Possible side effects of the Pfizer covid vaccine before the courts in Marseille

Under the search term Pfizer Marseille Lanzarone, this interesting tweet can be found, which seems reasonable. Why is France always to slow to get around to any sort of official enquiry?

Translation: Other countries are starting official enquiries, why not France? A court case is starting in Germany and another is currently taking place in Marseille against Pfizer. Lawyer Eric Lanzarone is representing 300 victims. The evidence is surely going to come out.

Lawyer Eric Lanzarone defends nearly 300 clients who contracted illnesses shortly after their covid-19 vaccination. He seeks to have them recognized as side effects.

The first hearing scheduled for this trial in Marseille heralds a legal marathon for lawyer Eric Lanzarone and his client, a 55-year-old woman who prefers to remain anonymous. The Marseille lawyer pleaded in civil court to have the rheumatoid arthritis developed by his client recognized, “a few days after her second dose of Pfizer vaccine”, explains Eric Lanzarone. “Today, she can no longer walk more than 300 to 400 meters and has since been on sick leave. It’s a completely disabling side effect,” he says.

In the contradictory hearing before the civil court, the challenge for the lawyer was to obtain from the courts the appointment of a medical expert to establish the cause and effect link between her vaccinations and the development of this inflammatory joint disease. “Her life has become hell. We are trying to have the causal link with her vaccination recognized,” continues the lawyer.

Facing him, Capucine Van Robays will represent the eight lawyers from Pfizer France, a branch of the American pharmaceutical company which manufactures and markets the most injected covid vaccine in the country. He also subpoenaed the German company BioNTech, the laboratory which developed the vaccine. A first in France when the lawyer had already obtained last October in Paris the appointment of a medical expert in an identical case. “In Marseille, I also assigned BioNTech, because, during the hearing in Paris, Pfizer had assigned itself to this laboratory,” he explains.

300 similar cases to plead

If this hearing was a first in Marseille, and the second in France, it will be far from being the last. Eric Lanzarone indicates that he has 300 similar files. “I often find identical pathologies: vision problems, endometriosis, a lot of myocarditis.” The lawyer, who assures “not to be anti-vax”, found himself in much demand on these subjects after having attacked the clause of the contract concluded between Pfizer and the European Commission, which placed the order, and which provides that in the event of adverse effects, compensation is borne by the States. “This amounts to privatizing profits and socializing risks. I consider that it is not up to French taxpayers to pay for the undesirable effects,” he accuses.

For this, the possibly appointed expert will already need to clearly conclude the link between vaccination and the development of diseases. Then, a new criminal aspect will open on the amount of compensation.

Nearly 140 million injections in France, all doses combined, according to data from Public Health France and compiled by CovidTracker. When requested, Capucine Van Robays, lawyer for Pfizer, could not be contacted within the time limits for writing this article.


October 2, 2023


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