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The rejection of the extradition request for Gregorian Bivolaru – top of the week news

by Anca Munteanu 


The rejection of the extradition request that the Romanian authorities submitted against Gregorian Bivolaru was the top news for the main news programs on TV yesterday and the headline in today’s papers. Although the decision of the  highest Court in Sweden supports the international acknowledge of the MISA mentor as non-guilty and it is a pointing finger to the serious problems in the Romanian justice, Romanian mass media is far from being impartial. Besides, by means of the papers, the masons order now that Gregorian Bivolaru should be sentenced at any costs in Romania in the trial that is still being ruled on at Sibiu. If not, let him be urged to leave Sweden so that he might be captured again and the extradition appeal resumed in other countries, more obedient.

The Swedish Court had barely reached a verdict, when the masons gave their order

On October 21st, Romnet press agency quoted a representative of the Romanian Justice: “In case the extradition is declined, the process is going to continue in the absence of Gregorian Bivolaru and after the sentence is given his extradition can be requested again for the punishment to be enforced”. Well, if not as jurists, at least to save appearances they should have considered the possibility of acquittal. On October 22nd Realitatea TV reacted in the same manner, according to the given order: “AFTER he is convicted here (in Romania) the extradition will be appealed”, maybe the proper word was “IF he is convicted”.

The emergency solution is already thought of! Do whatever you may, but get him out of Sweden!

The same journals obedient to masonry diligently issue the new orders. They weirdly insist on the fact that the only way out is that Gregorian Bivolaru should leave, no matter how Sweden, the country that grants protection to him, so that he might be arrested again and the extradition procedure resumed in agreement with another country, more willing to cooperate.

Averea  hints very clearly: “… or there might be some conjunctures to urge Bivolaru leave Sweden and be captured in a different country by the authorities. If this possibility occurs, the warrant of pre-trial detention – still valid – will be enforced and the extradition procedures resumed”.

The same idea is promoted by Antena 1 TV: the news program Observatorul from October 22nd, sets their reporter in the area to debate the topic.  The more difficult it is to admit the evidence, the more Oana Despa becomes aggressive and rushes over Gregorian Bivolaru. The reporter waves her threatening index against the camera with fervent “professionalism”.

Atac publishes a quite weird column where Gregorian Bivolaru’s picture and his name are slipped in against any reason. Not to mention the lack of meaning of the whole sentence! The only thing we can see is that there is somebody who wouldn’t give up fighting Gregorian Bivolaru and new people willing to do some dirty jobs are being looked for. “He doesn’t have the slightest idea about Voltaj’s song. “MI S-A pus pata pe tine…” (I got my mind / MISA set on you) – these the lyrics of an en vogue Romanian band reverberating in guru’s ears even after the Swedish authorities set him free. The Romanian authorities have been silently humming it for a while, but the leader of the Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute any perverted combination stays quiet”.

Gardianul, Ziua and Averea on top of the bad-intended articles

The most important papers also report the news. It is no surprise that Gardianul,Ziua and Averea are on top of the most malicious columns. In its issue from October 22nd, Gardianul publishes three articles that mention Gregorian Bivolaru’s name. The headline on the front page: “The Bivolars of Romania or the teachings of the POLICE MOST WANTED”. They insist again on setting this connection between Gregorian and Gabriel, the one who robbed the BRD Bank, in the reader’s mind. Except for the name, there is no connection between their stories. There is a tendentious orientation in mason Sorin Rosca Stanescu’s article. “Here, another Romanian of the prosecuted criminal on trial or already convicted, finds its peace abroad, away from the responsibility before the penal law” reporter Andi Topala writes, eager to mix the MSIA leader up with the real criminals. And this occurs despite the decision of the Swedish Supreme Court, who found Bivolaru not guilty and declined the extradition, on the very grounds he has no chance for a fair trial in Romania.  

Masonic orders conveyed by Gardianul

The next article in the same paper, section Disclosures, goes beyond ungrounded accusations. There is a mistake slipped in the texts slips – a mistake which most readers will pass accross, maybe. “Apart from this, we must say that the loss of Gregorian Bivolaru ORDERS (note: instead of started) ever since the Bucharest judges released him on grounds of lack of compliance with the procedure fully speculated by his lawyers. Given these conditions, guru might be convicted by default or even acquitted, in which he wil lreturn home”. This is an excerpt from the article, which needs some construing. Although it seems a simple error, the text actually brings up an encoded message of the masons. The conviction by default absence is an order, not to reach the situation when he comes back to Romania. Besides, the article mentions those guilty of the fact that Gregorian Bivolaru got to Sweden, i.e. the Romanian Justice, the Police and the Intelligence Services. We thus see another masons’ message: those in charge with destroying Gregorian Bivolaru who failed their mission must be punished and the Intelligence Services must keep on watching him.

Ziua , the paper belonging to the same trust of press managed by Sorin Rosca Stanescu writes in lower case: “Farewell to guru”. “Farewell” is no truth. He is a free man, the request of extradition was declined and there are high chances for Gregorian Bivolaru to be granted political asylum and become Swedish citizen. So we wish him “Welcome back!”

The decision of the Swedish authorities – a “slap” in the face of the Romanian justice

Averea is not happy with the news either. The paper is issued by the same media trust as Ziua and Gardianul, guarded by Sorin Rosca Stanescu’s “protecting” arms. “Defiance. The Swedish sent us an absolute NO instead of the guru. Bivolaru will not be extradited to Romania” The authors of the article are miles away from the objectivity stated in the journalist deontological code. They can afford fiery passion while accusing the justice of a EU country of defiance for not having officially informed the Romanian authorities with regard to the declining of the request of extradition and keep on insulting the yogis as much as they can. Although the journalist admits that the verdict can not be challenged by appeal, he referrs to the yogis as “urine-therapists”and committs libel against Gregorian Bivolaru for the thousandth time by calling him a “penal criminal”. Other papers deliver the same news and challenge one another with striking titles: “Gregorian Bivolaru adopted by Sweden”, in Evenimentul Zilei, “Bivolaru a pain in the neck for the Swedish. Farewell to Guru!” in Ziarul, or “Guru will settle down an ashram in Sweden” in Realitatea Romaneasca, which admits that “the decision of the Swedish authorities is a “slap” in the face of the Romanian justice”.

TV stations violated the rules of CNA – National Broadcasting Council

The hot news on Friday, October 21st about the rejection of the extradition request was illustrated by images of Gregorian Bivolaru getting out of the Swedish prison (photo).  Antena 1 reported an interview with the MISA mentor in English, right after he got out of prison. Although the news does admit that is a serious decision in relation to Romania’s image, the false accusations against the yogis are reiterated on and on. Images of Gregorian Bivolaru in prison, flanked by gendarmes are broadcast, with no Archive images mention, which is a breach of the National Broadcasting Council rules. This is not the only CNAdecision violated: although the TV stations were forbidden to use images from the searches of March 18th, 2004, including any images of Madalina Dumitru, the media does not even care about the decisions of this institution.

Among the fervent or malicious comments, there occur hilarious errors. The same Madalina Dumitru is named Madalina Lungu on ProTV, as the reporters mistook her (is it by accident?) for Simona Lungu, the judge – follower of the MISA courses, whose career was prejudiced as she was unjustly accused by the media of starring in an adult movie?

Madalina Dumitru + Simona Lungu = Madalina Lungu

Madalina’s name is on of every reporter’s lips. Although the media broadcasts the same old statements where she discloses the pressur she was inflicted upon by the prosecutors, the ProTV  is quite clever to set the images so that the information is distorted. How did the “professional” ProTV reporters do it? On October 22nd, they broadcast images of Gregorian Bivolaru on the left of the screen whereas Madalina was on the right and the screen displayed the following lines: “I was aggressed… I was  forced to take the pills…. pulled my hair…..”. Someone who does not know the actual situation might believe that Madalina was accusing the MISA mentor for these abuses although she referrs to the inhuman attitude of the prosecutor examining her together with his assistant psychologist.

Despite the efforts of our journalists, the statements of the Swedish officials were plain and spared no misinterpretation . Anette Swedow, chief prosecutor in charge with the Bivolaru case stated that “ the final decision is that should Bivolaru be extradited in Romania, he runs the risk of being deported, persecuted and harassed, because of his religious beliefs he applies within the yoga movement”. The decision of the Supreme Court of Sweden is final and can not be appealed by the Romanian authorities. The government of Stockholm has no power in this case either. The Convention on Extradition of the European Council from 1959 states the possibility for a person not to be extradited if the subject might be harassed in the country that required the extradition. “The Supreme Court of Sweden considers that there is such a risks in this case”, Anette Swedow stated.

Apart from the mainly unfair and malicious reports lacking objectivity, the news was broadcast on all TV stations and reported in all papers. The extradition request for Gregorian Bivolaru, submitted by the Romanian authorities was declined by the Highest Court in Sweden, which implies that Gregorian Bivolaru and the yogis were unjustly accused and harassed. The MISA mentor was internationally acknowledged as not guilty. Time will come for the Romanian journalists to bow before evidence as well. 

October 22nd 2005

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