Never make me a cult!

Our very interesting conversation was interrupted by a man who entered the hut. He was a passionate disciple, apparently. He entered, lit a candle and put some jasmine flowers on the ground; furthermore, he prostrated on the cold cement before embracing Yoga Swami’s feet full of adoration.

Yoga Swami cried with revolt: “Idiot! This is not an altar! You make a cult for me instead of worshiping and discovering yourself! Why do you worship some one else before worshiping yourself?” The poor man retired full of respect in a corner of the hut; he was shaking with fear. Yoga Swami continued: “Do you think that you can find God worshiping another? It is so stupid to offer flowers and light candles! Do you think you can discover God buying him presents?”

In such situations, Yoga Swami’s vehemently critics did not see to have their origin in his teaching role as a Guru or spiritual instructor, as many of his disciples probably presumed. They were rather sincere, accidental, determined by the situation, of a human being full of compassion, profoundly revolted by human madness.

Yoga Swami discouraged recording his words that he saw as valueless remarks not worth being kept. He considered the profound truth of an affirmation spontaneously said depended on the unique circumstances in which it appeared and that will never repeat again.

Yoga Swami moved his hand disapprovingly towards the man who made a cult in his ignorance. Then he put his palms to his chest and full of emotion and very convincing cried: “Look! Feel him! He is here! God is here! It is here, too!”

He closed his eyes for a couple of moments and his face started to spread an ecstatic light. Maybe those breaks aimed for allowing the profound meaning of the words gradually and completely penetrate in the consciences of his listeners. Every time Yoga Swami closed his eyes to meditate – his spine straight, his legs crossed and his face apparently slopping, but which appeared to be very awake at a closer look – he spread a strange and grandiose dignity, surprisingly resembling the one of a Buddha.

“The amount of time a person has to his disposal is short” said Yoga Swami very seriously. This apparently enigmatical affirmation maybe means the “subject” (God’s or ultimate reality’s understanding) is vast while the time we really have is so limited, we should not waste it together with our inner energies in secondary actions or things like rituals and ceremonies, especially when these are formal and superficial.”

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