started to go to the yoga course. For one month, they kept telling me how interesting it is, yet inside my being that desire to join the course didn’t exist. But on a Friday evening I simply went to a store, bought a cotton sports outfit and Saturday morning I went to the course. I can’t tell how delighted I was! I found myself in a hall where I was freezing during the relaxation, but since that day I didn’t miss any yoga class.
There were days when I wouldn’t have gone out of the house for any other reason! It didn’t matter to me that it was heavy rain, or strong wind, or a big storm! Still, I was not so thrilled, but something kept pulling me to go to the class. It was only in the third year, when we learned the Law of Perfect Realization, that amazingly beautiful things occurred to me, it was an extraordinary support!
Then I went home to my parents, two old peasants. I had a notebook where I took notes from the class. My father wanted very much for me to become a physician. I left the notebook on the table, didn’t hide it from anyone. Then I left. He took the notebook and started to read. When I came back, his face was expressing such a big satisfaction and joy and he asked me: „You started to study medicine?” Later on, he saw me doing Shirshasana. After I finished, he came to me and asked: „So this is how you think of God?”. This is the sort of questions he was asking.
Why do you keep coming to the yoga course even after 20 years?
I can firmly state that I can’t imagine my life without practicing yoga. If I hadn’t come to the yoga course back then, my life would be different, I’d be walking on another path. In that case, I would have been about 1% from what I am right now. It gives me an extraordinary force, it helps me connect to my Self, it gives me a direction. In this course we receive the seeds to improve our lives.

LILIANA ŞERBAN, anul 12 de yoga, Copenhaga, DANEMARCA

I discovered MISA yoga school in its beginning. I practiced yoga for 13 years in Romania. Then I had an experience – I gave up the yoga course – which was the confirmation that without this spiritual path I simply can’t feel fulfilled and I came back to the course in a spectacular way. 
I want to offer a live confirmation, which is a life experience. After 13 years of practicing yoga things took place in such a way that I decided to give up the yoga class, hoping that together with my husband, who was not attending the classes, I could have a spiritual life. For some reasons, easy to understand because of the fabricated calumny against MISA, my husband didn’t want to join this school. I never had the strength to set things straight and I thought that 13 years of yoga would leave intense spiritual marks in one’s individuality, therefore I said: „All right. 13 years of yoga are enough, with everything that I know now, to be able to plunge in life with everything that it means, because God is everywhere and I can handle it.” My conclusion, after going through the experiences that I had after I stopped attending the course and I left this spiritual path, where I was surrounded by people who had the same profound spiritual aspirations as I, is that one does not have the power to continue the spiritual life all alone, without attending the course. Through divine grace, I was kept at the edge of spirituality during everything that happened to me after leaving the course. The inner void that this decision leaves within is tremendous. Coming back to Costineşti after such a long time, I clearly feel the overwhelming love of God that manifests in this camp.
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July 28, 2014

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