The master is calmly brooming his garden

It was a wonderful fresh and quiet morning, except the cracking the breeze produced while touching the tall and slender palm trees. We walked in silence and completely transfigured on the narrow and dusty streets of the town. Yoga Swami lived somewhere in a small hut that was especially built for him in the garden of a house in Jaffna. This hut had a roof made of straws and looked like a peasant house.

Yoga Swami appeared, to my great surprise, exactly as I had imagined him. He seemed very old and all his body emanated something elevating. He was of average height and his long and grey hair fell on his shoulders. When I first saw him, he was calmly brooming his garden with a big broom. As he saw us, he came slowly towards us and opened the gate. He said: “I was just doing the “coolie”’s job (man for hard and low working). Why did you come to see a coolie?” He laughed with a slight ironic and playful shine in his eyes.

I noticed his English was good, with an impeccable accent. As we knew that everything he said had an esoterical meaning, we interpreted his words as: “I am a spiritual cleaner and purifier for human beings. Do you really want to be purified?” He amiably invited us in his hut.

Yoga Swami took a sit with his legs crossed in front of us, on a support a bit heightened and we took a sit on the ground, full of veneration. I had not spoken any word yet. I have to admit that morning I spoke very little and he sustained the whole conversation.

We need not talking as we barely thought of something and he answered right away. We need not express our questions in words as Yoga Swami closed his eyes and remained still in front of us for half an hour. It seemed that, as we intuitely noticed, the overwhelming serenity his face spread was entirely due to the joy generated by his inner meditation.

Was he sleeping or resting? Was he up to testing our consciences, giving us a spiritual impulse? That moment, I did not understand what he was doing, but later on, I felt the help he offered us THEN, for months.

My friend made me understand, with a smile full of emotions, that we had the chance indeed of being received by him. Suddenly, Yoga Swami opened his eyes. His bright and powerful eyes seemed to chase away the darkness of the entire hut. His full of compassion look was bright and calm. Then, I felt for the first time the divine clemency of all-embracing compassion.

I just started to feel hungry and tired and Yoga Swami asked: “what would you like for breakfast?” I was very hungry and in that moment I would have accepted anything but I thought of “idli” (special rice cookies) and bananas that are very popular in Jaffna. The next moment, in a very mysterious way that I did not understand very well, a stranger appeared in the hut, he greeted us respectfully and offered us, on a tray he had in his hand, the EXACT food I thought of.

A little bit later, my friend wanted coffee, but before he expressed his wish, the same mysterious person re-appeared in the hut and served us coffee. It is beyond my understanding how all that happened and maybe many will not believe it, but I was a direct witness to all that.

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